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  1. Question any changes regarding the way TCP/IP works? Or simply bad luck lots of crashes, lost connections on two different computers with 2 different iopponents now. 1.05 worked with thede players mostly without any problems.
  2. Still surprising that it goes back to strengh 10. Port has a value of 5 so the max strength of the unit should be 8? But to limit the supply reduce the port. Imaginge you lay siege to a town and it has an open port to ship in reinforcements and supplies . I think SC" works quite well regarding supplies and reinforcements. As it is its a big part of the war to reduce the supply and railways (WAW) to wage an effective war against your enemy
  3. The question is what is keeping track. Fast way to make sure to not forget to move units is : press "n" for next unit. Regarding what a unit does...you get a feeling quite fast qhat is the relative strengh and weakness of a unit.... What is OOB by the way
  4. Ok, last statement here. In its current state WAW Multiplayer is simply broken.
  5. Sombra


    Ah thx for the update. I am really really interessted in this game. If you ask me for the games I am looking for: - Stardocks : (Fantasy game) Master of magic game - Battlefront next SC2---SC3 projects - Empires of steel
  6. Please take a look at the download section. You can try a demo first.
  7. - Just put tire pressure monitoring in every new car. will lower the overall fuel consumption by 4-5% and decrease tire failures and related deaths as well...
  8. I think capitalism will survive. Hopefully the lesson we learn is: - You need rules in the game (economics) to have fun - cheating and no rules destroy the game faster than anything else (naked short selling + lies + insidertrading etc) - dont expect anybody to show any morale or ethic restrain : look at the recompensations bankers still recieve this year.
  9. Sombra


    Hmm why announce a game so early if afterwards nothing happens...no new entry in teh developer blog, no new news ...nothing...
  10. @Amadeus Hi, perhaps You could mod these things. From my experience: "if it isnt official it isnt played" Kind of "if you cant convince the developers aka Hubert than the idea is not worthwhile. Lately I was playing quite a lot WAW and had much fun. Nevertheless its kind of boring when the enemy or you get LR 3+ and TAC bombers simply wipe out the HQs etc behind the frontlines...
  11. OK, I suggest that you first win the no buy new unit challenge in SC1.... ou have to win wiht only the units from the beginning. Is acutally quite fun and simple if you do it right.
  12. You never played a human player....
  13. Thx for the AAR. Unfortunately it seems that the Japanese led by the AI were simply eleminated without any hard loses for the American forces. I dont know if this was historical but it looked like a 1 way battle from the description
  14. I suspect that right now SC" WAW is the most played part of the SC2 series. I strongly disagree to let WAW rest and move on. The only problem I see right now with any nerfing of some aspects of the game is that the aI is b not able to handle an invasion without TAC bombers as a superweapon. As Terif said moving the capital to Canada makes the problem worse. I still think that aircraft especially TAC Bobers are overpowered. => Therefore you cant defend GB => Capital transfer to Egypt => why defend GB at all if EGypt is much more worthwhile etc. MY personal
  15. Sorry Terif but WAW Tac Bombers , Fist of god, works as well against the AI ...You want England 2-3 turns max.... Sure I can play blind, 3 bottles of wodka to give the AI a chance . still teh problem for human vs human is still teh same against he AI I think all teh problems would be solved if TAC bombers soft attack value would be much much much lower + no escort for Airfleets anymore + air defense bonus applied against TAC bombers in ports and cities as well. Tac bombers as tank killers fine for me if you want to spend money on them., prevents the tanks to become the next "Ueberun
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