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  1. Wednesdays are not going to be happening for me for at least a month now. Its around 1400 here so I am stuck doing things that I enjoy more than this (sailing, sorry guys good game but.....). So wednesdays are not my time. Sundays I will try to make.
  2. I knew I was on time I was just early and was thinking: why isn't anybody on? I was having some lag issues today so wasn't playing much during the last ctf game.
  3. my bad thought of wrong time. thought it was supposed to be at 1300 local which is GMT -10.
  4. i can be on soon just have to eat and wake up some. I'll check every now and then.
  5. i'm gonna be on right now which is 1410 EST
  6. i'm waiting for you jby. lets test my diminish bot wrangling skill
  7. I'd be in but all my sundays are occupied until may/june '08 so i would be on when this would happen.
  8. rua'anith


    Well seems like they worked out the replay feature :eek: . Just got the update now so i haven't looked at the game to much. Also putting out the word!
  9. Yes that was awesome. I got a kill from 7400ish meters on Phonan! I pulled off being sneaky on STONEWALL while he was in those moutains. Caught him from behind with 1 120 AP round.
  10. Nexus these are the maps for the tournement
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