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  1. I tried the demo of various games, Matrix and others and I just do not enjoy them the way I do Huberts series. World in Flames looks amazing, but I really have no interest myself as it will obviously not be a beer and pretzel type wargame and I have no interest for wargames that do not fall into this category. I am simply not a fan of micro managing.
  2. Advanced Tactics probably has a team of 5-10 people working on it... SC series is ONE man. I do not like ANY games from Matrix, actually I have not enjoyed any other wargame outside of the SC series. So maybe SC is not for you but it is for some.
  3. If memory serves me right less than 10% of people who purchase SC and SC2 series actually play vs. human opponents. IMHO Hubert does a a bang up job of making the game playable both ways.
  4. I have never seen the use to have stacking in game. Seems like a Axis and Alliese board game thingy to me and even there I found it pretty nuts at time when you had a stack of 20+ units but then again they used large areas instead of tiles or hexes.
  5. I find SC2, a huge improvement over SC while it still remains easy to learn to play. Which I find is the biggest thing about this type of game if you wish to attract new players. My biggest gripe is like many of us that lack of a possible battle of the Atlantic, it simply is too small. So far even the mods I have played have had this issue.
  6. Oof, this is going way back but I had found a solution to eliminate bidding. Put Russia and USA at 70% readiness. This made Germany have to not invade more than 2-3 countries or risk triggering Russia/USA joining early.
  7. Yes, known bug, should be fixed in the patch.
  8. I'm reading it, seems interesting. Kinda of like the 70% USA/USSR scenario with no other changes I've played 5-6 times, very well balanced.
  9. You mean corps, half the price. And that's about it, use them to secure your line.
  10. http://www.battlefront.com/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=34;t=000816
  11. I wonder if he'll keep a journal of his battles for this one and monitor closely his performances versus various opponents.
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