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  1. I think that I was on my way to winning but Jim could have still pulled it out in the end.
  2. Absolutely... thank you all for following. I hope you enjoyed and learned a few tricks. The rest is now up to you! abu
  3. The Germans got busy once again on the Eastern Front. It has been very quiet for them for sometime now. Time to shake things up! This picture does not do it justice, but I launched a surprise major offensive drive in Southern Russia. I slammed into Russian advance units destroying both light armor in view. Most of Jim’s combat firepower appears to be in the north… so I hit him early in the South with a lot of force using the principal of hitting your enemy where they are not. Supply rebuilt and as a result German moral and readiness is up… You can see from the picture that t
  4. Still terrible weather conditions on the Eastern Front. Jim is pushing a bit of a limited winter offensive… trying to push his way toward Riga. I shifted a few units around to block him better. We are into March now… and ground conditions should soon be improving. I am ready to conduct operations once the ground is good and have planned a few surprises for Jim when the time comes. I was able to successfully bombard Cairo with German medium bombers, while tactical units struck at the unit next to Alexandria. The unit in Cairo was entrenched only to level 2… so the medium bomb
  5. The weather was pretty poor across much of the Eastern Front and there was very little action… the Germans primarily took the entire turn to repair and upgrade units across much of the front. I expect things to heat up again in a couple of turns. Then it should get ugly for both the Germans and Russians. The Soviets have built up a large army and it is questionable whether the Germans can break it in 42. Keep in mind the Germans and minors now have units in multiple theaters, with a major commitment in the Med which is paying dividends as the UK is really struggling. My offens
  6. Japan got busy this turn… there is no time to waste on continuing my offensive push into the Pacific and beyond. I spent a lot of time beginning the shift of units to begin phase 2 of my Pacific push. Last turn I pushed into Burma and this turn I assaulted the capital using airborne forces to complete the defenders destruction. Jim had placed an American fighter there and he intercepted the paras doing near catastrophic damage… 6 steps to the unit! Not one to shy away from risking it all… I attacked anyway and completed the defender’s destruction. Unfortunately I was not able
  7. JJdenver, In answer to your questions: “Why wait until now - so late - to take Nanning in southern China? Was it some tricky move to keep US Entry down?” My objectives were to wear down China by destroying her army in the South and in the process keep Jim’s production focused on replacing losses. I figured that if I destroy the army the key towns, cities and mines will fall to me in the long run, which has started to happen. So under that scenario Nanning was a secondary objective. Also do you have to take all ports in Philippines or do they all fall to Japan once Manila is tak
  8. In Southern China the Japanese occupied Nanning and cut trade to China. Here is an over-view of central and southern China. I began the assault on Chungking this turn, reducing entrenchments and expect to take the city next turn, including the mine next to it. On the Sian front there was vicious fighting with 2 units mauled and 1 retreating. To complicate Jim’s commonwealth position… now suddenly having to defend India, Burma and Australia, I unleashed the full might of the Luftwaffe on the defenders holding the line in Egypt. This is the picture after the airstr
  9. You can see I was successful in taking Manila, but took some casualties doing it. Jim’s bomber was destroyed. Make sure you always nail the bomber and do not let him escape. US heavy bombers can cause the Axis a lot of economic headaches. Better to delay their entrance for as long as possible. I would rather have Jim rebuild it and face it a year from now, than having him in action in 2 or 3 turns. Here are Japanese forces storming the Solomons to gain a foothold near Australia for potential future operations. The Solomons make a good staging point for any assault in the reg
  10. Japan opened the war in the Pacific this turn in a big way. This is the Japanese blitzkrieg! Let’s take a look at the Hawaii operation first. Hitting Pearl Harbor note that one of my carriers is on escort duty. This is intentional… as I want to damage the defending fighter. This also makes my carrier strikes be more effective. I was successful in destroying all 3 BBs. I used a reduced carrier force… to hit Pearl Harbor. My 4th heavy carrier is elsewhere. You can see there are 3 heavy and 1 light carriers. I am trying to be economical with my carrier force so tha
  11. I elected not to attack the US on December 7th. US readiness is at 41% and Japan is doing just fine at the moment without opening the war. On the Eastern Front the Germans redressed their line and prepared for Winter. Jim launched a counter attack in the center that also forced me to adjust my front and move some armor and mechs around in the event he has more power behind it than expected. At this point I believe that much of the fighting for the season is now over. In North Africa Axis airpower hammered Jim’s fortifications into Egypt and my ground forces lunged forward and attacked
  12. The Germans continued their advance in Southern Russia and launched major attacks in the north. I was able to destroy 2 Russian units… (corps I believe) that had been thrown into the line in front of Leningrad, but no advance was made. The weather and ground conditions were pretty poor in Northern Russia this turn. German supply is poor so it is possible I will not be able to take Leningrad this year… which is a strategic failure for me. That said… Jim is being forced to throw units into the line to stop me and the Germans are chewing them up at an amazing rate. In Southern
  13. It is starting to heat up and things are getting exciting. I have a lot going on behind the scenes that I cannot show you at the moment. Soon. The Italians landed and took Malta this turn! My supply for the Med is now secure and the Axis forces in North Africa pushed forward this turn to the Egyptian border. Weather in Russia is beginning to deteriorate. I was able to destroy the corps just south of Leningrad at great cost. German supply is being affected by the weather and it is costing me. This is to be expected. In southern Russia the advance cont
  14. Serious action in Russia this turn as the Germans close in on Leningrad and directly threaten that city. This is the beginning of the turn… hammering the defenders. You can see, at moderate cost, I was able to destroy the defending corps and engineer. I am especially pleased by the destruction of the engineer as it will be awhile before fortifications will be constructed in Russia… at least until Jim gets around rebuilding him… making my job that much easier. I was able to destroy another corps in the south and I also hammered a couple of defending units as I prepare
  15. The Germans and Italians continued their air offensive against Malta with good results, knocking the fortress down to 2 strength steps. I think I have a good chance of destroying the defenders next turn. My holding of Gibraltar has also begun to affect Allied supply in the Med, which not only reduces the effectiveness of Allied ground units, including those defending Malta, but also of those at sea! My offensive against Russia is going well... I am taking my time with her for a specific reason. More on this later. I was able to take Pskov and get within 1 space of Leningrad
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