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  1. me too. Is this the end?
  2. I have tried every way I could think of to put a Turret (which is the only vehicle auto-targeting weapon) on the Dragonfly and still have it fly. The code will just not allow it. It is probably the same bug that will not allow two turrets on a vehicle. And speaking of multiple turrets, where is the BOLO (Orge) we were promised??
  3. Things that can not be done: Limit the range on a weapon to a set distance. Even the lowly 10mmAp rifle can fire out to 6000m, u wont kill anything or likely even hit but it can still reach that far. Any rocket/missle launcher will fly to the end of the map or crash at your feet. Infantry can enter buldings. If the unit is a infantry type it will enter buldings. This is not a modable feature. I am not sure about mines. That code is not accessable. Those things being said all the other features are can-do and have done.
  4. Redcon-5

    Veterans Day

    Though I think its only a North Amercian Holliday. Thanks to all you veterans out there, no matter where you are from, and I for one will raise a glass to those who can't. Cheers and thanks.
  5. Sorry 'bout that. Try again soon. Don't belame you, I am beat myself, early night for me. Seems I work more on the weekends that durring the week
  6. Got a birthday party late afternoon but I should be back by then.
  7. Hey Jung what your calendar look like this weekend?
  8. gameSpace light is free from Caligari. It is limited what it can do. But it will import .obj
  9. No problem. I didnt get free myself to even read the posts till 12:30 EST. Alls good we'll hit it when we can.
  10. Redcon-5


    Ok so whats this one all about?
  11. Thor KC-L-T is how it is in the game. But your right it does need a name. And thank you working on that. FYI the blade is a modified cutter blade some it won't be perfect. I know I just had to make things difficult.
  12. SRM? rifle, launcher, or both? It will be a day or two before I can get to it, sorry, real life and all.
  13. Well the first Semi-final match is over, and the winner is RedCon. The games were split one-to-one. Game one Redcon 2084; ThePhantom 548 Thinking that the South West corner was the key to this map I planed to take it early and dig-in. Pulling all of my units to dropships except one cutter. However ThePhantom beat me to the punch and had his forces deployed at the South West complex waiting for me. Here I changed on the fly and made up the rest as I went along. I shifted focus to the North East Corner and secured it quickly, thus gained the points advantage. By leaving a Cutter in
  14. Thank you, for the compliment and the offer. Your quite right the turrets are not attached. That is were I want the turrets to go and how I want them to move but I have not figured out what the mount should look like. Any ideas? Also if you look closly the front ion gun is hovering too, I'm thinking of moving it to under the nose.
  15. The Thor T KC-L is done. it is just a thor chassis with a modded cutter plow on it. Also the ATGM squad launchers. And if you get really bored the sniper rifle and RTO radio pack could use some dressing up. Well you asked Bunkers,huh? I haven't done a bulding yet. Maybe just use barracks bulding as starting point. Put those down on the map where you want them then switch out the models later?
  16. I'm in. Tell me what you need (other then skins for the DragonFly, I'm am engineer not an artist. I would suggest the heavy team for the defenders and maybe even making a 8 or 10 troop rifle squad for them.
  17. Hey Phantom how about tonight? I'm PST so any time after 8 will work.
  18. Late Friday or early Sat are my best times.
  19. Hey poesel, Could you set up CZ for house to house saturday night. Nexus and I will fight then.
  20. Some maps are quite small I agree,but others such as "The Mesa", "The Dam", and "Volcano Peaks" offer lots of manuver space. With one note: you must fly NOE to live.
  21. nope, because I 've been away for the past week And with a three day weekend I'll be out of town till monday. maybe then.
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