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  1. Seen couple episodes, worth the watch
  2. Looking for a game December 24th, 2017, will have a couple of hours.
  3. Watched 1958 movie last night,"Young Lions". The WW2 drama starring Brando, Deano, Clift. Always liked that one. Anyone see 2015 War Pigs? Bad reviews.
  4. Need an all Legend squad: Gump, Bubba, Tex, Bunny, Rambo, Chuck, Michael Deerhunter, etc....then I'm buying it
  5. This day in History: March 28, 2015, New Zealand will play Australia for the Cricket World Cup. Aussies are 2 to 1 favorite playing in Melbourne. Excellent bowlers are NZ. Good luck!
  6. Yep, I'm a major d-bag. It happens. Always one in every crowd.
  7. Guys, have you seen the movie, "The Deadly Tower" about Charles Whitman? It's a little dated, but definitively a great watch for all sniper lovers! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072852/ Cheers!
  8. Otto is a Legend, of course. Also read his biography, mostly about his military career, not his pharmacy business. Stopped by his drugstore in the early 90's, Otto was in back, and I was up front checkout line with half rack Rolling Rock, pack of unfiltered Camels, bag of David's barbecue sunflower seeds (never get the ranch ones, nasty), and couple jerky sticks. The problem came up waiting for my prescription to be filled. Otto walked over, I had started bitching about the prices of the capsules release versus standard pills. Otto assured me that yes, capsules are more expensive, especially for my Zoloft and cost had to be forwarded to the customer. We talked for a little bit, laughed about Hogan's Hereos, his favorite character(s) are Klink & Newkirk, while mine are Shultz & Carter. Otto showed off & bragged about his battle wounds, that the Russians could never get him, but nobody escapes prostate problems, that's why he got into the business he's in, selling medical. Narrow the way, -Legend
  9. The dude is a Legend, of course. Stopped by his shop in Indiana years back, place was littered with miniatures, (the game pieces, not small people). Discussed at great length of all the things, the old black & white Twilight Zone episodes. John (and mine) favorite episode is Billy Mummy in the "He's a Bad Man, so I turned him into a Jack-In-The-Box". We made a Wendy's run (the fast food restaurant, not a woman), John got the Double with Cheese, large uncut natural fries, Cherry Coke, ketchup, no mustard. I ordered half order Apple Pecan salad, Chili, glass of ice. Unfortunately, we got in a monster fight over LOS (Line of Sight) and Routing rules, haven't talked since. Straight is the Gate, -Legend
  10. While most folks were out to watch the highly anticipated Clint Eastwood movie, American Sniper......I was more interested in Al Turing's representation in "The Imitation Game". Let me declare, "The Imitation Game" is a MUST see !!! This is the best movie I've seen in years....Yes, I mean years. I'd go see this before American Sniper. The story of Alan Turing is well, well done! Scenes jump around in time (just a little bit), with good balance. His youthful experiences tie into and upto his death. Supporting cast is great. The Enigma Machine Cracking', recruitment, spy stuff, logical thinking, rebellion against authority, math minds, and of course, the Sodomite stuff is awesome !!! Rating: 10 of 10 for a single watching Rating: 6 of 10 for repeat watching. *** Note, I rank movies in two categories. Watch once, and watch again. GO SEE THIS MOVIE, for any movie person, it's a MUST SEE Or I'm not Jon J. Rambo, -Legend
  11. Hi Buddy!

    1. JerseyJohn


      And hello to you, Buddy! :--)

      Just started getting active in these things again, been down in the dumps since my wife Marion died a few days after Christmas 2008, gradually came out of it, moved to Florida early March 09, spent a lot of 13 and 14 in hospitals and rehabs (I'm 65 and feeling more like 95), all in all I haven't been very alive but finally decided I better snap out of it.

      Hope things have been great for you these past years, and will only improve...

  12. Considering it's 2015 & the United States is now only "an event" away from beginning the NWO; does WW-2 matter anymore? Well, to some it may matter. History shows in the long run wars are just dates when a bunch of ppl just died.
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