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  1. I'll be damned! y'all are still playing? Geez, I haven't had time to play in ages. I've got me a new computer now, so who knows. I'll have to email clay or something to get my old download back, since I don't have the key anymore. (Or is there a better way of going about it?) How often are y'all playing anymore?
  2. *holds up his "Go Jung" banner* Represent Rbentus in all it's glory!
  3. Well, I think, before aircraft will see any real effective battlefield use, there needs to be a way to counterbalance against AA. (Given things like the Bacchaus, and the large amount of AA turrets) Even up to the last minutes of a map, it is VERY dangerous and hard to fly an areial vehicle anywhere without being shot down by a turret or AA gun.
  4. Chilibird

    I'm back

    Well, I gotta say that, for drunk, the sticky tanks were an impressive feat
  5. Chilibird

    I'm back

    JUNG! Figures, you come back right after I go to college and can't sign on for a while
  6. It's a matter of 'unwrapping' the model, and then exporting the resulting UV map. Not an increibly difficult process in theory, but it can be a pain in practice. basically, you select the lines that you want to use as your 'seams' (Aka- where 2 faces will split). Once you think you have enough seams to avoid a jumbled mess, you can press U (I think) and go to 'unwrap'. The resulting texture outline will appear in the UV panel in blender. You can then go to 'export' (or something like that. It seems to keep changing) and export the outline for editing in a photo editor. To apply the textu
  7. I'd love to give a comment, but all I see is an ad for DigitalArt.org
  8. Good idea, Rua! I'm wondering if that'll still work for the Ion weapon, but I'll give it a shot!
  9. Ya free tonight (Aug 10th) or tomorrow (Aug 11th) at all? I move in on Sunday, so DT is out for me after that for a while. I'd be more than happy to catapult you over a mountain or two before that, though I'll be checking this thread fairly often for your answer -Chili
  10. I actually began work on a MASSIVE ion beam. (I set it to like... 200 mm diameter. It's big.). Has an interesting effect, and if you zoom the camera out, has a very noticable presence when fired, and it's quite easy to figure out where it came from, if you survive it. It will (once done testing) have a recharge time of ~45 seconds, given how much power is involved (And, of course, for balance reasons ). At the moment, it's mounted on a Thor IC chassis/turret (As I wanted this to be slow, not quick like most beam weapons, going to reduce armor, though), but I'd like to do something a l
  11. It took me maybe 2 weeks to learn, and I (think) I was the first user to 'effectively' use it in combat. Not to.. er.. brag or anything. Of course, to be honest, I'm pretty sure I've been passed up by now
  12. Damn. Unless this is gonna be over the US Labor Day weekend, I'll be off at college, and ResLife (I think) has this nasty bit in their agreement about games/bandwidth usage. I may have to check that one again, though >: )
  13. I know a lot of people (myself included) have had problems with Sea Cliffs before. I've never crashed, but it plays VERY slowly for me. But yes, I believe it's because it's one of the larger maps for DT, and so it's more video-memory intensive. Awesome map, just very processor intensive
  14. I think Posel may have a point there. By the way, what music was that you had playing? Got that for upload as an ogg file for in-game music?
  15. Hey all! Have we figured out where the EMP effects are? I had an idea for a new weapon. An EMP gun. Could either be a projectile, or an Ion weapon. (Ion seems to make more sense, though) When hit, instead of causing damage, it causes the affected internal systems to short out for a time, ala EMP. Can't do any damage, but can stop a vehicle long enough to bring up one that can. Could add a new element to CTF games. Any thoughts? -Kevin
  16. heh heh. If I recall, we (the upstarts) challenged the Devs to a match wayy back when. I also recall giving them a spanking they wouldn't forget > I'm in for that!
  17. I think the 1.0 defines how close it is to it's 'top end' If you notice, you'll see the throttle peak at 1.0 at the same time that your vehicle hits its maximum speed. (or close to) I personally think it's good, because, especially with a multi-ton steel beast, you aren't nessicarly gonna be able to jump off the get-go like you can in your car.
  18. Nice to see the *gasp* Something Aweful guys here. Chilibird at your service. (Iceman in-game, but I've gotta remember to bother Clay about that) I've been around for a bit, but not been as active recently. Looking forward to meeting you guys on the battlefield!
  19. I have, (I've beaten the campeign) but that was a good long while ago, so I don't remember exactly what I did. When it gets a too hot to be outside today, I'll fire up DT again, and check it out.
  20. Try running the updater. I think it updates once to get the new files, and once again when you launch the game the first time after an update to get the 'full' version of the game.
  21. Something new with the controls? I've been offline for about 2 weeks for this move, but I'm finally online again. Can someone bring me up to speed on these last two weeks, I guess?
  22. But for game balance, in that respect, you could easilly drop infantry right over an AA tower, and then press B to drop straight onto it, not worrying about the AA targeting the drop pod. I guess that'd be a matter of how long it'd take the tower to aquire and fire at the pod.
  23. I'm off to my graduation tonight, so I won't be there Priorities... I know, I know
  24. I'm pretty sure that, at 18, I was voted the young'n. But I don't have an xbox or any of that, so DT is where I am, and where I shall stay Besides, don't ya prefer me here?
  25. I apologize for missing this one. I've just been busy as all hell. I graduate High School in a week (Friday, June 8th) so I've been all sorts of busy
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