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  1. while in this loading screen window I was scrolling my mouse wheel up and down, and noticed it turned off the sounds.
  2. mostly sitting is to true!! lol, 99% sitting, pissing, *******, and sleeping... 1% actual Combat... Wilcox's pass, I tried to slow crawl a known mine field or choke point and still lost engineers!!
  3. I'm going to make a wild prediction. After jan, 1st 2019.
  4. has this Demo been updated with the fixes yet?
  5. yep seen the AI doing this alot. I had to manually face them towards the enemy, like a claymore mine.
  6. We had the ACOG 1986/ AIMPOINT 1997, I was in at that time. it also dependant on what unit and if rapid deployment unit. some of the guys even mounted their own sights, i.e EOTECH stuff.
  7. wasn't there ATGM animation load, reload on the bradles before?
  8. turn off FXAA if you're running on NVIDIA, the game is openGL.
  9. all I want to say is "Wilcox Pass!" What a dam fine map and mission; I just spent about 45 min in completely demolishing those rebels in Syria... in veteran mode. Just wish I would've gotten the screenshots to work, for some reason the game wouldn't let me get past the UI front end screen splash, that's all it would screenshot of and not the inside of the game. It's as if the UI front end is overlaid on the game itself. so this is a screen shot of the ingame mission? this is all it would let me see if I screenshot from inside of a mission or battle..
  10. it's like i'm a psychic and new this was coming today...I should play the damn loto, then be in here trolling the forums...
  11. I'm chomping at the bit!!! "please get her done!"
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