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  1. Don't think so. There are now more sophisticated countermeasures and protection although not too prevalent.
  2. Thanks. I have been watching Kieme but haven't downloaded anything yet.
  3. I love these enhanced textures. What are you using?
  4. Aside from additional OOB. Will Black Sea actually get other theaters? Georgia? Turkey?
  5. Let's change the discussion about "T-90s are nerfed" to "how to defeat the Abrams in the game with the tools given to us". I'm thinking of 2 or 3 T90s. If a group can distracted the M1 and become sacrificial lambs and one come from an angle where the turret cannot traverse to in time. Just pray it delivers a killing shot.
  6. The skirt of the T-90 in the loading screen is rubber.
  7. I think even Graviteam titles model this in great detail. And it has the post mortem analysis. But of course it is just WW2 to Cold War. No modern tech that we see in CMBS.
  8. Hi. How do I find Kieme latest mod listing and download links? I believe it is buried somewhere in thus thread.
  9. Checked out the spotting distance again. It was actually 15m in dense fog + night. My US opponent says he can see up to 50m with thermals. So do you think the distances are alright?
  10. I'll probably do different set ups and report back on the view distance of those Russian optics (infantry).
  11. Yes I know but is it really too hard to see anything 10 feet away without equipment? I suggest we fire up a QB at night and fog and see if the Russian spotting is logical based on their equipment. Unless the fog in the game is so bad.
  12. I know I asked this before and accepted the arguments about inferior equipment but the Russian infantry with their NV scopes cannot spot a single thing in a foggy night. Is that a accurate? The US troops and vehicles are actually at arms length and I still cannot see them. Can't even do blind fire on sound contacts.
  13. Though we are seeing painted markings on separatist side in the current conflict.
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