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  1. Thanks for the help Mord but this is what I'm seeing. On the main screen I'm showing both icons for the base game and the Marines module as it should be. But when I go to the campaign menu everything is grayed out except TF Thunder & Training campaign. When I select the Semper Fi Syria Campaign, I get a message telling me that I need the NATO Module for that campaign. All the other campaigns are as you stated. It's possible that there is a bug in the Marines campaign file and it doesn't effect those who have the NATO Module.
  2. Ok this seems to work ... had to put in both the old activation codes from CMSF1 as well as the new codes from CMSF2... I did notice that there was no campaign with the Marines modules is that correct? It's been so long since I played CMSF I dont remember. I have the TF Thunder campaign and several USMC battles but no marine campaign .
  3. Yes this is an upgrade but I don't even have the original CMSF1 installed anymore. Do I need to install and activate CMSF1 first and then do the upgrade?
  4. I have installed CMSF2 full version for windows. when I start from the icon on my desktop I am asked to active the product. I put in my activation code in and the activation code is accepted. See attached inst1. After I hit the play button my desktop appears and then after 30 seconds to a minute the next scree appears. See inst2. As you can see something is not working right. If I close everything out and click on the CMSF2 icon again I get the same result as if it never did activate even though it tells me it does. Any help would be appreciated ...
  5. Just did a full install and activation. If your just applying the 4.0 upgrade then use the 4.0 upgrade Lic to activate. If your doing a full install then you will need the 4.0 full install (a 4GB download)... After installing use your 3.0 Lic key to activate and then individually activate each Module (CMBN-CW & MG) with it's own respective Lic key. had to get a little hep on this from support but it worked perfectly for me.
  6. Ok just realized I downloaded the full install when I purchased the v4.0 upgrade. I'll give this a try. Do I also need to install CMBN-CW and CMBN-MG after doing the v4.0 full install?
  7. I thought this was the correct route to take but cant seem to see where to downlaod the full install. Been to the downloads page and the store page but dont see anything that says full 4.0 install. I see the 4.0 upgrade but I have already purchased that and it says 3.12 required, so i'm guessing that is just the upgrade and not a full install. Can anyone share a link or do i need to contact BF to get a download link?
  8. Had a hard drive crash and need to re-install CMBN. Thought I would ask here before undertaking. I have my original CMBN CD and all my updates and packages Cmbn-CW as well as Cmbn-MG. Are their any suggestions about the best way to get all of these install correctly?
  9. Yep. would definitely buy. Not sure why BF is so opposed to doing it. I'm hoping some enterprising 3rd party will partner with BF to create such a beast. I know snowball did CMA but but I'm not sure how that relationship has worked out ...
  10. Building protection has always been one of my issues with CMx2 as well. A moderately trained soldier can look at structure and in fairly short order be able to tell you how much protection it will afford. With CMx2 we have to guess at it. I personally would like to see a more full proof way of determining defensive properties of any given building. With that said there should also be some way to fortify or improve a buildings protection. Maybe something you can purchase during setup.
  11. I currently have CMBN patched up to 3.11. Is it necessary to patch to 3.12 before upgrading to 4.0?
  12. Ok... False Alarm Sorry for my previous post, but I didnt read far enough into the install notes to see that each module needs to be re-activated. Makes sense that it should work that way. I clicked on the activate icon and activated each of my modules and now all is well with the world. Thanks for listening
  13. I'm just getting around to installing the patch to version 3.11. Here are the steps I went through. I downloaded and unzipped the patch files into a temp folder. It was a big download over a gig in size. I then installed it into my existing BF game folder. I activated using v3.0 upgrade License Key .... The activation is successfull !!! I notice at the bottom of my main screen that it says v3.11 My problem is that now none of my other content is accessible. I can access CMBN but CW and MG are no longer accessible. My understanding is that all new instal
  14. Sounds like the OP is just deploying single tanks with no support. You should never have armor alone without some kind of support. Even a pure Armor formation should have tanks supporting one another. Sounds like the OP has neither which will get you killed sooner than later. I's always better to have a mixed force if possible, especially if you are unsure what you will be facing. There is a reason why a combined arms doctrine is so effective. This is why I like CMx2 because it forces you to use realistic tactics.
  15. Your support/suppressing element should continue to fire while your maneuver element is assaulting the target and continues to fire until the objective is taken. Make sure your support element is using target light so they don't use HE attacks which can harm your maneuver element as it approaches the target. Small arms fire doenst affect your own troops. When assaulting a hedgerow/building etc .... stop/pause your maneuver element briefly on your side of the wall. This will allow them to throw grenades before the final assault on the position.
  16. Mark, Great Job as usual. If it's a matter of time and therefore $ then update the CMBN QB maps and release them as a pack. I'll pay an extra $10 to have those maps updated with the new AI triggers ....
  17. Nah .... since when has war been a controlled environment? Even the controlled environment that you think you have today is not a controlled environment. If two players have roughly the same numerically sized force, there are still so many factors that are left up to chance. If you had a truly controlled game environment it would be so boring no one would want to play it. Good gaming is all about making choices and weighing risks vs rewards. I guess you've never been involved with betting or gambling of any kind? Been around since the dawn of man and and is still the most succe
  18. There is a certain amount of gaminess within QB's however whether it's "fun" or not depends on how it's designed. For example a counter battery meta game might look like this: I can spend points on counter-battery but that's less point's I can spend on ground forces. So even though I might be successful at preventing my opponents 105's from having an impact on the battle, I might still lose the battle because I don't have enough ground forces to get the job done. In addition, depending on how may points I put into counter-battery might only succeed in delaying my opponent's indirec
  19. Absolutely agree ... this is even more important as CMx2 returns to modern combat. I would definitely be thrilled to see a treatment of counter battery techniques. Modern formations should be forced to keep their on map indirect assets on the move to avoid being pinpointed and even off map assets should be subject to neutralization under appropriate conditions.
  20. Steve, Care to comment on what changes to Tac Air you guys are making for Black Sea? CMSF does an adequate job of integrating Tac Air on the modern battlefield but I'm hoping you guys will kick it up a notch when you return to modern warfare ....
  21. Remove it from this time frame perhaps but the capability needs to remain in the engine to accommodate late 20th and 21st century conflicts. In fact I would like to see a less abstract interpretation for Black Sea
  22. Interesting .... Steve, have you given any thought to adding FOW terrain which essentially would block out action squares based on the LOS map? It seems to me that this could alleviate a lot of the confusion surrounding this issue. In addition I think it would also help a player visualize terrain relief as well as eliminate the gamey use of object deformation (ie ... broken fences and walls ) to track otherwise unseen movement ...
  23. An automated email to those who have downloaded the content, Asking them for feedback. The email would contain 2 links Click here to provide feedback or Click here if you do not want to leave feedback Clicking on the 2nd link means you will not be asked again to leave feedback on this content. Of course there should also be an option in the account setup that allows the user to turn of all requests for feedback.
  24. I would think also that foxholes would provide some kind of concealment bonus. Certainly if troops can take the time to dig the hole, they would added a little camouflage as well. However, this incident might just be an outlier and purely anecdotal. Maybe someone moved or the TC caught the flash of sunlight reflected off of a pair of binos .... Much testing would needto be done to see if there is a real issue here.
  25. Definitely using an engine like unity would make life easier especially if you are targeting multiple platforms. As with any decision there are tradeoffs, having to pay royalties and less flexibility having to work within the limitations of that engine. I suspect CMT was done using unity and if so then BF already has a good proof of concept.
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