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  1. Hi Folks, Been a while. A few old names. Anyway I heard there was a new game out and tournament on. gets my competitive juices going and brings me out of retirement. Room for a newbie? Amadeus did a great jobs several years ago on his first tournament but my guess is the Battlefront guys will be out numbered by Panzerligas So is it too late to join the tournament is my first question? If not then my second is what game do I have to buy ? I have been totally out of the loop for about 3 years or more. I guess I'll have to just dive in and hope the basics are the same. Any of the old big guns still around? I heard a rumour Jollyguy might be up for this one....
  2. I think you'll find my rapier like wit , self deprecating humour and all round talent for amusing the hundled, hungry unkempt masses here on the SC forum made it superb but sure give the uber unstoppable Dragon the credit for posting a few screenshots ....
  3. Pretty much sums it up. The Borg force fields which the Nazi tanks seemed to employ didn't help much. Pretty much my only hope now is Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen being time warped into 1945 in the USS Nimitz with a full deck of Tomcats. Even that might not do it.
  4. Sept 44 and the wehrmacht launches a desperate all out offensive on NovoSibersk. Dragon has been steady and cautious for 5 season of campaigning in Russia but with the final goal in sight and perhaps only 1 or 2 more turns of clear weather for the offensive he throws caution to the wind and slams panthers, corps and planes against fully entrenched fortified units sacrificing thousands of elite germans units who are barely supplied against strong russian defence. If it fails, he'll have wasted his best troops for nothing and russia will be able tto hold on for winter giving the allies maybe one last chance to pressure him in the west. The entire russian capitol is surrounded by full fortifications with entrenched JS1 tanks and full aircover. But it's not enough. The grey horde breaks through and bolshevik cause is no more. Game over. We'll play on until the end of the month, a long overdue sea battle is required in the Atlantic I think but the americas were pushed out of West africa and are finaly meeting stiff resistance in the pacific too. too much war for just one major. sigh if only I'd known to garrison Manchester......
  5. Cap or simply eliminate elite reinforcements. It can make japanese armies in china innvincibel in 41/42 or axis panzers in 43/44 unstoppable and can work other way round with USAAF tac air in 44 simply plucking lesser units across the channel out of existence.
  6. June 44. American getting creamed in north africa by german heavies and rent an evil air armada from axis buddies. has noticeably slowed his russian offensive but they are over urals now.... If only america was building some kind of super weapon in 44. Something I could use in a year or so that would change the way war was waged and could strike terror into my opponents. No , that would be silly
  7. What a war! So it's madness over the skys of North africa. Yanks have entire USAAF there facing German Aces, Italians, Japanese, Spanish , you name it. USN mostly staying off out of range for now as Axis have carriers in the med and tonne of subs around, just sending a couple of ships to shell the coast. Casablanca has been liberated, recaptured and now reliberated again. Yanks have lost a lve5 tank and a couple of infantry. Italians lost about 3 or 4 infantry, a big level 5 tank a bomber and a fighter I think. Germans lost a fighter too and maybe a corp or army but crucially the DEATHSTAR has arrived and at least 2 other Level 5 tanks of unknown exp. This is very bad news for Patton but excellent news for Zhukov. In the pacific the yanks take a couple more islands including Iwo Jima. But of course Japanese woudl rather defend Madrid than their own homeland. April 44. Urals are holding for now but will crack probably next turn.
  8. March 44 Play it again Sam! Manilla Ice Ice Baby Yanks take both undefended Phillipines and Heavily defended Casablanca. Next turn they face an onslaught of Japanese Tac bombers... in Casablanca! That's right Jap HQs in Spain and Tac air operated into "Imperial" Vichy France then flown to Gibraltor. Sigh. Phillipines won't last long as big jap army is brought into deal with cheeky amphib corp that landed but it distracts him for a turn or two. Russians are digging in but spring will bring pain as Fritz will cross the Urals. Sole russian corp are holding off hordes of exp japanese in Siberia and India is still the jewel in the birtish empire. Not for much longer but I didn't know the capitol transfer retreats to Lahore. Bought me a few more turns as I had units in production line that I could immediately reinforce with.
  9. All far too much tinkering. Simple change would fix it - eliminate Elite reinforcements. It also solves the problem that USAAF TAC air out of England can build up too strong by 44. Experience points would still make combat in favour of the veterans units but they not become insanely strong. Would help China out a bit against japan too. Kill elite reinforcments and the gameis pretty balanced again.
  10. Ah yes the smell of an all night SCathon. In my SC1/ early SC2 days when I was still a bachelor my flatmate bet me 100 pounds I couldn't ever go out and get a girl to come back home with me and play SC. sleep with me yes but play SC? Never Now though in married with children world I'm short on time and this game may time out before we finish. Still early 44. I see Soviets maybe holding this year but could all be over for them by end of summer. At sea the massive USN fears no one and US army is growing fast and teched up but completely green.Africa will be interesting. can I knock spain, vichy france or Italy out before Germans turn their eye of sauron like powers away from russia and onto them? Exp level 15 units are practically impossible to fight against and hard limits mean germans alone outnumber USAAF in fighters. crazy. Never say die though.
  11. Rambo, oh the outcome is surely beyond doubt, only the timing and details remaind to be seen. Feb 44. Anyhow almost 4 years after the surrender of the UK it looks like India will fall. Been really pleased with that theatre, on a shoestring budget with no tech for the Indians and nowhere else that the USAAF can really operate from they have held off the Japs for ages and tied down a lot of his units. even been able to laucnh some commando raids from there to the middle east which brought some joy to my otherwise painful game. Soon though the heavy japanese will be free to bring pressure elsewhere. Slim and Mountbatten are priceless units in that theatre, goes to show what a difference a higher rating HQ can make. Oh in case you were wondering India gets none of it's scripted units once the UK falls. I found out the hard way. West Africa is going to be an interesting one, never done anything like this before so we'll see. it's a long way to Berlin that is for sure.
  12. Nothing yet in west Africa as more yanks pour in. Canadian tanks roll up to Casablanca and shell a sub in port. USAAF pounds japanese in india but they still keep coming - str 15 armies can seemingly swat aircarft out of the sky. Winter sets in the Urals but Deathstar will just plough on regardless. Indian troops take persian oil then quickly leave as a major Axis strike force is forming there. no doubt to take India from the west in case the Japanese get stuck. Americans take Peru and Chile, liberating them from ..er . themselves. Nov 43.
  13. right back in action after a mid summer break. Blimey I'd forgotten how bad it was. Dragon / Son of Terif is brutal. Situation is fairly simple - As Rambo might put it "Buntas, buntas everywhere". Russia had gone from MAX army (max I repeat maxed out land forces) to almost nothing. Even his fighters (not TAC but fighters) are on such high exp they take 5 points off Russian tanks. Level 5 str 15 Deathstar panzer takes 8-0 points off soviet level 4 tanks in a single blitz attack ie AFTER moving max AND and with the JS1 entrenched. insane. So autumn has come and Russia is back to the urals in Oct 43 with about 10 million dead. in positive news for the allies India is still holding strong and tying up lots of japs. india have no weapon tech and Japs have max but supply is a bitch for the japanese and USAF are under Slim/ mountbatten command pinging japanese morale. Aussies have been island hopping with very little resistance (except landiing in indonesia which got crushed). Brunei is next. finally Americans tip their hand. not ireland, not france or Portugal but they land huge forces and multiple HQs in west africa. Tech is maxed out, level 5 tanks , jets etc. Axis same but maybe lvl 3 or 4 fighters. Italians in a lot of trouble. So 44 will be last year for soviets I think although it will take a big push from the germans who did lose 3 or4 tanks, a HQ, some armies and SF in 43. The question is simply what damage can the yanks do in the next year. By the way hubert if you are reading. there is bug in 1.04 with swedish surrender/ reconquest. Russians liberated sweden but did not get swedish mines (and MPP) despite being unoccupied by axis (they stayed axis territory despite having no troops on and being part of liberated sweden) russians had to send troops to the mines to make then russian territory. Later Axis reconquered and immediately got mines back. cost me a couple hundred MPP overall grr
  14. Thomas H's comments are the most accurate summary so far on this otherwise rather cliched thread. The "causes" of the WWI are rich, varied and still debated today by historians. What is certainly true is the threat of being "out mobilised" by the enemy was constantly feared on both sides. July 1914 - in between the spark of the assasination and the declaration of war in August - has many of the most interesting "what ifs?" in C20th history. Arguably the only man who could have put the brakes on in July that summer is the Czar,and once he ordered mobilisation (even partial) the great fear of germany - a 2 front war and the russian horde- left them with no choice but to mobilise. In more modern terms, or at least cold war terms the alliances can be seen as the "nuclear detterent" and mobillisation as lauching the missiles - except you have a 30 day warning not a 4 minute one. Alas though there was no presidential hotline and no way for either side to back down. There are many exceptional books on the start , causes and history of the war. One of the most readable by far and certainly one of the most colourful ( in part because it was written in between the wars and by an army officer who fought in it) - is Liddell Hart's history of the great war. It also has some great tips for playing SC if you read it's anti clausewitz school of strategy section A more modern and detailed analysis of some of the causes - especially the tensions that brought Britain into the war -is Dreadnought by Robert Massie. One further comment I must make though is on the post - "england didnt really need an excuse anyway. they had been going to war to preserve the balance of power in europe for the last couple of hundred years. 1914 wasn't any differant." That is incorrect. Britain cared little for the balance of power in Europe, only that which would effect it's global and predominantly martime empire. The single largest change in the balance in power in European history since the fall of the Holy roman empire has been the creation of the German state. Britain did get involved when Germany invaded Denmark in 1863 or during the bloody 10 month Franco prussian war of 1870-1871. Britain did not go to war then and if it hadn't in 1914 one can't help but wonder if the Franco German Russian war of 1914-1915 would now be as forgotten as it's predecessor 40 years earlier.
  15. the thought also occurs to me. I never played yoda and whilst I am 80% certain to lose this game I honestly feel Dragon is quite beatable. If not perhaps this time. A rest though in this game.I'm overloaded with work and he is on vacation. autum 43, germans tidyinng up east of the don and pushing into caucusas before winter sets in. Americans quiet .... for now
  16. Ho Ho ho! Dragon brings out his japanese carriers into atlantic after one of his fighters spotting my european invasion fleet. but there was no fleet just a lone transport as bait deliberately placed in sight and a sea full of level 3 US subs on silent mode. They slam into the japanese, sink a couple of escorts, sink one carrier and reduce another to a str 5. Will he stay to fight them off or retreat back into the med? where is the German fleet? US intel sees something around the English channel. Where is rest of US fleet? Oh and my paras jump again into Stockholm and capture Sweden leaving his axis troops in Sweden out of supply Moscow will fall but Russian reinforcements already arriving enmasee and we are digging in for the end of summer. August 43 by the way.
  17. July 43 The wheat fields of the Ukraine are drenched knee deep in blood. I've never had so many units killed in such a short space of time in 8 years of plating SC. more than 25 units killed in 3 turns, many cut off out of supply... and yet.. Soviets take Turkey! Paras dropped in sweden from murmansk cutting axis ore supplying and securing the city and also Ankara although his TAC air wiped me out next turn. Russians pushed back behind Don and Voronezh will fall next turn. He seems to have pulled back from Moscow though which is odd. Stalingrad safe for a turn or two. Axis have lost a few Panthers though and the rest are badly damaged except one super Str15 panther which I am hence forth referring to as the DEATHSTAR Most russian air intact but that may not last for long. Overall though I'm a bit more optimistic. Americans are playing with Japs in south pacific, all minor stuff so far. No major invasion from USA in either Pacific or Atlantic. India still holds and will for a while longer. Darjeeling about to go but American air cover plus surprisingly effective Indian troops (tech 0 vs super soldier level 13 full tech japs) have fought a great defensive and tied up a lot of japanese DEATHSTAR is a registered trademark of the Galactic Empire. Unauthorised use or reproduciton of Galactic Empire trademarks may result in destruction of your home planet
  18. Ho Ho Ho. See that map above? Take a look at that German HQ just west of Moscow. Is it just me or is keeping just a single corp (in an exposed salient) between him and my Level 4 tanks a bad idea? Splat - Dead HQ and it turns out it was a full exp Manstein as well. What a bonus. Nothing much else. India being overrun. Nothing at sea yet but I think it could get messy soon.....
  19. Hellraiser is right that terif certainly helped smooth the SC game and there are still a few exploitable kinks in SCGC but overall I think Kallkerk is right, it is a mostly balanced game, only really in very experienced hands can axis run away with. Dragon is doing just that though.... Rejoice, rejoice. Scratch one Japanese flattop. USN finally bring out the big guns and catch a Jap carrier in port in solomon islands.. Naval Warfare 3 battleships plus TAC air despatch it immediately. Australians take the indonesian oil and dig in. Nov 42 and china will fall any turn now. In russia soviets destroy another German Army - ratio of losses is improving - from about 10 dead russian to 1 German in 41 to about 5 to 1 in 43 Still Stalin will have christmas in the Kremlin I think Cheeky attempt to get some US Marines into scapa flow ends in disaster. US air in india pounds his elite troops in burma. they hold back for now.
  20. Oh we are way past luck, I need divine intervention. So an update. End of Sept 42 and the summer campaign is coming to an end. It's been horrible for the allies as predicted although there were a few highlights. Germany took Iran but has got no further as soviets have 500,000 men dug into russian border. Indians manage to hold BP oilfields in the south though I suspect they are danger of blowing a well or two and leaking into the gulf. Huge nazi air armada based in Finland smashed leningrad in a couple of turns and germans have advanced on smolensk. it will probably fall in the next turn or two before winter. Dragon's advance corps are trying to approach moscow and kursk but we block his path for now. Luftwaffe destroyed 2 precious USSR Tac bombers on the ground and was able to retake sevatapol. Tigers and JS1 are massing in the south for a showdown but no one has crossed the river yet. Kharkov should hold for a while. soviets are stretched but still have a mobile reserve of heavy tanks and some TAC air to keep him at bay. China is about to fall any day down. Relentless air strikes and superhuman jap armies have ploughed through millions of chinese. Still october 42 is respectable against dragon. There is no hope for china though now and I worry a great deal about where he will deploy those crack troops. In siberia there is some fighting and russia lost a corp but hold firm still with an entrenched big scary tank. Jap air will be needed to dislodge it. India was a bright spot. Indian Tank under Slim's command held up 6 !! heavy jap units for 3 or 4 turns. This enabled Americans to reposition and reinforce air and full indian army is in defence position across river. India still doomed but will see 43 no problem. not much in pacific. single jap sub pings australian harbour and finds a lone USN cruiser. Aussie SF retake the easternmost city in indonesia and hold a couple of islands in solomons. still no sign of USN main fleet anywhere. Reports say axis have over 30 ships as do USN with japanese at about 15 +. when we do meet it is going to get very messy. Japanese have swept down east coast of africa and will take pretoria any day now. in west africa the yanks and canadians are moving slowing north to casablanca with air battles against italians. On the tech side we are both near maxed out. Both sides seem to have full inf wp 2 , AT 2 (jap AT1) , fighters at 4 and russians and germans have level 4 tanks. Russian lvl4 fighters have been a huge help and for a few turns the russians were 2 levels ahead of the germans but he quickly rolled out new fockewulfs . Without the soviet advanced air uncle joe would have fled the kremlin weeks ago. British empire troops are still using sharp spoons though as they have no access to any US tech
  21. Turkey take down was brutal. Summer will be tough for soviets as German tigers are approaching the front lines. Still the russians have some air defence, a few big tanks themselves,a lot of troops and plenty of space to retreat , there will be tough fighting in russia for a few more years. The same cannot be said for China which is being sliced to pieces. India held better than I expected but the Japanese are breaking through. Nothing from US except some bombing raids in west africa and some scouting in the pacific.
  22. all wise words but try have you played Dragon? he'll not give you the chance to "erode" or "attrite" he'll be busy rampaging your capital. I'm smashing out at any enemy units I can and just happy to be causing any damage.
  23. A simpler solution is to reduce / increase the % increase for industrial tech advance for axis and allies respectively. Japan economy can approach that of the Russia's and Germans that of the US which is not only unbalancing in game play but historically ridiculous. At is stands the axis can get all the super experienced units and out manufacture detroit and tankograd too.
  24. whenever I try they just end up as tiny thumbnails. how do I post 'em big? Anyway some action from the allies in april 42.USA move forward in atlantic and pacific as they take Dakar and (with the Japanese busy everywhere else) start to island hop taking some random island back from the japanese in the solomons. Fairly predictable pattern in Russia. Soviets launch assault , wipes out a german unit but are smashed by air power next turn. Soviets have killed around 4 or 5 germans units over winter at reasonable loss. This time though I wipe out his top army in a trap by sevastapol. His supply 9 , exp 4 str11 super morale 3rd army is sent to retake sevastapol. they are certainly the boys for the job as the rest of axis southern forces are all albanians and hungarians. However it gets shelled by my cruiser, attacked by more amphib troops, kamikazed by my special forces and finally charged full on by a JS1 which kills it but goes down to a str 1 itself! I lose two to three heavy but green units in exchange for his most experienced. worth it though to kill the cream of the wehrmacht. In India he is slowing as supply and aircover needs to catch up. China is a turkey shoot for the mighty japanese airforce.
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