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  1. Agreed that taking out a halftrack full of troops is satisfying! But if you're careful, you can take out panzers, too. Bazooka teams will fire from within buildings. They need enough time to acquire the target and take a shot. So, for example, if they have limited LOS to a small break in hedgerows, and a panzer rolls past that break, they will posture and aim at it, but it might roll back out of LOS before they have time to finish lining up and take the shot. They will not attempt to fire through thick obstructions like bocage, since the chance of success is nearly zero (but not quite).
  2. A black line means you have no line of sight. In the 1.2 release that you have right now, there were some instances where you would get "No LOS" when it wasn't true. That has been fixed for 1.3, which will be available shortly.
  3. If you have no LOS during the orders phase, you have to move to a position that does have LOS and then issue your target order in the next orders phase. The unit won't automatically keep order and acquire the target point once he has attained LOS on his own.
  4. It is currently meandering through the byzantine halls of Apple waiting for approval.
  5. The only "cheating" that the AI does is having more units at its disposal. As for accuracy, ballistics, morale, et. Al - it is playing by exactly the same rules as a human. The best way to get the AT guns on Uncle Red is usually to get your Sherman hull down against them (one good spot for this is the the lip of the ridge near the beginning of the dirt road, depending on where the guns are deployed). Your turret alone is a small enough target that your coax MG and main gun's HE will very probably take out the gun or crew before it scores a hit on you. Of course if any guns are deployed c
  6. This was a bug in 1.0. It was fixed in 1.1, so you should already see the fix in your updated version. Adjustment of a fire mission in progress is still not available yet, though. Moving the target point will result in a new fire mission.
  7. No, and I haven't had a chance to try that one yet, either. There have been so many silly "drive my tank around" mobile games that I just unfairly ignored this one when I first noticed it.
  8. Our min spec is not 1GB of RAM, it's 512MB, because we support the iPad2. Out of that, only a fraction is available to any one running app. Furthermore, a big chunk of it used by video, VBO's, textures, and shaders (video memory is not separate from general purpose RAM). So memory is an extremely scarce and difficult-to-manage resource in this environment. There is no concept of virtual memory here, in the sense of paging to disk. This, and the amount of time a player is willing to wait for turn computation, are the main limiting factors in the simulation. (These are related to, but not com
  9. Yeah, I know, but in my myopia every screen full of pixels is an OpenGL context upon which a 3D wargame should be rendered.
  10. Thanks for the kind words! I'm not sure what you mean by 'internal', but if your question is whether or not all weapons are modelled differently and accurately, the answer is emphatically, absolutely, Heck Yes! We take ballistics, penetration, and effects very seriously. This includes the weapon firing, the range travelled by the projectile, the place on the target that was hit, etc. The game definitely understands the difference between the early Sherman's crappy 75mm hitting the sloped front glacis of a Panther vs. hitting that same Panther's turret front, or vs. other weapon types hittin
  11. This is in already. Just tap any unit during playback and the lock view button will appear at the top of the screen. You can select units after the AAR and view their info (even enemy units). Are you looking for something else than that? And thanks all for the suggestions!
  12. Yes, there are. One unfortunate reality of iOS, even as of 5.1, is that you occasionally have to reset the device to clear its memory. You will run into this with many other big games, too. Hold down the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously until you see a red slider, then swipe the slider to shut the device down. Power it back up and odds are very high that your problem will be gone. Either way, make sure you connect to WiFi sometime soon so that we can see your crashlog and address it if there's some problem other than iOS not releasing memory.
  13. 1. No, you can't pause, but you can rewind as much as you like (so if you need to grab a beer, just let it play to the end and then rewind when you get back). 2. Don't sweat the spam. The app ought to be smart enough not to send empty feedback messages to us. Unfortunately, it's not, and we have a huge pile of empty feedbacks already. ;-) But there's no harm done; they are easy for us to filter out.
  14. They would make more sense being separate, IMHO.
  15. Upcoming 1.1 Update We are planning to release the 1.1 update in 2 to 3 weeks. The exact timing is a little fluid because it's based not only on what's already planned but also on feedback from you guys (if anything else critical comes up then it may also go into 1.1.) Multiplayer Currently, when you play online, your force is randomly selected and the scenario to play is randomly selected. In 1.1, you will be able to decide whether to play American or German and which scenario you want to play. But you will still have the option of either or both being random (called "Any"), too. Wh
  16. Wow that is a great set of screenshots that you posted. Tells a story!
  17. Amen to that, Redwolf. I wish they had just done the beefing up of the GPU and left the screen alone. But we play the cards we're dealt. Kindle Fire is a woefully underpowered device, but we're looking into it anyway. There's a lot we can do with dynamically lowering the quality of the game's rendering based on where it's running. Some of our problems there apply to the rest of this discussion generally: the limiting factors for a game like this one on all of the mobiles are usually RAM, Fill Rate, and OpenGL implementation quality. The main problem on the iPad1 was RAM. The ongoing prob
  18. Oh, and, I just had to say "Pffft...." to that one.
  19. This is actually a really encouraging (and thankfully specific - thanks Harv!) short list to work with. It's a little hard for me to relate to these issues being what's holding you back from having fun, but I'm glad they are because they're darned easy to address. Feedback during the playback phase This is deliberately minimalist so that you feel more immersed in the actual action during this phase. Hard to believe, I know, but many players actually like to just watch and enjoy the action from many different angles without being a scientist during the playback phase. But if you want more,
  20. I'll be posting shortly about what to expect in the upcoming 1.1 release, which is not far away at all. I'll elaborate more in that post, but the short answer to your save issue is: Correct! Explicit saves are not yet in this 1.0 release. When you send the app to the background and do something else, your game will still be there where you left it unless it gets jettisoned from memory. Without getting geeky, that means if you just leave the app to respond to a notification or check a quick email, or if you just put the tablet to sleep and have dinner, then your game will still be there when
  21. It already runs on Android, so no need to necessarily wait that long. What we are waiting for, though, is enough business justification to thoroughly regression test and do any remaining polishing for Android - which usually boils down to workarounds for specific device types with quirks. For example, all we know right now is that it runs great on Android devices with Tegra2 and 3 chipsets. Letting us know that you're interested helps to make that case, so thanks for letting us know. Letting us know which specific Android devices you have in mind helps, too.
  22. But remember this link is only for those Down Under. You can buy it when it's April 2 for your region's app store.
  23. The App Store doesn't offer a "testicle" payment option so we went with $4.99 instead. I think they avoid it due to logistics/shipping issues.
  24. The DropTeam wiki is located here. Many thanks to Poesel for creating and maintaining it.
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