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  1. I'm surprised the Allied player didn't see this coming when the Italians invaded French North Africa. Great move though to punish the French for abandoning their positions. This series of events is one of my favorite from the default campaigns. I only wish there were more what if's that were supported in such a way.
  2. I can see how a nation's morale would be increased as other nation's fall to your home country, but I have to agree that throughout the AAR's the morale boost has been pretty gamey, especially after having a peek into the attacker's mindset. I think what needs to be considered is real consequences for these types of DOW's. A 3% drop in war readiness by a country like USA is not a real deterrent, and like mentioned by another poster in another AAR there are no real consequences at all if the majors are already in the war.
  3. Hey guys, I've been following the AAR and was curious in other games you have played how well does China do when Japan makes significant commits early in the game. Does China get steamrolled as easily as SCGC?
  4. There is a problem in that naval vessels are sometimes supply 10 when not in port. I think it's a great idea too but i think it needs an additional mechanic to understand that the unit was in port when sunk.
  5. Looking for an opponent for either 1939 World at War or 1948 World at war. PM me and we'll set one up.
  6. Couldn't some of the "spotting" be due to intercepting enemy intelligence, or other variables? Another example would be the American's use of Airships over the Pacific for spotting Japanese vessels.
  7. I'd just like to add to the suggestion of more customization to difficulty settings. I would like to be able to the raise the experience bonus of Land, Air, and Naval seperately. I find the Naval bonus expierence can be very testing, but I find it very neccessary on land.
  8. I would also like to see adjusting the difficulty level of different nations in the future. In the meantime however the editor could mimic alot of those difficulty adjustments, such as increasing +1 soft attack for German, English Corps, while lowering Russia's Corps -1. Industrial modifier would increase Russia's Resources, or you could swith some towns to cities etc.
  9. I would like to play the defeault World at War scenario. I would like to play a mirror game as both sides. Email me at crispy131313@hotmail.com
  10. This is not a major decision event, but I think it could be included in the game. The more decisions the better IMO. The decision would pop no earlier than July 1944. Under the conditions that an Italian city has been captured by the Allies. Text as follows: Brazil has offered to join us in the battle for Italy! Brazil has formed an Expeditionary Force that would arrive in Italy within two weeks. They will require our assistance readying for combat. Would you like to assist the Brazilian Expeditionary Force? It will cost 75 MPP. As a result the Brazilian Expeditonary Force
  11. I would also like to see an advanced Diplomacy model, where as even once a country is at war (100%) they can still be affected by diplomacy. For example Hungary could continue to be a diplomatic target of the Allies even after they are at War and if the Allies can successfully bring them back down to 0% they would surrender/accept a peace treaty, or possibly even switch sides (All units outside of their country would obviously surrender to the Germans). This type of stuff is real, and once again opens door to many more what ifs.
  12. I am not one of the constant contributors here, however I have followed the forum every day for months, and the notion of removing Tanks (as a stand alone unit) from the game is really unappealing. Panzer Groups to my knowledge were more than just a sprinkling amongst an army, and were major aspects of the war. I would like to see these groups as standalone targets to attack (especially when defending as the soviets). I do agree with elminating some of the specialty units (Anti Tank, Anti Air) but limiting the game to only 4 units seems a little dull. Rather than changing the major mec
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