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  1. It depends what you mean by fancy... Have you tried the software I wrote to create roads for DropTeam? The tutorial is at DropTeam WIki - making roads and the source code is over at Flow motion source code. I can provide 32 and 64 bit binaries for Linux easily. Windows would be easy enough for someone proficient with a compiler - the sources should be fairly trivially portable. Cheers, Toby Haynes P.S. I am slowly regaining some free time now my son is a little older
  2. I wonder if DTs import is faulty - I get the same issue (inverted normals) when I export OBJs from Blender for use in DropTeam. I usually flip the normals just before export to get the right effect.
  3. Congrats IG! I'm sitting at the keyboard typing one handed with my 4 week-old son on my left arm so I empathize with you! Give it time and windows will open in your schedule again, In the mean time, my Blender skills are being polished when I get a smidge of time. Expect some new models soonish.
  4. While I remember, budding Blenderites should take a look at the four (so far) video tutorials on Blender Underground. These explain, at a manageable pace, many of the core features of Blender. http://blenderunderground.com/learning-blender-3d/
  5. Poesel71 - upgrade to blender 2.45. 2.44 had tons of plugins missing, including the .cob import/export scripts. I've used Blender for all my models. If I can sort them all out, I might release a tarball of the blend files so that other people can have a hack at them. I still have that incomplete Icarus gunship to reveal, amongst other files. I will reappear on the forums a little more in the coming weeks - we've survived the first few days and things are settling down. I may do a bit more modding work though - it's easier to leave Blender in a hurry if I hear crying than it is to go afk
  6. Hi folks - just a quick word. I think, given the demands of the new arrival, that it would be better for the tournament if I bowed out at this point and let ThePhantom go through in my place against Redcon. I'll be online sporadically (when not sleeping, watching baby, panicking, etc...) but I really can't commit to a 1.5 hour match at a specific time right now So good luck to ThePhantom in his battle.
  7. I'm around, sporadically. I've just become a Dad, so time, sleep and other such matters are going to be erratic Do people want the 1-on-1 matches recorded for posterity (or laughter if I pull another tank flipping special )? If so, how do I do the recording stuff? I seem to have missed out how this actually works...
  8. Redcon - drop me an email to tjwhaynes at gmail dot com and we can work out when we wish to get cuttering...
  9. You might consider having creating various mods for experiment. Then you could have mod-of-the-week on Creature Zoo and we can comment on each variant. For example: David vs Goliath mod Blood has Thors and a few Apollos, Water has an even balance of Paladins and Apollos Light entertainment mod: Flying vehicles, paladins, shrikes and infantry Death from above mod: No Thors at all. Fit out both sides with more Mortar units, flying units and maybe extra EWV.
  10. Ah - that would be my tinfoil hat working again
  11. Actually, I think that the unseen scoring vehicle trick (or the Troll Bridge technique as I like to call it) is completely valid. Partly because you have to protect all approaches to the objective and partly because the score is a good indicator that there is something out there in scoring range. Just because one side can't see it is no excuse It goes without saying that I usually put mines and turrets under the bridge on this level Which reminds me - are we going to switch map for the next round of the 1v1 tournament? We've all shown some of our strategies for Gulch - how about we swit
  12. The more I play this game, the more depth there is in the strategies available. In some respects, it's like rock, paper, scissors. EWV trumps ATGM. Thors crush anything non-Thor. Apollos can crack Thors. ICs can annoy the hell out of anything and can weaken even the strongest tanks to being vulnerable to lesser tanks. Paladins can get into areas fast and gain points. ATGM can knock out heavy tanks from vast distances. Mortar can crush any weaker units and most buildings. EWV trumps Mortar. Mercurys are useless in general combat but can be decisive when used to turret storm or EMP defenders.
  13. ... but useful. I think the latest updates have some downforce which stabilizes the tanks. That's why the Shrike no longer flips so easily. However, it seems a little overdone - I can drive tanks up most inclines without trouble, although the cutter still does backflips climbing steep slopes.
  14. AAR for Nexus6 vs ThePhantom, as reported by Nexus6. Two tense, fabulous games where the final ten minutes of each game were nail-biting experiences. These are my recollections - hopefully ThePhantom will correct any errors. Game 1 : ThePhantom Attacking I put down a distributed defence across the map, including jammed AA turrets liberally scattered over the northern side of the map. The south side of the bridge was erratically mined, to slow the advance of ThePhantom's tanks and turrets were placed to try and catch the flanks of the advancing forces. Of course, all good plans g
  15. Toby Haynes

    I'm back

    Just remember your Viking mythology on alcohol... Every drop you spill goes into a barrel. Before you are allowed entry into Valhalla, you are up-ended into your barrel of spilt drinks and forced to drink it all. So don't spill Baileys and Bitter Lemon - that's all I'm saying. Stick to beer
  16. D'oh! The advanced button allows me to reverse the axis and tweak the sensitivity. Actually, it does work as long as the joystick is active before DT is started. One thing I did notice is that a "noisy" joystick axis (ie one that is constantly changing) makes axis selection difficult. DropTeam should probably examine each joystick axis to determine the standard deviation when stationary.
  17. I did a little experiment with my own kit. I tried out Dropteam with my racing wheel and pedals. It does work - although aiming and firing while driving is too damn tricky. Being able to accelerate immediately is an advantage, although I need a way to tweak the axis direction - accelerate reverses and brake accelerates. If I add a second joystick into the mix (the wheel/pedals register as one) I can't get the second joystick to be detected by DT.
  18. Too much time spent watching the updates on http://www.happypenguin.org/
  19. Phonan - I bet your base shell has changed from "bash" to "dash". Dash is a faster shell than bash which is used for booting the system more quickly - but it doesn't support all the bash-isms. Changing the first line of your runClient.sh script to </font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">#! /bin/bash</pre>
  20. ThePhantom vs Nexus6 looks to be set for 6pm EDT Saturday (4pm Colorado time). A report on the ensuing destruction will follow ...
  21. Bot wrangling is a critical skill in 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 battles - if you don't organise the bots, they will either waste the heavy tanks, get all your dropships killed or otherwise ruin your master plans. Hull-down and Advance are the most useful commands for trying to take a position. Move is critical for placing bots in certain areas (think SAM and EWV units). The others - well play with them and see how things work out.
  22. That was a beautiful piece of placement. I had my celebratory beer ready to toast Phonan's run in to the flag and end up crying into my pint. The "turret storm" is a great way to seize an objective. Used at the right time it can be devastating. In this case, it was my only remaining tactic with all the Dropships destroyed. Had you had one surviving EWV or Galaxy on hand, it wouldn't have been an option. Thankfully for me, there wasn't one present before the first AA turret hit the ground
  23. ThePhantom can contact me at tjwhaynes at gmail.com (which you could probably have guessed from my webpage ) and we can sort out a time.
  24. JBY was dropping hints to me in another thread. Much as I'd love to compete, I have very little time to play at the moment, due in no small part to house renovations. Now, if you can cope with me being a little laggardly or difficult to schedule, then that's fine. I don't want to hold up the tournament but if it is straight knock out, maybe it won't be too bad.
  25. JBY - you should check out some of the Freespace 2 total conversions if you feel the need to blow up other craft in space. For example, if you like the new Battlestar Galactica series, you could do worse than http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/ . Or alternatively, you could try the Vegastrike-based Wing Command - Privateer Gemini Gold over at http://priv.solsector.net/
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