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  1. Not quite what you're asking for, but you could consider using a mod that improves the brightness of the unit bases. I like this one: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1167
  2. I started this scenario, seems OK so far with one gripe. I assume the farmers have some elaborate crane and hoist system in place to get the plow and harrow into each field? Do the oxen resent having to bust bocage to enter the fields? In other words, the landscape seems a bit contrived towards fighting a war vs farming.
  3. This thread is the Chris Crocker of Combat Missions.
  4. I think that request begins with folks posting the situations they have problems dealing with.
  5. Oh I agree completely. For now I'm hoping to discover ways to get my infantry to behave consistently. I feel OK about my knowledge for now and I can use the small edge to play better. Consistency means I can at least guess what will happen reliably and that's OK for now. Long term, I can't see how the current command set could be viewed as a simulation of infantry. I'm hopeful that Battlefront will see these examples and do some tweaking. Infantry behaves horribly under fire and this is partly due to the movement styles and partly due to action spot silliness. The current action spot design ruins immersion in the game. I spend so much time worrying about action spots when I'm trying to move infantry it takes the fun out of the game. The only way I can reliably determine where the action spots are is to use the target command, which the line snaps to the action spot, and then cancel the target command once I feel I have a decent idea where the action spot is located. This only works if you have LoS to the action spot you're wondering about though. It doesn't work at all for unarmed units. This is so unfun I've had to invent vocabulary to describe how much I dislike it.
  6. Slappy, I don't understand your point about fairness and parity. It doesn't seem to fit into this thread, how does your point relate to infantry control and behavior?
  7. I've got news for you snowflake, RTFM is swearing as well.
  8. Ah yes, RTFM. Read the ****ing manual. Read the ****ing manual full of inaccurate prose and pictures. Read the ****ing manual that doesn't explain exactly why when an enemy surrenders the victor doesn't receive full credit for terrain objectives. Yes, read the ****ing manual is so insightful, keep posting that lovely advice.
  9. I don't mean to dilute the thread, but you can reduce the lethality of RPG7 by choosing low quality equipment in the unit purchase list.
  10. Also, in addition to ground dust, unit voices, engine noise, and exhaust giving away enemy positions: the camera shakes within 20-30m of a heavy vehicle. If you can't spot any of the other dead give aways, lower the camera near the ground and when the unspotted enemy unit comes close that camera will begin to shake.
  11. This is correct. T-HEAT means tandem high-explosive anti-tank.
  12. BMP2s are definitely still firing HE rounds at Strykers in v1.03. I've played Jisrash Shughar 4 times are the Syrians and it takes 30-45 seconds of HE fire to kill a Stryker.
  13. Mark, Seriously, read my post and ask yourself if anything you wrote has any bearing on the problem I'm reporting. I don't mean this to sound harsh, I really don't. I know you're trying to help. Every single time I identify an issue I have to fend off people who think I'm some lightweight newbie crying about how my Javelins aren't firing because I didn't grab the CLU as well. I've finished the campaign 4 times. I've finished 50+ PBEM games. I've played this game a bit. Each time I post an issue I feel like I've made a big mistake even trying to contribute. It just takes too much energy to provide full credentials each time you find something, because as soon as you fail to issue 101 disclaimers with your post you're going to get flooded with RTFM, or "use forum search", or you feel compelled to steer your own thread back onto track after someone posts advice that has nothing to do with the reported issue. Also, as a side issue, the problem with corrupted email files is 100% due to bad MIME encoding by the email client. It's not really BFC's problem or fault, but they could probably improve the PBEM format and this would completely go away. Occasionally the game generates a PBEM file that has enough similarities to a text file that email programs wrongly guess it's text and do not properly encode the binary file for sending via SMTP. I understand the specific cause of the corrupted email issue very well. ...but, this is not the issue I'm reporting. I am having a specific issue when I save during an orders phase of my turn and restore the savegame later. When this is done, the game often generates a PBEM file that is unplayable by my opponent. I don't know exactly how frequently this happens, but in my personal experience both times I've tried saving my orders and coming back to them later, my PBEM game has broken and I have to back up a turn to move on.
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