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  1. Given there is a known issue with these mines, which were never there in the original, and apparently unremovable by the breach teams (at least my teams wouldn't blast them away), why are they in there? There's a whole host of problematic behaviors and it really sours the campaign to start that way. "Ok, we cleared some lanes in the mines, finally.... No, don't go over there.." BLAM! "No, don't back away into them.." BLAM! Not a great way to show off the new engine to those of us who have been along for the ride and invested early since CMBO days. Why not just take them out of the campaig
  2. Hello Capt. Toleran,

    Interested in playing CMBN, FI, or RT, up to Reinforced Company, Meeting, QB's.

    I also use Dropbox for Game File exchanges, and can do 1-2 turns daily.


  3. Anyone else having problems getting "Heavy Metal" to show up in the battles screen?
  4. Great scenario, I had been hoping for one with a low-casualty mission goal. It really makes you wince that much harder when one of your men drops, and makes you act much quicker. I spent a lot of the game having my Bradleys put area fire on buildings and lone snipers.
  5. Download link for Afghan doesn't work anymore for some reason....
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