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  1. ASL Veteran


    I'll take a wild stab at that, possibly in your opinion rhetorical, question. Coding time and effort as compared to possible financial reward? If you look through the forums you might notice a few old threads where various individuals proposed to BFC that they would take on the task of creating the framework to perform the exact task that you are casually tossing out there. BFC told them to go ahead and go for it with their blessing and support. These efforts even got their own official threads in the appropriate forums. Although the task was attacked with optimism and enthusiasm their efforts failed. BFC has enough on its plate that diving into such a task was not deemed worthwhile and with the failure of the third party efforts, well here we are.
  2. ASL Veteran

    History accuracy

    You can make a claim that whatever scenario you are referencing is historically inaccurate from a weapon and equipment perspective, but that's only because the scenario designer chose to create a scenario with the unit in question. If the unit in question was not portrayed within the context of a specific scenario then the historical inaccuracy debate about the equipment used by any specific unit likewise disappears. Therefore in order to achieve the level of 'historical accuracy' that you want any scenarios depicting units that used non standard German weaponry would have to remain unmade thus preserving the 'historical accuracy' of the equipment being used. All you achieve through that is to limit the scenario possibilities that players can enjoy because all of that non standard equipment was not going to be included and was never planned for inclusion. If you want to point the finger of 'historical inaccuracy' at anyone then the finger would be pointed at whomever designed and created a particular scenario and not the game itself. By your definition of historical accuracy the game is perfectly fine so long as the units being portrayed in scenarios were issued standard weapons and equipment. My reference to the 461st Infantry Division was not a specific one, but rather to be read as 'random German infantry division picked out of a hat'. Many, perhaps most, German Panzer Division TO&Es have quite a bit of variation between them, but most of those differences can't be portrayed within the game. Scenario designers just do the best they can with what's available in the game. The alternative is that you would get less varied content because in order to meet your standards many scenarios would remain unmade. It is also a tall ask for every scenario designer to be so familiar with any particular unit being portrayed that they would know how many French machine guns that specific unit employed. It's one thing if you pick up a book about a specific division and that book has every weapon listed, but if you are designing scenarios you have to design scenarios across many different units, locations, and situations and in most cases just knowing what battalion was involved in a particular battle or even where everyone was actually located on a map is nearly impossible. Try creating a scenario about a Soviet attack in Poland and then tell us all how easy it is to identify even a specific division that may possibly have been involved in a particular battalion sized battle let alone what model machine guns any particular squad might be carrying. Scenario research is hit and miss at times. Sometimes you get lucky and have first hand accounts and good maps and sometimes you have to wing it and make a few assumptions. You have picked up a book with detailed information about a specific unit and you are extrapolating inaccuracies from that. A scenario designer might read about an engagement that sounds interesting and then try to locate the battle on a map and try to figure out exactly who was there. Your method might work if you only want to make scenarios about that specific unit in the book you have, but if you want to broaden your horizons you have to go into territory where the information isn't quite so precise or even available under any context.
  3. ASL Veteran

    History accuracy

    The second line infantry divisions in question would have had either MG34s or more likely captured Czech, French, Polish, Belgian, older German models from WW1 and other machine guns of various types that were used by various German forces throughout the war. I don't think he means that the entire division had only two machine guns of any type. Possibly even more commonly used would be various captured French and other types of rifles. Of course, CMBN does not include any of that for a variety of reasons. Sure, it would be nice to have the full catalog of various German small arms but in the grand scheme of things BFC has to weigh whether or not the art for a new weapon model and coding for various sized magazines for each of the hundreds of various smalls arms is really worth the time and effort because the 461st reserve infantry division had Maxim machine guns instead of MG42s. That isn't a question of 'historical accuracy' but rather a question of inclusion or exclusion. The game isn't historically inaccurate because the German sledge mounted MG08 isn't included in the game. It's just not included in the game that's all. Not even counting the captured weapons, the German MGs used by various units would include the MG13, MG38, MG30, MG15, MG08, MG08/15, MG34, MG42, and the MG151/15. The Czech built ZB vz/26, ZB vz/30, ZB vz/53, and ZB vz/60 were also used by second line units and SS foreign volunteers. The list could go on and on, but really what difference does it make in the game overall and how impactful would it be? There isn't even a way to specify certain weapon mixes in squads in the editor so even if all these weapons were in the game there is no way to specifically set a squad to have a certain desired weapon mix so whatever weapon mix you would get would effectively be random. The game doesn't know whether the unit you are portraying is a first line infantry division or a second line infantry division. The game only knows you are selecting a German infantry unit. How historically accurate would that be to have ZB vz/26s showing up in first line infantry squads?
  4. Yeah, but CMSF2 doesn't introduce any new vehicle models since those were already done with the initial release. There are probably some new textures and maybe some TO&E tweaks but other than the actual game code there isn't much else that needs to be added or altered. Anything that involves a new vehicle with an associated new TO&E and artwork would probably be, from a non code perspective, more work than updating CMSF2. Virtually none of the appropriate British or even American lend lease vehicles are already done for 1940 through 1942 and there would probably be many new Axis vehicles as well.
  5. My guess would be theoretically you could have as many modules as you wanted to create. The only caveat being that every module would have to fit within the target time frame and region for that game family. You aren't going to get an 'early war module' slapped onto CMBN for example. There would be way too much new artwork and TO&E related stuff to put into a module. There may also be special situations where specific coding would be required (like one man turrets) and the majority of that kind of stuff is held in the base game and not the module. For example, the commonwealth module has commonwealth soldiers in it, but who would they fight against? Most of their opponents come from either the base game or other modules so if you created a module for early war French they would have nobody to fight against if you simply married it to CMBN. The modules also have to interact with both each other and the base game and so a theoretical 'early war module' would have to interact with all the 1944 stuff. Sure, the date ranges would be there and you wouldn't see the later war stuff if you hadn't selected that time frame, but the module would have to interact with them regardless so it wouldn't make a lot of sense to slap a module onto a base game where none of the artwork, vehicles, TO&E, and any special coding that might be required needs to interact. It would be pointless to do that. It makes much more sense to create a game 'family' where the things that are contained within that game 'family' are going to interact with each other and that's currently how it works.
  6. ASL Veteran

    Tanks crossing Train Tracks

    Just one waypoint was placed 100 meters to the south ninety degrees from the current position? I had a completely different image in my head from the initial description rather than what I'm seeing in the pictures. What it looks like to me is the tank takes the most direct path to get to the road and intends to follow the road the rest of the way before leaving the road to reach the waypoint you placed. The tank appears to crash through the corner of a hedge and go around the corner of a destroyed building to reach the road which is the path of least resistance. My guess is that the tank made an attempt to avoid crashing through the hedge and that it was the hedge that caused the tank to travel towards the road initially, but that the tank was unable to avoid the corner of the hedge and plowed through it instead where the tank bogged. No, I'm pretty confident that it wasn't the train tracks that caused the path alteration, but rather the hedge since vehicles tend to avoid walls, hedges, and fences to greater or lesser degrees depending upon the vehicle. The tank crossed the tracks just fine. If the tank was avoiding the tracks then it would have travelled straight west until it reached the road and then turned south, but that's clearly not what happened. If you placed a waypoint just beyond the hedge followed by another one 100 meters further down then I'm pretty sure the tank would have crashed through the hedge as intended. Incidentally the tracks are not on a paved surface, although it appears that perhaps it might possibly be gravel. You can see the terrain difference where the paved road intersects with the tracks. It is possible to place a pavement or gravel tile beneath both a road and a track tile, but it is impossible to place both a road and track tile in the same action spot. I just wanted to add that the image I had from the first post was that of a tank driving down a paved road and upon reaching some tracks, rather than crossing the tracks and continuing down the road the tank veered off to parts unknown which would be extremely odd behavior.
  7. ASL Veteran

    Tanks crossing Train Tracks

    In game the tracks should just slow movement down with a small chance of bog as I recall. Whether the vehicle crosses the tracks or not I suppose would depend upon the layout of the tracks. If the tracks went all the way from one end of the map to the other with no break then I can't see why the vehicle would choose a different path since it would be impossible to avoid crossing the tracks. If the tracks ended or turned near where you were trying to cross them I suppose the AI might choose to go around the tracks instead of over them. Without a screen shot or at a minimum the name of the map if a QB or scenario title there really is no way to know one way or another what was going on with the situation being described. It does sound odd or out of the ordinary though. Perhaps there is some odd or prohibited terrain along the path chosen that is in the vicinity of the proposed crossing point that is affecting the movement path rather than the exact point where the path crosses the tracks and so the tracks might not be causing the path alteration but rather something else nearby might be instead.
  8. ASL Veteran

    Bridge at Remagen

    I actually did some initial research on a possible Remagen scenario. I just wanted to see about the terrain the who and the what so nothing detailed. That tunnel at the end of the bridge immediately became a point of difficulty for the scenario since the tunnel entrance is so close to the bridge. It would complicate things a lot since the Germans had positions up on the heights above so it would be difficult to exclude the mountain all together.
  9. ASL Veteran

    Additional Walls

    I think it's more of a case of stuff added later and not back loaded to previous titles / not relevant or appropriate to other titles that came after.
  10. ASL Veteran

    Additional Walls

    The number of different walls and fences varies by title. There were, I think, about three different kinds of wooden fence in Red Thunder.
  11. ASL Veteran

    Stuart Recce - What's the point?

    If you are in a recon vehicle and you find that you are using your weapon then you are probably either performing a task that your unit wasn't designed to perform or you were caught by surprise. I would think that in the case of the Stuart Recon if you are using your .50 cal then you probably screwed up. I'm talking in the real life use of the vehicle not the in game use. There were situations, especially with German recon units, where recon units were pressed into front line service, but in those cases the vehicles were typically left out of harms way as much as possible while the recon troops themselves would be used as basic foot infantry. A recon vehicle would more typically be positioned somewhere that a vehicle commander could use his binoculars to scan the terrain for information and in many cases that scanning would probably be done on foot with the vehicle in a concealed spot nearby. I have run across several personal accounts of WW2 type recon although it would probably take a lot of digging for me to find the relevant passages since I don't remember exactly where I read them in many cases.
  12. ASL Veteran

    Finding other players

    Either 'The Blitz' or 'A Few Good Men' would be good sites for finding opponents. I think they both have ladder games, but you can have casual games at both sites as well. If someone wants a ladder game they will usually specify that they want a ladder game when looking for an opponent.
  13. ASL Veteran

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    SS executed Canadian troops at Ardenne Abbey on June 6 or 7 in 1944 and of course there was the little incident during the Battle of the Bulge. The title of my scenario 'Surrender Invites Death' comes from a quote by a Canadian officer who basically told his troops that surrendering to the SS amounted to an invitation to suffer a premature death at their hands. So yeah, the western Allies regarded SS troops as different than other troops, although probably not to the extent as was normal on the Eastern Front. Certainly not all SS were executed on sight, but it wouldn't be surprising for SS to be executed by Western Allied troops.
  14. ASL Veteran

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    Fair enough. The size of the force makes the incident come off a little better, however Brad Pitt seems to feel that he can do what he did in the presence of soldiers he doesn't know without any fear of punishment and that implies that it is both common and consequence free throughout the entire US Army as a whole. If the infantry weren't in the scene then that would mitigate the institutional aspect of it for me. They could have done the same thing with just the tank crew and maybe an infantryman or two present and it would have gotten the point across. Adding the infantry platoon isn't necessary in the scene in my opinion and it is that aspect that made me stop watching the movie not the execution itself. Well, that and the thing with the women which I had trouble watching. You stack both of those together and I was like 'okay, I'm done - nothing of value to see here.'