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z1812's American Normandy Camo


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This is camo worn by some divisions in Normandy 44. All work is mine but for the Scrim Helmet which is from Veins Airborne mod. The Germans look so good in their various camo designs that I thought the Americans should also have some flash.

There are 2 sets in the folder. 1 with camo uppers and lowers and the other mixed. I have uploaded to the Repository and it already available at Green as Jade's site.

Info from World at War Website. http://www.theworldatwar.info/uscamouflage.html

Picture preview here. http://www.box.net/shared/mrobulqngd508d3czary

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Is there a limit of random variants or I can add any number of variants

I only know I've gone up to 3 on the US inf uniform variants. Nobody's ever cautioned not going past 4,5,6. I think para uniforms currently are just the 1.

Does anyone know when precisely they called the units in the field together and told them to change out of their jammies into plain inf uniforms? Are camou uniforms still present at Carentan? Or was it after airborne was withdrawn in mid july to be rebuilt that they abandoned the camou?

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