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  1. I would rather just find out why it is inlining in the first place, rather than having to go to the trouble of zipping up files to send back and forth.
  2. With one PBEM opponent, for some reason when he sends me his file, it comes through the email with the text inlined into the mail message, rather than as an attachment. Anyone know why this might be, and how to fix it? Needless to say, with a large replay file, this is something of an issue.
  3. been playing the game for a very, very long time, but haven't been around the forums. Any news on where the game engine is going? Is there any intention to return to WW2, and the roots of the game? I would pay for one more expansion, if it had the following in it: Complete game. CMAK level engine that can do all the previously released theaters at the CMAK level of gameplay and graphics. Do whatever it takes to have the end of turn movie files able to be spliced together then viewed as a complete battle. I am sure there are a bunch of other enhancements that could be tossed in, but the above would be worth an expansion pack price point alone, IMO.
  4. Wow, that post has just made me a lot less interested in the game.
  5. Too late to get in on this? Whichever sides can use another commander.
  6. No matter how much things change, nothing ever really changes. How are things going, Battlefrontians?
  7. OK, I've been away from CM for a little while, but this is a bot surprising to me... I was not aware that CMAK could do Western Front stuff like Wacht am Rein. Am I incorrect?
  8. ICBMs - you can see them for a bit after they are fired.
  9. Greetings everyone. Is there any agreed upon "Hall of Fame" for scenarios? The scenario depot is great, but extremely cumbersome. There are a lot of scenarios, and no good way to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Some kind of system for nominating and voting on potential "Hall of Fame" scenarios would be kind of cool.
  10. Simple, they would not. The continuation of WW2 would have gone on in other parts of the world than Europe. And Germanies basic problem would still exist - too many enemies, too much space to garrison, not enough production. And a populace that is not that interested in a never ending war against people who they are not really convinced are their enemies to begin with. After Germany loses a few million men taking out the USSR, and is involved in a continuing occupation of Greece, France, Norway, the Low Countires, Yugoslavia, and all of the USSR, how much political will would there be to send more German troops to North Africa, or Greece, or wherever it is that the US and the UK decide to start picking away at the Third Reich?
  11. Your link is to a website about the BMW Z3. It's a nice car, but not really very good against Russian armor. But then, neither was the PzIV... Jeff
  12. Your link is to a website about the BMW Z3. It's a nice car, but not really very good against Russian armor. But then, neither was the PzIV... Jeff
  13. Well, this is the "Red Barricades" of CM, so it should be big and brutal. Who wants to PBEM it? Jeff Heidman
  14. Has nobody played this yet? Or is this board just not read? Jeff
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