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  1. Seen couple episodes, worth the watch
  2. Hi Buddy!

    1. JerseyJohn


      And hello to you, Buddy! :--)

      Just started getting active in these things again, been down in the dumps since my wife Marion died a few days after Christmas 2008, gradually came out of it, moved to Florida early March 09, spent a lot of 13 and 14 in hospitals and rehabs (I'm 65 and feeling more like 95), all in all I haven't been very alive but finally decided I better snap out of it.

      Hope things have been great for you these past years, and will only improve...

  3. If you want to make some edits to the Pacific campaign for balance, highly recommend the game.
  4. Had a thought myself. Playing the original Cross of Iron, Squad Leader. So guess what? I bought it on Ebay Gaming this Christmas. In His Name, -Legend
  5. Mirror games are a drag. One game at a time for the Legend. Or I play the same side only. I'm too old (Rambo V).
  6. Yo, how goes it Liam DarthSkywalker. Glad to see you're still alive & have survived the guiles of the female gender of the species. I only bet the majors when it comes to tennis, need to avoid the laydowns & withdraws of the smaller venues. Hey, that sounds like my SC play, it's only about big matches. I got into SC-Global, played quite a bit during some business traveling. Played Jollyguy alot. Also like Vypuero's mods, he's a natural for development. There's many Young Guns these days, couple of Bunta (Yes, Germans) that have mad game, like Terif risen again. -Legend
  7. Thanks for the tip. The Museum here at Gettysburg is awesome. There's so other stuff outside the US Civil. Only problem, it's 100+ degrees, crazy heat for marching around. -Legend
  8. Nice, tourneys. I'm at Gettysburg battlefield, looking for US Civil War game. -Legend
  9. Carriers at War, classic. Another Day, Another Time, -Legend
  10. Top notch AAR, the center court of Roland Garros. Another Day, Another Time, -Legend
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