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  1. Sorry, Kim. I'll check this thread more often- no guarantees that i'll be able to play but hopefully i'll catch a game or two. Maybe people could sometimes post a day in advance? I certainly check here at least once a day...
  2. Well, hopefully you've tried running runClient.sh and if that doesn't work you should get some sort of message that will help. Regardless, there's a couple main problems I've seen. First, make it executable if it's not already. (running chmod +x /home/yourusername/DropTeam/runClient.sh or whatever path to where you installed DT should work.) If the file still doesn't run, then you should open runClient.sh in a text editor, and change the second line to say "cd /home/yourusername/DropTeam/bin or, once again, the path to the "bin" folder in your dropteam install. I'm not so sure about this last step on SUSE, but you can try switching what it says at the top in the first line to #! /bin/bash Good luck!
  3. Well, it's not *impossible* to get DT working on 64-bit ubuntu- I was doing pretty well with 64 bit back in 7.10, but later on it got shaky. I did a custom install 32 bit later on for more support, but I'll try installing DT on 64-bit and tell you how it goes if it'd help, it'd be fun to try.
  4. I don't have the map editor (it's windows-only and many users are on Linux/Mac,) but you CAN make maps "by hand." In a nutshell, you make a black-and-white .png image as a heightmap for the terrain, then get a .png terrain image to layer over it, then make an rgb .png with red, green, and blue representing different detail textures for close up. Then you make a .scenario file tying them all together, and adding objects like trees, rocks, water, etc. It's complicated but very fun. There's a great guide around here... http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=78165 As to your next 3 questions, 152's basically got it nailed. About dropping "anywhere"- You can, technically drop a unit in any location on the map. The problem is that AA is long-range, easy to deploy, and brutal. It's almost never a good idea to drop in an area covered by AA. This makes it possible, using units like the Bacchus or AA towers, to make large swathes of the map "undeployable." This does limit where you can drop, and becomes an integral part of the game. If you take out AA, it's easy to advance quickly by dropping. Hope this helps, and if you start going online with the full version soon, let us know!
  5. Yes, it sounds like you might have 64-bit? Be warned that Dropteam is not always, ahem, perfectly stable on a Linux install. Lately it's been okay for me though.
  6. Hello all. I also haven't been able to make the Sunday or Wednesday games for a while, and I have to say I feel guilty because I ducked out before a lot of you did. I would love to get back playing, and I honestly think I could pull off Sundays again, but so far only 5 people (not counting me) have posted here. I started skipping games when we started getting to only 4 people a round or so; it just didn't get interesting enough without many humans. (Also, I lost some spirit after my ill-fated attempt to install DT on Linux.) If enough people post here and think they can keep playing, I will definitely join in, and I'll be checking the forums or even watching for people online on Sundays. Unfortunately, unless we can muster more than 6 players at most, I think that as much as I hate to say it I will have to also give DropTeam an honorable retirement and look forward to seeing you all when DT2 lands. Phonan
  7. I'll try to make it this time, I really will. But it won't work, like usual, so.....
  8. Hey Jalinth, long time no see! I hope you can come and join too. Unfortunately, no news in the last year from the programmers. They are, though, apparently working on the sequel or some such...?
  9. gah! I won't be able to play now. I will post a message later if I can play then.
  10. Thank you, 152! I have to say, I was really doubtful, but after installing the 64-bit most recent linux driver, messing like crazy with the Ubuntu packages and finally removing the correct files, I am now good to go with DT on this computer. Thanks a ton 152 for the suggestion, I've been missing DT on here for so long! And I'm going to try to make it. Check the forums before you get on- I'll post if I can't be there. Finally, to Marneus, this means I can finally test your mod! I'm really happy, if you couldn't tell. Thanks again 152!
  11. Thanks- good idea. I will try the Linux drivers, hopefully in time for today's game.
  12. Uh oh. I took out the card, dusted out the inside of my case, and guess what? No cahnge. I guess it's a driver problem somewhere?
  13. Looks too late now, lets try again later.
  14. Dangit, and I agree. Where is my ogre? That mode was going to be awesome.... And Marneus, If you're reading, I am about to resolve my zebra problems, and then I can check the mods you sent.
  15. Turns out I may be a bit busy tomorrow morning. 11:00 EST or even 12 probably won't work. I assume you can't play later?
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