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[UFC #2] Xwormwood (Allies) vs Rambo (Axis)

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Strategic Command Global Conflict

Standard Default scenario

Rambo record 0-0

Xwormwood record 0-0

Tale of the Tape: Stepping down a weight class to battle a very vocal opponent of Buntaland. I'll need to make weight, allowed Xwormwood to decide the scenario and sides. He decided on playing the classic default 1.03 mod with the Allies. I haven't played XW in awhile, our last match was SC-Pacific. He's an unknown quantity in Europe, need to get a scouting report. I do remember he does take some risks & is willing to battle for key terrority despite high losses, but that is very limited & single data. Xwormwood tends to be a historical & vocal type person. He is a German & hates Nazis, not sure how this will factor into the game. My first guess he'll try something gamey, but in reality he'll look for super weapons from the Americans. I'll want to stretch the limits, allow him to make more errors than me to utilize my experience.

September 1939:


-Bashing the Poles frontline, HQ, and Air. Nothing cute, go for Warsaw next turn.

-No operands, going to use the MMPs for military purposes.


-Landing Jap-Southern-Korea Army towards nanning

-Main attack is in the Center line, 4-prong attack against the overextended China Army.

I'm looking to be careful, yet decisive. It takes good weather regardless.

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And so the game began...


The poland egg got cracked wide open. Instead of a glorious polished victory, i'm afraid we are looking into a doomed future.

At least the French did start a try to break through the german west wall.

In China, one entire army was slaughtered through the japanese Invaders.

Such a bloody mess had to be answered: "advance, you children of heaven, advance!".

The british navy set sail, starting the inevitable hunt for the axis subs and raiders, while the USA decided to sleep this war out, staying brave at their home soil.

Stalin, on the other side, shows more interested.

to be continued ...

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October 1939


-Warsaw is blow to pieces, we take no damage, love it.

-Just say "No" to the Moltov agreement with Stalin, he's pissed. Deal with it Commie.


-Wow, Xwormwood advanced on me, trying to cut rails.

-In the North, we bring fresh Special Forces from Japan to block Corp from key rail.

-Near Nanking, we destroy brave Chinese Army, gotta protect my rails.

-Same thing in South, we reinforce back line rails, had no supply.

-Actually impressed with his rail cutting, made me think.

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Poland crumbled away unter clinical and hart german strokes.

Bad weather covers the good and the evil as well, so nothing else to report here.

In Asia, another chinese army ceased to exist, while local patriots try to blaze into the weak japanese hinterland.


The rest of the world stands still, visit the barber or saves some money for future investments.

Germany slaped Stalin into his face when it ignored the pact that never existed anyway. The soviet people condemn the german aggressors for their mercyless sneak attack on those poor poles and awaits the capitalistic countries to kill each other even sooner.

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November 1939


-Cold & rainy weather, no action.

-Xwormwood has vowed to free Nazi Germany. There will be no July 20th reprisals & Blinter Court with Von Staffenburg. Why? Because Germany shall rule the world.


-It's mayhem since the Chinese are inflitrating my lines. Scratch a Chinese Corp. Bogged down in the South near nanning, nice move of his Corp there to restrict 2nd Army from adjacent hex.

-Need MMPs for tech advances & workload.

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All silent on the western front.

RAF visited germany, but the successfull bombing run had to be payed by own heavy losses, while the armée de l'air knocked up a tank unit which wasn't covered by the bad weather.


South african convoys were molested for the very first time, while the RN is still watching raiders hiding on or under the oceans.

In China there had to be made some adjustments due to the heavy losses.

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This is great stuff, good to see how even early the allies can make strategic decisions. China in this game very fluid , in Monty vs Rambo it's much more cautious Trench warfare. nice footwork from Xwood but will the chinese collapse sooner if overstretched?

What % does Soviet union go up if you ignore Molotov? I have a feeling Rambo may regret that decision if it is a significant amount.

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Thanksgiving 1939


-God covers West Germany with rain, is there a war?

-Sub & surface ship raid


-Pulling back my line in the North to resettle

-Rain around Nanning, we pull back, sucky supply

-Japs show Infantry +2 in one spot, more than one reason to back off the line

-Chinese agreesive stature is different that's for sure. Slowing me in the short run, but might make it easier later.

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During a routine check we stumbled near Libreville into the german pocket battleship Graf Spee, which instandly returned our salvoes.

The Hunt is on.

In Europe the german Dachshound is on the prowl, preparing his final steps for the Invasion of the Low Countries.

All else there is still quiet, catching breath for the fights to come. Of course, our flyboys did again their duty, with moderate success.


In China the japanese Army pulled back back one step, probably only because the new, deadly lvl 2 inf weapons are about to be distributed, which isn't possible next to an enemy unit.

Hard times are coming.

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Bad weather again in Europe. The silence before the Hun will attack.

The Graf Spee eluded its opponent, excaped into the endless South Atlantic. Where another unwelcome guest dived up to attack those poor south afircan shipping lines.

In Asia South China was swept clean by japanese lvl 2 Armies, already used in force. Probably only bad supply hindered the Axis to march fast forward.

In the north the overal situation is a bit better for the Allies, as we found out that the japanese forces here were not as well prepared to take up the fight.


Still, China is in trouble. Big time. Lvl 2 Infantry weapons against lvl nothing, tough luck.

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Bad weather over most parts of France and northern Germany prevents any German attacks, even though our recon planes brought prove that the attack is very likely to start now every day. And while they were in the air, they were so kind to drop their monthly bomb load over the Reich.

Raider and subs are hiding again, driving their hunters mad with the run and hide tactics.

In Asia, to the horror of the chinese High Command, more and more of those excellent equipped japanese land forces showed up, reducing the options of further attacks for the chinese armies.

Another chinese corps was destroyed in the north, though the Japs took some losses there as well, even port based carrier planes were shot down twice.


Stubborn the chinese army refuses to accept reality, ignoring the somple maths and presses on some more attacks.


JJR, feel free to contribute here again.

An AAR, told from only one playing side, is doomed to bore the audience pretty, pretty soon.

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March 1940


-Adolf Hitler is tired of hearing about rain, because it rained again, DOW & offensive !!!

-German Generals give Belgium to AH, we smash them to bits with a Panzer and Army.

-2nd German Panzer enters the Ardennes, does 8 damage to French Army.

-Forward an Army to finish off the front line French Army.

-Fritz showing tanks +1

-With the victory in Belgium, troop morale will increase, and weather should break for even better invasion of France.

-Graffe Spree has lost contact and so has U-30


-Chinese are swarming, and dying as they charge.

-Killed 2 and half units this turn, last turn we kill an insane enginner group who charged.

-Japs dished out 7 hit attack with the Jap Army Expedition.

-North & Central China have opened up the action, still bogged near Nanning.

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with two chinese armies lost, this time there was no second opinion about retreating into the the old, well prepared defense lines.


In Europe Germany cut through belgium without any problems, killing a french defending army on their advance. With the Low Countries gone, there won't much left to stop the german advance on Paris.

Neither the Kriegsmarine nor the RN tried to fight it out, both oviously waiting for better opportunities (and better equipment).

The Raider HC and the Sub have disapeared. Frustrating for those brave British sailors.

Stalin burned his tongue on a hot german sausage, enough to push Russia to now 27% war readiness.

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March 1940


-Royal Navy has been raiding the Norway convoys. This action ticks the Danes off. Hitler sends MMP gift to buy their Nazi love, Denmark has joined the Union.

-Big news in France. French line is blown to bits. French Tank came face-2-face with Rambo SS #1 unit, they will not be joining us for the rest of their life. German Corp takes the newly acquired hole position. Top German Army unit marches to Paris, attacks HQ, we do damage. Another French Army killed this turn by Rambo SS #2 Panzer.

There is no sea action.


We've bogged down in the South, can't gain any ground near Nanning. Best Jap units are working the Central corridor, 2-SF, Expeditionary Army Elites. Chinese have backed off to original position after their Banzi type moves.

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the french tank unit and another french army were wiped from the map.

A german tank unit pulled back from the front lines with 3 points of life left.

Unable to go for the kill, as bad weather helped the Axis, covering the Ruhr under clouds. No joy.


Italy is about to enter the war as well, those April fools.

The oceans remain peacefully, with no sightings, no fights, no trespassing.

In Asia the Japanese lost their first blood, as one storming lvl. 2 corps crossed the river north of Changsha, only to get knocked up by three angry chinese armies with sharpened woodsticks in their hands.

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April 1940


-4th Army & 2nd Rambo SS Panzer destroy & capture Paris with ease.

-All ships & subs continue to be on manuevers, no notifications for the public.


-Chengchow City is capture, all momentum is in the North in this game.

-South near Nanning, is bogged down.

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Norway leans already 67% towards the Axis. Heaven help!

Paris fell without much fight, so its true: history repeats itself (when military leader make too many mistakes, darn!).

So its only a matter of days now before the french will surrender.

Italy entered the war, and the italian HQ stayed down in east africa.

No naval activities whatsoever. Nothing. Nada. Nichts.

In Asia, Chengchow was conquered by happy japanese, who destroyed the newly formed 4th army within its city wall.


In the south, the first japanese army was wrangled down by combined chinese attacks, and this at the very same place where already one turn earlier the japanese corps went down as well.

The happy allied days will be over now, very soon, very harsh, very brutal.

JJR is on the march....


oh, i love happy endings: at the end of my turn Norway tumbled for 39% back towards the Allies.

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May 1940


-Silly Frenchmen didn't surrender last turn, we murder the HQ & an Army running to Brest.

-Silly Frenchmen didn't surrender last turn, we murder an Army in the Magnoit Line.

-Whacking more French units (Corp & Fighter) in Marseilles

-Air Combat over the English Channel. Those pesky brave Royal Air pilots enjoyed attacking me while I was busy with France, time to give them my undivided attention. Brits have Bomber & Fighter South of London, we spot them.....attack the Bomber with my own Fighter & Bomber.

-Moved a Cruiser into the Brussels port to spice things up.

-Checked the politic %, nothing stellar sticking out now.

-French ships sniffing Sicily, no worries.


-The South & Central is going terrible. I'm bogged down in the South. I did 6 damage to Chinese Corp, but can't move, sucks. Yep, I lost an Army over the Changsta city river, rolled the dice to force action, dead Jap.

-The North is the good news. We've wrapped around the Chinese line, attack HQ. Bump into Corp only strength-3. His line does not exist, now I should be able to work for the UFC type kill.

-Even better news, after ending my turn, I got an event that I hadn't seen. "Commies & Nationalists fight", his units took script damage.

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France is lost, but still alive. It will take the first days of June to break la grande nation.

German subs preparing their march into the atlantic, Kiel and the Nord-Ostsee Kanal are bustling with activities. Inspired by the approaching enemy and with a last hooray a french sub started an desperate attack against the german CA docked in Antwerpen port.

Same goes for one of the french armies from maginot line, which attacked an nearby station german stuka divebomber, bringing this overstrengthed air unit from 11 back to 9 points.

Meanwhile, at the german general staff, plans are discussed how to continue from this easy won victory.


In Asia the chinese try to fight off the japanese with local attacks here and there, but without achieving anything worth mentioning and very limited success.

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June 1940


-The silly French who wouldn't surrender two turns ago with the fall of Paris continue to die for their country. Corp in Marseilles, dead. Some sorry fighter hiding near the Spanish border, dead. Army in the Rhineland, dead.

-Adolf Hitler did not appreciate those RAF attacks in late 1939. Luftwaffen units are positioned on the coast. We attack London & are intercepted, no big deal. German units flood the French countryside with drunken spirit.

-British have their scripted Dunkirk.

-Adolf Hitler is tired of the British boldness within the Air game. We decide to up the stakes & move the Kreigsmarine into the English Channel right close to London. The French sub had to spot me along with the RAF.


-British leave bring an Army out of the Egyptian fortress, walk towards Tobruk. Italians shore pop him with BB.

-Eithiopia is a terror training camp. SF vs Corp.


-Remember the movie "Night of the Generals"? Well, we had our own version. Chinese HQ's are targeted all over. It's like General Tsao's Chicken meal. HQ General Peng is attacked & executed West of Sian. We ping two other HQ's, destroy a Corp in the South, ping other units. The weather broke, and the Chinese are breaking. Sian is a mess, with a Chinese Fighter holding the city. Yes, new Chinese units reform after destruction, but we clearly have the momentum, tech advantage, experience, and more units. Just need the weather the summer to rack up more damage. Xwormwood has really ticked off the Commies, once again the Commies sabatoge Nationalist units at the end of the turn.

@abukede --- Dude, I played SC-Pacific in my banishment just like SC-Global.

The Godfather of SC,

The ArchAngel of Strategy,

The Living Legend,


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