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  1. If you want to pause the Email-Replay of your opponents turn, all you need to do is to press the Pause/Break key on the right half of the keyboard, which can be typically found near the number pad. Thanks to Michal T for asking, and for Hubert for answering!
  2. Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.
    C. S. Lewis

  3. You're right, the list belongs into this forum, thanks to your questions this sections is now a bit more complete than before. Have a nice weekend! Cheers Claus
  4. Are you talking about "last turn summary"? That would the key "L". The Hotkeys are listed in the manuals... :eek: Having said this, I'm always glad to help: Hotkeys (quoted from the Global Conquest manual) G – Turn the map tile grid on or off H – Temporarily hide all units on the map N – Select the next active unit that has not yet moved New! L – Displays the last turn's summaries for reference New! P – Shows the location of potential enemy partisan activity. New! S – Shows the level of supply your forces currently receive, along with a prediction of how much they will rec
  5. Anyone interested in a multiplayer (email) 1914 Call to Arms – Breakthrough Edition (v 1.04) campaign game? I play just for fun, therefor I don't care at all about which side to play, and will probably be able to play an avarage of one or two turns per day.
  6. Stumbled over this question and Huberts answer in the AOD part of the forum, and thought to myself, that it might be worth a try to add here some pictures and information too. I should add that the recon flights within your own tiles were first introduced with the SC WW1 Breakthrough expansion, so you won't be able to do them in the SC WW1 standard game without the Breakthrough expansion.
  7. Hi mathiasbw. I'm a member of gamersglobal too. You can find me there under my nickname Claus. Where did you recommend the game? Is there an active forum thread or something like that? Greetings from Bremen Claus
  8. Bill really creates great campaigns. That is what i'm preaching since years. What you clearly can see is that he is willing to go the extra mile, to create atmosphere, to give each campaign its very own soul. That is why I still consider SC WW1 as the best strategic war game out there.
  9. Dear readers, please excuse my crappy english. I should have done (at the very least) a thorough check to remove mistakes like "no/now" or accidently mistakes like doubled words ("to to" ) etc. Sorry for that. Hubert, please feel free to remove the most blatant spelling mistakes, it hurts so much to read them. :eek: PS: it wasn't my intention to write an "official" translation, but i had no problems at all to say yes when Hubert asked me if he could use it for the forum.
  10. Frederico, here is a link where you might find many helpful informations. Even though it is in the SC WW1 forum, it offers many infos which are true for Global Conflict Gold as well: click me!
  11. Look around, huhr: you're in the "assault on communism" part of the Strategic Command Forum.
  12. I would love to see that tanks would be able to receive an intelligence tech upgrade, representing radio comunications. Germany starting with it, USSR not. Both sides with equal strong regular tank techs, but the germans a tiny nose width ahead because of the better comunication. Result of the upgrade could be a 5, 10 or 15% higher readiness and / or unit morale.
  13. What are the differences between Quick Animation on / off and Quick Logic on / off?
  14. Bill, i got inspired by your great & well written infos here, and i hope you don't mind my try to add a little help for the swap move. Once you got or created a better help / instruction for the swap move you can delete this post without any hesitation.
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