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    Old orders and the new website

    When I look in the list of my Battlefront orders, I see everything listed from the CMSF Marines module forward, but my original copy of CMSF (which I did order from Battlefront) is not in my list. I still have the original physical copy and the license key. Should I be worried that my key won't work if it's not in my orders list?
  2. Holman

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Thanks for the update, Steve! I never doubted it, but it's good to hear that progress is being made.
  3. Holman

    The patch?

    Thanks! Yes, I saw Steve say "I'm going to make a separate announcement about that very shortly." I was wondering if he or anyone else had done so.
  4. Holman

    The patch?

    Among the very welcome updates today, has there been any news about the patch? I looked around but couldn't see any.
  5. Holman

    The state of CMSF2

    Such great news! $35 armed and loaded. Quick idle question: I own all the original CMSF content as DVD-ROMs from Battlefront. Will the upgrade be like a patch to those installations, or will it (as I'm guessing) be a Big Bundle download in the style of the recent Engine 4.0 CM releases?
  6. It's worth remembering that the biggest danger to a hiding tank is an enemy armored vehicle. No one in the crew of that vehicle is going to hear your engine over the sound of their own.
  7. Holman

    The patch?

    I've made the point several times, but for me the 4.0 issue is experienced troops leaving cover and running when (in previous engines) they would instead briefly cower, simulating just keeping their heads down. I've had fresh elite and crack British paras run out of heavy buildings when they came under rifle or very distant MG fire for less than a minute. Something has definitely changed.
  8. Holman

    Let there be light

    Remind me never to serve in your scout platoon!
  9. Holman

    Let there be light

    The enhanced brightness doesn't increase detection distance or anything else. It's purely cosmetic. It merely helps the player better see what your troops have already seen.
  10. Holman

    Let there be light

    Look into the hotkeys. Alt-B toggles between dark and artificially bright night lighting.
  11. Holman

    WeGo Moments

    I've had more of these from CM than from any other game.
  12. Holman

    IL2 making a tank sim

    I loved the original Panzer Elite, and I'd love to see a sim that really captures the limitations and details of managing a WW2 tank crew. I've always wondered why the Steel Beasts team didn't license their engine to someone wanting to do this.
  13. I'll admit that I've put CM down temporarily, although I trust BTS to deliver a fix.
  14. Holman

    Ken Burns Vietnam

    I had the the first version, circa 1981 or so.
  15. Holman

    Ken Burns Vietnam

    I've watched the first 8 episodes with my kids, and they're riveted (both the 13-y.o. who loves history and the 10-y.o. who doesn't). One terrific structural element is jumping forward to late 60's details that reflect themes developing earlier. For example, discussion of French colonial dismissal of Indochina's culture will shift to an American veteran of 1967 talking about how little he understood and how much he hated the rural Vietnamese with whom he had no way to communicate. It breaks historical continuity, but it's thematically very powerful. The interviews are very strong. I'm sure this is the first time I've seen ARVN, VC, and NVA veterans talking about their experience in ways that feel personal rather than just "military-historical." And of course the American interviews are very powerfully affecting.
  16. Great news! Can't wait! (Will of course wait patiently.)
  17. Holman

    What is going on?

    Every release contains a HUGE number of vehicles and units, and every additional module does the same. In the CMBN line, for instance, I can't think of a single significant vehicle we don't now have for the time period covered.
  18. I play on Win10 with no special settings. Latest updates, works today.
  19. USS Olympia is indeed beautiful! One thing you really notice is the different living standard for officers and sailors: wood-paneled, finely outfitted staterooms vs. hammocks slung around the guns and in the passageways.
  20. There has been a lot of discussion about this. There has been a change (I'd say a dramatic change) in game behavior, and it seems to involve units fleeing where before they would merely cower in place for a short time. Units in good cover (a heavy building, a trench) coming under fire will now get up and run into the open rather than hunkering down in place as they used to. This is as true of Elite British paras as it is of Italian conscripts.
  21. I would *love* to hear from BTS about this issue and whether it is being addressed. The new tendency of even high-quality troops to flee good positions has ruined a couple of my recent PBEM games.
  22. Holman

    Mad 'Merican MOUT

    So it's Russians on both sides, then?
  23. Holman

    DP LMG ammo load

    I've seen WW2 pics of all nationalities with larger-than-crew groups posing on or around one tank--enough that I've wondered the same thing. I would guess that they are friends from the same unit posing together, and they just picked one tank to do it with. Or perhaps you sometimes see a tank crew posing with their platoon or company (troop, whatever) leaders. Or maybe the mechanics feel attached to the crew, etc.