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  1. Hi Ason, The battle with USSR should be priority #1 for Germany. However from the above it sounds as if conquering Egypt,Syria,Iraq,Iran and Sudan was your priority first. I would suggest after the fall of France that you dedicate as many resources as possible for a spring 41' attack on USSR. It is easy to throw your strongest forces at the weaker minor nations, while ignoring the bear in the room (USSR). Doing so will allow USSR too much time to build up (and they will build up). You need to strike them hard and fast and go as deep as possible in 1941, as it will never be easi
  2. I submitted it but an admin has to approve it before it's downloadable
  3. Finally uploaded version 1.1 to the repository. I made additional changes so there was a delay in submitting. I added even more events, decisions, etc. for both sides, including 2 big "what if" decision events (1 for each side) that can certainly change the course and strategy of the war. Added in more interaction between the belligerents and neutral countries, and more diplomatic swings depending on the events unfolding throughout Europe. AI still works great for both sides. Enjoy!
  4. I've updated "1939 War in The West" and v1.1 should be up in the repository this week. Some Changes: - some scripts fixed, reworded or just improved - US Lend Lease will begin historically in March 1941 - Added numerous new scripts - 20 New Decision Events (ie. Rommel, UK/German Naval Strategy) I've been play testing both Axis and Allied AI so there should be no preference as to which side is better to give to the AI.
  5. Placing Japanese Bombers In Guadalcanal and Midway effect Allied Supply right now (scripted). So I think the solution would be to give Allied Bombers similar effects in these Islands.
  6. I'll be uploading a new global mod soon, one that I am currently play testing. The map is the same as Assault on Democracy. Some inspiration was taken from "World in Flames" an older SC2 mod. There is probably around 200 changes from the base game, including new unit sprites (Battlefield). Some big what ifs are included such as: -Can Japanese appeasement delay or keep the USA out of the war indefinitely? -What would happen if the UK mobilized the entire commonwealth and all it's colonies at the onset of the war? -Will both Japan and USSR agree to a neutrality pact or wi
  7. You can receive both. A transport will in the port will trigger the ships, and when he unloads you can get the gold. Then disband the troop to avoid waiting for supply and upsetting USA. Also putting an allied ship in port won't work. It's part of Vichy France and Vichy kicks all allied units out of it's territory when it is established.
  8. If I remember correctly the Germans get the first option to go for the gold and ships. If they decline then the UK has the option.
  9. A ship in the port will get the ships, but you need to land to get the gold.
  10. Diplomacy should be more wound into the game based on political decisions and events acted out by both sides and diplomacy chits should be a supporting factor only.
  11. I made other changes to compensate, USA is typically around 60 around December 1941.
  12. Another solution would be to try to enact the USA Lend Lease Agreement at it's historical date. In the latest mod I have up on the repository I included a mobilization script in March 1941 with a pop up of "Rosevelt Declaring USA to be the arsenal of democracy" and a big jump in mobilization (30%) to get them over the lend lease hump. I don't think any amount of diplomacy was going to stop the USA from getting involved at least to this extent.
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