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Six Engine Propeller Plane?

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16 hours ago, Buho said:

Now I'm questioning my sanity


If you had already read this thread, you were primed. 

Then you get a momentary glimpse of a similar aircraft in unusual circumstances, so your brain does 2+1.5=4(ish)!

IMHO the brain's tendency to do this is the cause of both the UFO 'phenomenon' & humankind out-evolving the sabre-toothed tiger.  ;)

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So I'm nuts too. On  Tuesday, 27 July 2021 a large 6 engine prop plane that resembled a C130 but with a longer, and bigger fuselage, flew over Manchester Center VT. It was grey with no visible markings. It was quite low and easily visible. Started searching to find out what it was and find nothing. And now I see this has been sighted for years?  Why does no one know what it is?

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This exact plane you guys are speaking of just passed over my house along with another C130 with 4 props ..i live in Limerick Ireland it just took off from Shannon airport i'm tracking it on flight radar 24 never seen a 6 engine C130 before thought it was unusual did sime googling and ended up here interested to know what this plane is used for .

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