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  1. Sorry, Kim. I'll check this thread more often- no guarantees that i'll be able to play but hopefully i'll catch a game or two. Maybe people could sometimes post a day in advance? I certainly check here at least once a day...
  2. Well, hopefully you've tried running runClient.sh and if that doesn't work you should get some sort of message that will help. Regardless, there's a couple main problems I've seen. First, make it executable if it's not already. (running chmod +x /home/yourusername/DropTeam/runClient.sh or whatever path to where you installed DT should work.) If the file still doesn't run, then you should open runClient.sh in a text editor, and change the second line to say "cd /home/yourusername/DropTeam/bin or, once again, the path to the "bin" folder in your dropteam install. I'm not so sure about
  3. Well, it's not *impossible* to get DT working on 64-bit ubuntu- I was doing pretty well with 64 bit back in 7.10, but later on it got shaky. I did a custom install 32 bit later on for more support, but I'll try installing DT on 64-bit and tell you how it goes if it'd help, it'd be fun to try.
  4. I don't have the map editor (it's windows-only and many users are on Linux/Mac,) but you CAN make maps "by hand." In a nutshell, you make a black-and-white .png image as a heightmap for the terrain, then get a .png terrain image to layer over it, then make an rgb .png with red, green, and blue representing different detail textures for close up. Then you make a .scenario file tying them all together, and adding objects like trees, rocks, water, etc. It's complicated but very fun. There's a great guide around here... http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=78165 As to your next
  5. Yes, it sounds like you might have 64-bit? Be warned that Dropteam is not always, ahem, perfectly stable on a Linux install. Lately it's been okay for me though.
  6. Hello all. I also haven't been able to make the Sunday or Wednesday games for a while, and I have to say I feel guilty because I ducked out before a lot of you did. I would love to get back playing, and I honestly think I could pull off Sundays again, but so far only 5 people (not counting me) have posted here. I started skipping games when we started getting to only 4 people a round or so; it just didn't get interesting enough without many humans. (Also, I lost some spirit after my ill-fated attempt to install DT on Linux.) If enough people post here and think they can keep playing, I will de
  7. I'll try to make it this time, I really will. But it won't work, like usual, so.....
  8. Hey Jalinth, long time no see! I hope you can come and join too. Unfortunately, no news in the last year from the programmers. They are, though, apparently working on the sequel or some such...?
  9. gah! I won't be able to play now. I will post a message later if I can play then.
  10. Thank you, 152! I have to say, I was really doubtful, but after installing the 64-bit most recent linux driver, messing like crazy with the Ubuntu packages and finally removing the correct files, I am now good to go with DT on this computer. Thanks a ton 152 for the suggestion, I've been missing DT on here for so long! And I'm going to try to make it. Check the forums before you get on- I'll post if I can't be there. Finally, to Marneus, this means I can finally test your mod! I'm really happy, if you couldn't tell. Thanks again 152!
  11. Thanks- good idea. I will try the Linux drivers, hopefully in time for today's game.
  12. Uh oh. I took out the card, dusted out the inside of my case, and guess what? No cahnge. I guess it's a driver problem somewhere?
  13. Looks too late now, lets try again later.
  14. Dangit, and I agree. Where is my ogre? That mode was going to be awesome.... And Marneus, If you're reading, I am about to resolve my zebra problems, and then I can check the mods you sent.
  15. Turns out I may be a bit busy tomorrow morning. 11:00 EST or even 12 probably won't work. I assume you can't play later?
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