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  1. Good ppints all around, and most interesting tid-bit about those weather stations. Quite frankly it would have been impossible for Germany to supply any forces on Iceland in the face of Allied naval superiority. I jsut don't see any way to reflect that in Sc2. Perhaps if one could have the capital city function at Level 5 if Axis occupied and Level 10 if Allied occupied. --------------------------------------- I like your idea for Vichy France allowing Axis ships to resupply at its ports. I wonder if the USA provided a similar service to UK ships - allowsing them to be resupplied at m
  2. In my view Iceland should become independent after Denmark surrenders and offer no opposition to any invading force. If you attack Iceland before while Denmark is neutral such an action should have negative consequences for your relations with the other Nordic countries. As for its production base, it should be minimal. My best guess is that the allies will maintain a force ready to invade Iceland once the Axis attack Denmark. Then they will station an airfleet on the Isle to aid in spotting and sinking any subs that pass nearby. [ January 09, 2006, 07:18 PM: Message edited by: E
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