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Infantry mission - I like it.

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I uploaded Bravo Company Assault too soon. I'm going through steps trying to get the Insurgent AI to counter attack the center compound. I haven't done the AI for the Americans yet. So play as the (Blue) American force only.

Shakim is a spy unit. Sometimes you can get him - Sometimes you can't. Capt. Toleran what do you think of the all infantry scenario?

Here's a more polished red team AI for Bravo Company Assault. The insurgent force actually tries to enter the center compound rather than sit out in the woods.


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Really impressed by this one. I got a mere draw as US at elite level. Got the hq and cache, but failed to find Shakim. Love the fact that it's inf only. Allows you to really get down in the dirt and room to room with your troops. Discovered something new: wounded get tended by follow up teams in the same location. Nice touch, BF! And the hunt for Shakim added a really nice RP/thriller element to a great scenario and a genuinely innovative wargame. (No real evidence of the Red side trying to enter the compound though).

Fantastic to see so many truly imaginative approaches by player-designers in the community. Effing Ace!

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Bump for this one.


Hopefully the crawling deaths thing gets solved soon, otherwise interesting and challenging scenario.

1 KIA 6 WIA for the blue side. RT Vet.

Had a very nasty surprise searching the houses looking for that guy. Well done ThePhantom. ;)

Couldn't find Shakim, but one of those MIB was listening Shakira's greatest hits when my guys finished him off. tongue.gif

I'm gonna love this game.

You guys are creating GREAT SCENARIOS.

Thank you all.

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Man it feels good reading my scenario was good. What do you guys think needs to be added? I've flavored up the map.. But, I can't get the counter attacking insurgence to be more aggressive. You're right Alla11_Kal that low crawl or "Crawl of death" needs to be fixed. They should be sprinting to the inner compound.

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This is a great little scenario. I'm glad to have an infantry only one to play. Nicely done.

One problem so far-I'm taking brutal fire through the high wall closest to the US forces start point. Not the designers fault, it's part of the whaky LOS as is until 1.03 (hopefully) fixes it.

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OK, I've made it with some two story buildings for the MG squads to support the assault into the compound. Play as Blue only or two player.

If you play red - the blue side crawls the entire way and die one by one as they enter the compound.

The enemy will counter attack this time.... So stand by. I seriously like this one. Download it and get ready to command Bravo Company - To clean the streets and kill everything they see.


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I find very usefull in this "infantry only" scenarios to split my troops in small fireteams, that way three guys take position facing a possible line of resistance, then other three run for the next stop and so on.

That and smoke to cover approaching routes makes wonders.

I had enough with the original force, didn't need the reinforcements to clear the village. Didn't call the Apache neither. I guess the taxpayers will award me a medal.

1 KIA and 9 WIA this time. RT Vet. Most of the WIA when a MG Team got in a cross fire trying to reach their destination on those new buildings. They (me) missed a couple of windows 50 meters away, when I cancelled my orders they started a suicidal dance and, of course, got slaughtered hopelessly in the middle of the road.


Thanks for your efforts on this, ThePhantom, can't wait to enjoy another small and challenging scenario like this.

[ August 22, 2007, 07:36 AM: Message edited by: Ala11_Kal ]

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Still love the battle overall, but like Ala11kal, I didn't need (or use this time) the Apache, and could almost have won without the reinforcements.


Also, still not much of a red counterattack. Most of the inf stayed hunkered down in the woods, and the three Toyotas stayed together way outside the village, never let off a shot, and eventually got taken out by my mg teams.

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The completed version is done. I've added a few more insurgents to balance the scenario. I'm not sure if this will make it more difficult or not, but it will add more fighting.

The AI has improved. The hunkering down in the woods is now done at trenches or they are advancing.

This scenario is still better played as Blue, but Red player is finished.


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Just played the latest version. Really tough. Needed all the forces at my command, and the reds play like they're committed to keeping this village at any cost. I did get a total victory, but only on the third attempt. The red counterattack works well now. One query, which appears to be a bug not a design fault: I've yet to see a Toyota open fire on anything. Has anyone seen them actually shoot at the blues?

Great inf battle. Love it. And I think now it will work well in mp.

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Here's a new one for the infantry scenario type. Bravo company BlackJack.

Best played as Blue or American. I have not got the AI for the American assault down - so play as blue.

This one has the red force AI seriously attempting to destroy an American platoon and defend its area. It's a fast action scenario that may require using the pause option once or twice.


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