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Surviving Urban Ops #1- long post

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Originally posted by metalbrew:


I don't understand your point about fairness and parity. It doesn't seem to fit into this thread, how does your point relate to infantry control and behavior?

Well, the parity part really doesn't..I was just ranting a bit.

However, I was talking generally about the way the TAC AI responds to certain situations realistically (or unrealistically).

For example, a well trained squad wouldn't react in some of the ways I have seen them in the game.

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Originally posted by SlapHappy:

For example, a well trained squad wouldn't react in some of the ways I have seen them in the game.

Oh I agree completely. For now I'm hoping to discover ways to get my infantry to behave consistently. I feel OK about my knowledge for now and I can use the small edge to play better. Consistency means I can at least guess what will happen reliably and that's OK for now.

Long term, I can't see how the current command set could be viewed as a simulation of infantry. I'm hopeful that Battlefront will see these examples and do some tweaking. Infantry behaves horribly under fire and this is partly due to the movement styles and partly due to action spot silliness.

The current action spot design ruins immersion in the game. I spend so much time worrying about action spots when I'm trying to move infantry it takes the fun out of the game. The only way I can reliably determine where the action spots are is to use the target command, which the line snaps to the action spot, and then cancel the target command once I feel I have a decent idea where the action spot is located. This only works if you have LoS to the action spot you're wondering about though. It doesn't work at all for unarmed units. This is so unfun I've had to invent vocabulary to describe how much I dislike it.

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I'd like to see some more examples of using the current infantry combat orders to overcome problems posited by the game (like the corner issue).

Like you, however, I feel the action spot thing and a lack of finer controls will lead to further frustration.

For instance, with the corner thing, wouldn't you want your troops to hug that wall and have the point man peek around that corner? I'm not current or former military, but it seems kind of logical to me. Currently in the game you can't do that.

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the engine supports splitting squads into teams (and each team does spotting individually), so one "easy fix" would be to keep the squad split into three (or so) teams internally even when the squad isn't really split command wise.

or well, it wouldn't really fix the issue, but it would make it less dramatical.

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Upping thing very good post... keep it up.

I need recommendations. I always play RT and now starting to try out WEGO.

I like RT because of the micromanagement but it is really tiring when you are watching a lot of units in real time.

WEGO seems to be more relaxing as you can focus your attention to a section of the battlefield and just revisit the other hot spots via replay. And then fine tune the each command.

So can someone summarize the WEGO tips stated in this thread? Or do you even recommend WEGO in the first place?

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Chelco had a great idea in this thread: putting timestamps at each waypoint so you have a better idea of when (within tolerance) units will get there. This would ease the learning curve for coordinating actions.

In the world of which CMSF is a simulacrum, all I'd say is, "Wait until I get into that building, count to 15, then come in behind us." Now it's a bit harder to do in game. Let alone something a little more complex.



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