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  1. Well beside SC 1 nothing special some RPG´s here and then. @Hubert Maybe the wintertime inspires me to have look into the 5th patch....after all i missed the previos 4 so i did not have to atept my gameplay.
  2. Liam i m still on 1.0 version, stopped playing after a couple of games almost 5 months ago. SC 2 is nice but no attiction for me. But hey...i play SC 1 once again. :eek:
  3. Well the difference is that in SC 1 you stuck as 3rd best player of the world ;)whilst in SC 2 you assume to be No 2. So eihter you increased your skills or one player is missing. But anyway the light is shining brighter for you now. :cool:
  4. Hi folks, Well, I played about 15 TCIP games SC 2 but i got bored. But that was not the fault of SC 2 alone i think i got bored from computerplaying during the summer time at all Now i started to play again..but guess...not SC 2 but SC 1. :eek: It´s hard to explain why i like SC 1 more ...maybe i like hextiles, maybe i miss this tricky french campagne of SC 1 ..where ppl invented so many openings. AFAIK there was much more stuff to discuss in SC1. SC 2 is IMO much more standard game play than SC 1 and even more luck. SC 2 is a good game but i miss the same feeling when playing SC1. m2c Greetings Dragonheart (Königstiger PL)
  5. @sombra & Blashy Where is the point? Either Hubert is making the rules through the gamemechanics and if you are not satisfied than its no miracle to obey some rules. Seems its rather a matter of not trusting your opponents.
  6. Many issues covered by the patch could have been eliminated with simple houserules. Apart from some bugs there was really no need for a patch, i dont understand why ppl always cry for a patch then for another patch and another patch. Hubert is not in the positon to say that but i would say...."This is the game take it or leave it" You all discussed months before about the game in the SC 2 Forum....hubert worked many ideas and wishes into the game.....to make the crowd love it. I m sick of all the whiners ....limit that, change that, this could be done.....etc....note that a patch is to eliminate serious bugs which cause a crash or make the game "really" unplayable. For all other issues change your gameplay, use the editor or make simple houserules. Isnt that difficult isnt it?
  7. Did i miss something? Russians have to combat Russians? A new partisan feature in the latest Patch?
  8. Liam, as hardcore EU 1+2 player you should also look forward to EU 3, HOI 1+2 were also damn good games. If you like Napoleonic games you should also take a look at crown of glory, a similar game will come soon it´s called Empire in arms a classic boardgame on computer version....both have a bit the flair of EU.
  9. As you can see above even betatesters are out of order. Maybe he tries to be funny but all he can is brainless mothering. Ey man write a book and save as from scrolling through your pointless posts. Oh i m offtopic it seems. :eek:
  10. With 10 ontopic posts and 100 offtopic crapposts i wonder why this tread is still open. Seems that moon or madmatt is on holiday.
  11. Well, so far i had never probs with taking stalingrad...and dont forget i play with HT 2 and IW 1 limit so it´s even harder to take. But i can imagine if you consider stalingrad as a key in the game it will be a though battle. A bomber for germany is nice and a matter of your taste i would rather buy two AF´s instead of one bomber. But i have to admit bombing a city to zero supply and then taking is making sense.
  12. One cant see everything MPP wise. And by cutting off Leningrad and linking Finnland behind Leningrad the difference is only 10 MPP.
  13. I wonder why most players put so many efforts to take Leningrad. IMO it´s a waste of time and it´s messing up the axis timeschedule which is .. -1941 border cities,southern mines,city east of the mines, moskov -1942 Rostov, Stalingrad -1943 Sverdlovsk If weather is bad and things running nasty you will need one year more. Leningrad does not have the importance like in SC 1 where it is important as ressource center due linked Finland, to penentrate deeper into russia. Also the 10 MPP in comparison to 20 MPP´s doesnt justify any efforts to capture it. If you cut it off this should be enough but this depends if the russian player is going for finland. I dont have the patch yet but i dont think that it would change the overall strategy. Just my 2 cents.
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