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Optics of Javelin

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How good are the actual optics of the javelin? In "emitremmah" (reverse to not to spoiler the scenario) one rifle time entered a building just to find a BMP-2 hidden on the outside. So they throw all grenades they had on that thing from ~5m away. It was impressive but useless. And they were equipped with Javelin and AT-4 as well :-(

An antitank team 400m away also noted that BMP the same turn. It had javelins. Not good. It made "zisch", the BMP made boom - and my whole rifle team "aaarggh". They were blasted.

So, is the optic good enough to detect hand grenades explosion 400m away?

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what i dont understand about hte javlins in the game is that when fired they have the habbit to move in a funny way i have patch 107 but heh they first go straight you think they might pass the target and poef it moves like a ufo to the left or right and weee bang while the soldier that fired it is not even looking anymore shouldn't it fire straight?

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There is an initial booster charge that "pops" the weapon out of the launcher, then the main rocket motor kicks in (so the firer isn't burned to a crisp).

This results in a small dip just after firing. same thing happens with TOW.

Is that what you meant? (BTW: I can remove all the spaces, punctuation and capitalisation in my post if it makes it clearer for you? smile.gif )

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Originally posted by gibsonm:

(BTW: I can remove all the spaces, punctuation and capitalisation in my post if it makes it clearer for you? smile.gif )


Posts like that are unreadable, I know. I used to refuse to even read them, let alone respond to them. But occasionally the guy writing it is having difficulty because English is not his native language, so I'm more tolerant now.

When it's just some l33t speaking warez d00dz it is annoying as heck, though. One of my standard ripostes is this link:

Chicago Manual of Style

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I have noticed in 1.07 after playing campaign mission 05 I think (where you are the scout platoon and you get swamped by enemy armour) that their is definately something weird with the Javelin, either that, or my soldiers wern't trained to use it properly.

It would fly off on a weird angle and generally miss the target, or, if it hit, it would barely scratch the tanks.

In that mission my men fired off approximately 8 Javelins with only one tank killed. I remember them being absolutely lethal prior to that.

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As to Javelin and the capabilities of the CLU - in a word - gleaming! There is plenty of stuff on Youtube to show you how good the CLU is. Look at how many armoured targets are engaged - not many (i.e. - none). That gives you a clue and it is also more fun than reading the $100,000 thread. So my advice for anyone asking about Javelin is to watch something like this:


In this example this was a pre-planned operation. Points to note for all you realism guys out there:

Trajectory of the missile.

The wait for clearance to engage. (edit - I was thinking of another video of the same engagement - it shows the Coy Commander checking with the BG HQ that the Javelin callsign was clear to engage).

Although it is not clear from the video - the target was a group of individuals vice tanks).

There are plenty more vids where that came from - watch 'em!

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