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  1. have you checked for the right click mouse settings? might be that it is set as a left click?
  2. Last push by the remaining german troops in Russia is aimed at Odessa - germans manage to kill some infantry and reconquer the mine east of Kiew. In return, the Allies unleash hell from the air and together with strong russian armour, manage to capture Berlin and Munich! Germany surrenders to USA for 1059 mpps Simultaneously, Allies liberate France, Portugal and Benelux. The only remaining axis powers are Japan and ... Finland And it is only 1943, so plenty of time for the Allies to defeat Japan.
  3. Germans kill some infantry near Rostow and the russian tank defending the mine east of Kiew as well as a red tank near Kursk. German TAC destroyed by a red fighter intercept. Retaliation is terrible - 3 Tigers killed, 1 TAC killed, 11 str TAC damaged to strength 1, russians retake Moscow, Kursk. Rostow retaken by red army, several armies and corps leave their positions near Stalingrad and march west. UK minor corps operated to cover Sevastopol area, used as an air base. Partisans pop near Minsk. Russian armour coming from Belgrad area kill a HQ near Munich. Breslau captured by commies. UK minor troops capture Marseilles, liberating Vichy. Barcelona captured via amphib landing. Berlin under attack by english troops landing at hamburg. D-Day begins! American troops led by HQ Bradley and supported by USN carriers capture Brest. Americans have 2 armies, corps and 2 armour in western France, bordering Paris. Ceylon - USN carriers maul badly the stranded jap paratrooper. USA don't bother anymore to send ground troops anywhere. 4 armies, corps and tank stationed in the homeland, ready to repel any invasion
  4. Sorry to hijack a bit this thread but, can you guys tell me how long a turn takes to play? (pre and post barbarossa) Is it feasible for TCP/IP or e-mail is the way to go?
  5. Last turn, German mounted a powerful counter towards Rostow (the obvious choice for a counter in order to separate the 2 main russian theatres) - killed various red infantry and the HQ in the city and occupied it In return, red armour coming from Stalingrad attack and destroy a HQ in Voronezh and paratrooper seize the city. Army destroyed near the russian mine; german paratrooper killed near Rostow, UK allied minor corps and a british army transported from Greece to the fortification behind Rostow (Rostow port still russian). Meanwhile in Europe, Russians capture Vienna. Red and allied forces shoot towards Berlin/Munich. British army coming from Oslo land and destroy Hamburg lvl 4 fighter (str 5) defender and another amphib (US corps) coming from England seize the city. In the Med, carriers kill the bomber camped in Marseille. Malta bomber somehow suicided - I think I forgot to count the german intercepts still available In India, Allies kill a Jap TAC (I think).
  6. Expecting the german counterattack on Rome, the allies carefully placed additional airpower in the peninsula and employed a new US carrier which previously bombarded Gibraltar in order to make its way in the med. The result, german tiger near Rome killed by surface ships , TACs and carriers, german corps in Rome (which had liberated Italy last turn) is killed and Italy surrenders again. Allies reach the river in northern Italy. In S-E Europe, Yugoslavia is liberated and Hungary surrenders to USSR. Russian defend the line Kiew-central russian mine and Rostow-Stalingrad-Kuybishew. Red airforce upgraded to lvl 4. Germans show several experienced heavy tanks near Harkow - counterattack expected. In India, jap paradrop on Ceylon fails due to the presence of canadian bomber. Allies continue to force intercepts but detect a massive air armada north and west of Burma. Indian troops retreat a tile. Russian and US production queue contain 6-7 units each, UK's only 3 (UK needs lots of cash to repair). USA gains 660 mpps (lots transferred to UK) UK 300 and Russia 450+. The mpp differential shifted clearly towards the Allies, the only german strength now lies in their tanks, TACs and fighters. But they are needed on way too many fronts now ^^
  7. Allies air based in Turkey and ground troops coming from Bulgaria destroy the minor lvl 4 fighter in Athens and liberate Greece. Massive air strike (land based TACs and carriers) kill the Rome defender and US corps knock Italy out of the war for a 450 mpp plunder. German tiger nearby so Rome could be recaptured next turn though. Belgrad under attack by combined allied and red troops. Russians at the outskirts of Budapest as well. In the north, russian units coming from the Urals take positions on the river by Kuybishev. Partisans wreak havoc in Russia, they pop out everywhere (3 are alive and doing damage this turn I think). In India, rather quiet , just the usual intercepts forced by superior allied air, to keep Jap fighters' strength low. First serious encounter between US Pacific fleet and IJN off Ceylon = IJN BB destroyed. In this game, the USA is well...what USA was IRL ^^ Monstrous fleet and air assets, ability to deploy fast almost everywhere and a huge mpp base now (almost 750 mpps per turn). And it is spring '43.
  8. Russians capture Kiew. Combined russian-british attacks earn UK the nice country of Bulgaria. Allies capture Naples and prepare for the assault on Rome (bombarded and pretty much cut off by american corps that landed 1 turn before) Russian TAC pings a Tiger west of Stalingrad. In India, 2 armies come out fo the queue; allied airpower attack an empty city in order to force Japs to intercept. Lots of moves all around the map, around locations not available to the general public
  9. Russian troops enter Romania, army covering the Ploiesti oilfield destroyed. Kiew pinged. Russians capture Kuybishev, left undefended by germans. Partisans continue to pop out in various locations. German tanks spotted northwest of Rostow. Snowy weather. In India, despite Colin' retreat 1-2 tiles back, the long air arm of Uncle Sam reaches him - 1 spec ops unit killed by USAF. Allied air is carefully trying to stay away from IJN carriers' range, so far no air losses for the Indian air task force.
  10. The Allies DoW and capture Turkey. Russians attack and capture Odessa. Due to allied aggression, Romania joins Axis. In India, USAF maul badly a japanese army and indian corps finishes it off. I can see a pattern here More USAF bombers operated in India. Taking India will be a veeeery costly affair for the Sun-Emperor ^^ RN knock out Gibraltar harbour, allied ships pour in the Med. In this game, USA is a monster...an air monster mainly for now but the queue is full of armor and infantry
  11. Finally a clear weather turn in India = 1 japanese army badly damaged by USAF and then killed by IW2 Indian corps. In Russia, red southern task force attacks over the river a german army defending the southern mine and kills it. In the north, there is a massive armoured assault by Colin - Russian tank coming from Kuybishev engages a german Tiger and kills it. Left at 5 str, the red tank will surely be killed next turn and the city captured. From now on, this kind of exchanges favours the allied side. RN BBs attack Gibraltar harbour. Allies move A LOT of pieces around the map. This game's gonna be definitely interesting.
  12. Colin attacks in the northern part of Russia, I decided to go for the southern part Red troops from Rostow area ordered to move forward. Otherwise, calm, xcept for a declaration of war by USA against Germany (strangely, they were at peace). Rain prevents me to use my air assets in India, only colin has this privilege, during his turn China finally dead.
  13. Game 1 - Colin Axis RN retreats from the Baltic, no spotting available, i have no ideea what he operated (or not) in the area. Partisans continue to pop in russia - this time they liberate Leningrad Russia continues to build/upgrade units in preparation for the inevitable Axis onslaught - Russia is making around 450 mpps per turn (ofc with the convoy from UK). India - raining cats and dogs. China - don't really wanna talk about it We just throw corps in front of the advancing japanese in order to slow down their advance. USA is making lots of cash thanks to its high IT level - they bought A LOT of units, waiting for a proper deployment now.
  14. Game 1 - Colin Axis During Axis' turn, they retaliated agains tthe RN in the Baltic - not that much of a damage though. Allied turn - Allied airpower based in Norway and carriers attack Copenhagen, british army lands and kill the defending axis minor army, liberating the country! NZ cruiser attacks and sinks the str 1 jap amphib that survived last turn. China bracing for the inevitable. Russia continue the buildup - front line intact for now.
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