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DT 1on1 tournament


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Since the server(s) aren´t exactly overpopulated ;) , how about a 1on1 tournament? I suggest 8 players, so we would start with randomly assigned quarter finals.

The players decide when and which map they want to play. I would suggest mandatory short AARs by every player.

I would suggest 2 games per round on the same map played from water/blood, if both win one game, the decision is by points.

whadaya think?

and most importantly, who wants to play?

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I really like this idea, jby, but I think that we might want to do more people and have a group consensus on a map that all people play on. Either that or we decide on a different map for quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, etc. The reason I suggested more players is the "inevitable goonrush" mentioned in one of the more recent threads. I'm sure lots of people would like to try their hands at it. By the way, I'll give it a shot, though any of you bot wranglers will slay me in a second, as will anyone who puts up more than 2 anti-Viper defenses. I'll also need to wait until I get a two-button mouse for my Linux box, so I'll be a while in coming.

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Originally posted by Phonan:... but I think that we might want to do more people and have a group consensus on a map that all people play on.

8 players is not set in stone of course. But the next step would be 16 players IF we have the tournament in the KO manner as I suggested.

I´m all for map consensus. To start the discussion:

Quarter Finals: Dead Gulch Objective

Semi Finals: House to House

Battle for 3rd place: Black Canyon

Final: Raid Objective

Current Roster: jby, Phonan, Claytonius Rex

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I don´t think there would need to be a strict completion time table. Other than maybe by the end of 2007 or so. :D

Course it would be cool if Clay could rig Delta Pavonis to only play a single map on certain days... might simplify matters. When is the Labor Day weekend exactly?

It usually takes me 2 months to organize a dinner party for 5 of my ex colleagues from university (and they don´t have kids!!!), so I for one am patient smile.gif

So Chilibird, are you game? There must be a place where you can play on high bandwidth for an hour in the next two months ;)

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yeah that was really tooth and nail, very good games, every one really really close, but raid was decided by a whisker. and you really got me on black canyon, took me completely by surprise. There I was feeling smug with 2000 points under my belt a few minutes before the end...

Current Roster:

jby, Phonan, Claytonius Rex, rua´anith

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I'm all for a one-on-one Viper match, but how exactly would that work? Do you maneuver until you grab the opponent with your cable? That would take a ton of skill. Time to get back into Viper shape, as I'm really truly rusty.

[ August 08, 2007, 06:50 PM: Message edited by: Phonan ]

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And, though I apologize for the double post, Chaos6 and I had a great one-on-one a few days ago. I was supposed to be playing StellarRat, but we apparently got on at differing times, so Chaos and I had the whole 2 games to ourselves. On Twin Peaks, our fight was truly intense, with waves of bots and turrets and madcap blasting. If all our games are like this, we should definitely get as many people as possible for the tournament.

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goodie, everybody agree on the maps so far?

I suggest using this to randomize the initial round:


Current Roster:

jby, Phonan, Claytonius Rex, rua´anith, Redcon-5, ThePhantom

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[ August 09, 2007, 12:45 AM: Message edited by: __Yossarian0815[jby] ]

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JBY was dropping hints to me in another thread. Much as I'd love to compete, I have very little time to play at the moment, due in no small part to house renovations.

Now, if you can cope with me being a little laggardly or difficult to schedule, then that's fine. I don't want to hold up the tournament but if it is straight knock out, maybe it won't be too bad.

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OK, so here we go:

Everybody got a No.:

1 jby

2 Phonan

3 Claytonius Rex

4 rua´anith

5 Redcon-5

6 ThePhantom

7 Imperial Grunt

8 Nexus

Research Randomizer Results

Set #1:

4, 5, 8, 6, 3, 2, 1, 7


Quarter finals:

1) rua´anith vs. Redcon-5

2) Nexus vs. ThePhantom

3) Claytonius Rex vs. Phonan

4) jby vs. Imperial Grunt

semi finals: the winner of 1 vs. the winner of 2 and

the winner of 3 vs. the winner of 4

The map is Dead Gulch objective, no mod

Since we have no direct control over DP, we´ll just have to vote through the maps until we get there.

You play once as blood, once as water.

If both players win one each, points decide (write down your score, preferably make a screenshot of the final screen..especially cool because we could do all sorts of funny statistics...ammo waster champion, most killed player etc. smile.gif )points of both matches are added, more points wins

Please post when you are going play, so that other players will stay away from delta pavonis for the duration of the match.

V1.3.1 is out! Check if there are any unexpected problems before you have your match!

Please write a short AAR of every match. sort of: this was my plan...and this is the disaster that ensued :D

When to play: when both players have time, ASAP (the next 2 weeks or so)

If there are no objections we can start tomorrow!

[ August 14, 2007, 01:10 AM: Message edited by: __Yossarian0815[jby] ]

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Ah, jby, you fiend! Why did you pit me against the fearsome Claytonius? The wreckage of my Vipers will be scattered across the field of battle! The anguish! The anguish!

Sorry, I know it was random. Time to get about 10X better in the next 2 days...

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Didn't know CZ wasn't running - check - had a Zombie smile.gif

Ok, for the tournament CZ is running Base and Dead Gulch Objective only.

This is the startup line. If the organisation would send me the designated deployment and game time I'll change that.

SpaceVikings -enterlobby false -hostmode server -numbots0 5 -numbots1 5 -maxclients 12 -deploymenttime 300 -dynamicbots true -uselos true -collisiondamage true -AITeam0Skill 30 -AITeam1Skill 30 -gamelength 35 -lobbyname "Creature Zoo" -mod Base -parachute false

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