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  1. Ok, thanks. I did reinstall, and same exact issue. I'll go over and make that ticket when I get a chance.
  2. Gosh, all the helpful feedback, one at a time! I can't read all these responses, the help is overwhelming....
  3. So recently I took advantage of the free Steam key option from Matrix to move my CMBS installation over to Steam, and get my Game Engine 4 upgrade for free in the process. I've owned CMBS since it came out, as well as almost every Combat Mission title, going back to CMBO. So on the Steam installation, I'm clearly missing textures. Black treads on T-90s, BTR-82s that are completely black, etc. Doing the usual solve to check for missing or corrupted files (you have Steam check against the local files) doesn't work. Does anyone else have this problem? I get that Battlefront might say the usual "We don't support Steam" but it's their product on there, broken, and imagine a user coming to the product who doesn't have the experience here of what needs fixing. It certainly doesn't look good for the product. I posted a thread about this on the boards there, but no response yet. So I'm trying here. It doesn't seem right that a game is missing textures that has been through this many rounds of iterations.
  4. Great mod. I'm noticing a major issue with the first campaign so far. For some reason, the jeeps with recoiless rifles are apparently completely invisible to the T-55s and BTR's. No joke, I have armored vehicles completely unable to see them, 200 yards away, parked in the middle of a road, and I'm losing my entire armored force and APCs to jeeps in recoiless rifles, frontally. Not flank attacks, not ambushes, literally Arc-set, unbuttoned (when they will), I-know-where-they-are, just move an inch forward and shoot the thing in your sights, never winning. That doesn't seem right. I'm not blaming the mod, presumably there's an AI spotting issue here? Regardless, it somewhat spoils it for me. I can only rage quit so many times before I realize I've lost 2 hours to my day to bad game programming. Also, shouldn't my infantry always be shooting at them, given the value of the target, the power of the weapon system involved (an anti-tank weapon, after all), and the vulnerability of the unarmored vehicle to small arms fire? That's not happening. The squads seem very shy about firing on unarmored vehicles. That seems ahistorical in any era, especially that one.
  5. Given there is a known issue with these mines, which were never there in the original, and apparently unremovable by the breach teams (at least my teams wouldn't blast them away), why are they in there? There's a whole host of problematic behaviors and it really sours the campaign to start that way. "Ok, we cleared some lanes in the mines, finally.... No, don't go over there.." BLAM! "No, don't back away into them.." BLAM! Not a great way to show off the new engine to those of us who have been along for the ride and invested early since CMBO days. Why not just take them out of the campaign mission? Am I missing something? At some point the regret really starts to sink in that this isn't the game experience I paid for. There are plenty of heartbreaking moments in the game without clunky mechanics that have had 13+ years to get worked out making a mess of a game session. While I accept some of that is inevitable, the choice to put mines there with no way to resolve it short of calling an arty strike on yourself is somewhat baffling.
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