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  1. I have given up after reload the games three times. Avast has not issues. it should not be this difficult to tell a damn anti-virus to leave a file alone.
  2. I am going nuts with this damn software, it keeps trying to erase my cmsf.exe. It has already deleted my other modules. I have added all the exe's to the exception list along with the folders. Do need to get another anti-virus software. I do not have to keep remembering to restore. Please advise on how I can fix this if possible. thanks, Gen. Solomon
  3. maybe this could be modded? what about the heaviness of the snow?
  4. can someone who has this game post a video of the heavy snow. if this not possible screenies. thanks
  5. thank you very much for the winter screenshot. I cant wait to fight in the snow. its may favorite season to fight. also, will there be deep snow tiles available. very excited this release.
  6. thank you for making my day friend. I am going over to the refresh monkey page and being my vigil. I am looking forward to making European towns with on rolling hills with heavy snow on the editor. probably going to have a jeep drive around while I lower the camera to follow the unit at ground level.
  7. heavy snowfall (precipitation). I remember really enjoying the heavy snowfall scenarios in cmx1.
  8. I am extremely excited to fight in the snow. can you tell us if heavy snow fall will be available in this module? thanks
  9. this is awesome, thank you very much for doing this, looking forward more video's from you.
  10. infantry is great on open ground and trenches but put them in a village setting or city and its a disaster. totally turned me off to the franchise. now that cmbn is out, I wont waste my time on tow again.
  11. how about wargammer.com? they have a section for game scenarios.
  12. ok guys, don't forget to share you scenarios with the rest of us. i am very artistic and do appreciate those here that can put together these battles. many thanks to all the map makers.
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