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Finished my first game ...

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Played axis vs AI.

Axis assraped everything in its path no problemo - combo of military/political actions - allies were taking damage all over the map. Insane techs, only tigers and me 262, super axis navy - a huge mixture of italian ships, spanish ships, german ships took control of the North Atlantic.

Spain, Romania, Turkey were convinced to join via diplo, the rest of them piss poor minors were shown the benefits of civilization with the help of panzers and LFs.

Russian campaign was a drag - bad weather slowed down axis' advance a lot. Partisans pop up everywhere, axis need every goddamn city garrisoned + mountains/swamps.

Yugoslav partisans recaptured the Beograd 2 times tongue.gif But Franco+tank+AF and some corps gained stars there.

USSR joined before I could dow them - i could care less - german HQ +tanks army LF was wreaking havoc in mid east eventually attacking russia from Iran/Iraq; Barbarossa was rather weak (not in the spirit of SC1). I invested a lot in diplo chits and research that's why my army strength was not so high.

Interesting stuff with the delayed production - a carrier takes like 1 1/2 years to complete smile.gif

You can't just flood the map with cheap ass corps - you need to think a little bit here...

A nice touch ref. diplo - Italy has 5 influence chits as well !!! Diplo is very, very powerful - difficult ofr UK to counter effectively 2 enemy nations in this field.

Anyone game? icq 161578956 hellraiser

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Yeah, it's not surprising to see an experienced SC1 player beat the snot out of the AI, especially if not on "hardest" setting.

The AI in SC2 has several magnitudes more of work to do than in SC1 due to all the extra options. Realizing this, and not wanting to spend the next two hours just coding AI scripts, is why they are fully editable so that players can create their own (and nothing prevents you from sharing them!) to increase the AI "skills"... smile.gif


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Wow, that post has just made me a lot less interested in the game. :(
Hey Jeff H,

I remember you from way back when,

And I remember you from Adams,

And you know what?

The AI is pretty good now, and will

Only get - stronger,

Given the active Magician at Fury,

And all of you and they, the Jury,

No, it won't take long at all.


Since you, as I, are

Experienced hitch-hiker ;)

There are MANY multitudes of methods

(... with that fabulous Editor)

To get yer SOLO game how you want it,

And I DO mean - PRECISELY so.

I have done such with my own Mod

Of '39 Campaign

(... which WILL have to change fast, as the AI itself also RAPIDLY improves)

And I have very hard time - either side,

Winning Europe,

Winning the World,

Not to mention even,

Winning Galaxy,

On "Intermediate" setting

With experience bonus ( + 0.5 ). :cool:

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Played through first game, and although Axis won the game was far more interesting and fluid than SC1.

As for the AI, I have seen areas where it can be improved and look forward to trying out the editor, scripting and playtesting my scripts this weekend.

Perhaps Battlefront will set up a Stategic Command Scripting topic?

[ April 13, 2006, 07:11 AM: Message edited by: Edwin P. ]

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"NOTE: It is 2 against one at the start, but later on it is 3 against 2 for Diplomacy."

You kidding me? Uk is piss poor, can't afford to invest much ... 3 to 2 later in the game when axis has all the minors? tongue.gif

Getting Spain is BIG - worth every penny - you got tank, AF, HQ, armies, corps, 2 cruisers - Spain is the BIGASS of SC 2 smile.gif

In MP it may change though, maybe you are right, but vs AI I am right smile.gif

Anyway I finished my second game , this time as allies. Game ended in early 43 with russian soldiers chasing women in occupied Berlin, UK gentlemen eating pizza in Rome and US cowboys spitting in the Seine...

Both games were played at normal difficulty, just to see what's the game about.

Game is interesting, lots of cool things inside but will need some tweaking for H2H.

For the punks that still are in doubt - go place your orders, the game is ok.

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As for the AI, I have seen areas where it can be improved...
Has been, and is, and will be, EP,

Not any doubt.

As Moon has already mentioned,


Of all that can, might and WILL occur

With a game of this tremendous dimension,

Makes it a truly unusual challenge.

Magician has got major Mojo, however,

So... no problemo. :cool:

...look forward to trying out the editor, scripting and playtesting my scripts this weekend.

Should be a fine sight to see,

Given yer exponential talents,

And I for one am also looking


To it, no, no going backward, now!

Perhaps Battlefront will set up a Stategic Command Scriting topic?
FWIW, I wouldn't mind seeing

A special thread for that as well,

And for some other aspects

Of Modding and hot-rodding,



That's way above my pay-grade,

So I let Hubert and, Et Al,

Configure on that. ;)

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