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    Been playing wargames since age 9. Will be playing them until 99, one can only hope.
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    The fight for love and glory
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  1. Wait a minute, wait one cotton-picking minute here! Immer would NEVER say something so... irritatingly uptight as this: ----------------------------------- "Many of us surely expected your intervention. Padlocks are designed for a good and sufficient reason. Mindless nihilism is hardly a substitute for measured and cogent commentary. Unless of course there is a need to over-throw a terrible Tyrant, or briefly explore the Collective Unconscious" ------------------------------------ Upon refllection, well maybe... he would, ahhhhhh... THAT's why he's in that jail up on the Butte overl
  2. As with Rambo, I agree with you Kuni. [... tho, knowing Hubert as we do, likely he's got SC3 and 4 and 5 percolating in the back of his mind, ALREADY? ] One or both of you - start another thread? Or not, hey! I ain't no officer issuing conflicting orders, nope, just some slog-it-along private 2nd class kinda guy, clinging to last-gasp hopes.
  3. Rambo : I think your most recent post -> is a VERY important one. In fact, I think you should start a new thread on this very topic. It would be good to hear what everyone thinks about how the series has progressed from beginning to just lately. Could be it would give Hubert a fresh sense of how the games are improving, or not, and in what ways. Perhaps alter a few things he's currently working on WRT Global? I don't know, but still, it would be helpful, IMO. ------------------------ JJ! Thanks for the encomium! Only trouble being... it was so impressively written t
  4. JJ is... a savant. He is a boardwalk raconteur. He is a chess-player who could look Bobby Fischer dead smack in the eye and not flinch. He has been here a while, and has an ungodly # of great posts and PICS and stories. He is also the kind of Cat you need to be able to... read between the lines. As with almost every good writer, there you will discover oh, 60-80% of his meaning. As above quote will substantiate, he can hold TWO (2) opposing thoughts in his mind at the same time. Fitzgerald told us that was the sign of creative wisdom. I concur.
  5. LOL! Well Snowstorm, and perhaps alack-alas, but this is NOT the ONLY thread that I myself intend to be "off-topic" in. Hasn't worked out thatta way since ought-two, and likely won't in '09 or '10 neither. Here I para-phrase Nietzsche (... one of the few genuine geniuses we've ever had in the Western tradition): "Without Follies and Criminals, you've got a society that is really righteously fricked up." And, adding-in a similar kind of off-the-wall cat - Sig Freud, we get: "All this anal-retentiveness is going to cause some MASSIVE flight to the outhouses, let me tell ya." O
  6. Here, speaking forth in this quote, is -> "Most Nefarious Foe!" So called since he usually (... ah, could be - he'd say - ALWAYS! But... I say nix to that!) beat me like a bongo drum in our H vs H games. Which reminds me... Hubert has darn near perfected that there game function where you can play other peeps by way of the NET. Where are you - hardly ever! defeated... TERIF! Rambo is needing - like me - to be thrashed once again!
  7. Snowstorm: X-tremely well stated. Yep, anybody who wishes to can start another thread. They can IGNORE anything they don't care for, rather than denigrating - and IMO all too often, on a personal level - someone who writes something they don't like. Given that them there name-calling kind of dudes are usually bullies and cowards, know what I mean? LOL! Tossing off glib or facile one-liners? That's fine, that's alright. But, how about some commentary on the game as well? I myself enjoy reading off-topic stuff, whether that be biographical or humorous or, even, something tha
  8. Hate to see you go. ---------------------------- On a personal note (... ooops, forgot to get Kuni's APPROVAL for what I might write, drat! Maybe, just - MAYBE, next time) say John, I sent you a couple of EM's -- one awhile back when you had sent me an EM - remember that one? Telling me about your move to Florida, and some other serious matters as well, and then again here about a week ago. Did you get BOTH of them... reason I wonder, I didn't hear back. Well, I do have a new EM address, since I've finally! Upgraded to broad-band. Anyway, hope all is well and you are e
  9. Hey thanx X-ww -> for that fabulous PIC! Looks like the very same item I once discovered beneath my bed... then the one-on-one party in the night... all too soon became the head-holding groaning! Of the morning. Yep, much of the champagne had even been drunk -> from that very stiletto-heel shoe! I also recall the back-seam sheer stockings which merely came to mid-thigh, and were attached with little clips that I never could figure out how to un-latch! LOL! Well, those were different days entirely! Anyway, I have got the PERFECT complement to your PIC, and I'll try to find
  10. H v Strachwitz: Thanks for elaborating. Visited Frankfurt am Main 3 or 4 times. My Dad was stationed in - first, Pirmasens for 2 years, then Kaiserslautern for another year and a half. I was barely becoming a teenager then, and was quite impressionable. Among my impressions (1959 - '63): 1) Struck nearly senseless by the lush & undulant GREEN landscape, which likely was caused by 2) It rained every day, twice a day in the Spring time 3) The GErman Volk were sometimes indifferent, occasionally resentful, but more often than not, friendly-enough to all of us... "Ami's" 4)
  11. I don't know about Hyazinth's current Stadt, but I see way-WAY too many of these right here in Desert City. Perhaps it is? The corporate honchos @ KBR, or Bechtel, or maybe them Blackwater cats?Played the W Street game and used instant-intervention trading (... where you keep track of where the $$$ is being invested and get in there! A nano-second before closing) or even de-regged derivatives, to corner the market on these antenna-sort of trucks? Hell, I don't know, you tell me.
  12. Kuni, please. I do believe we each know when the other is writing ironical, true? As for Immer... have you already forgotten the prior story? He is my fraternal twin brother and yet languishes in that gaol up on the butte overlooking the Rio Grande Valley. It is not called "Fort Inferno" for nothing. However, he still has that Bluebird Radio which he inherited from his grand-father -- very same grandfather who was so uncermoniously and unustly evicted from his homestead farm back in Ohio, oh back during the midst of the Great Depression. Kicked to the side of the hobo road by..
  13. No! Skando Mondo Redux! Upon arising, I hear tell you are actually... a sparkplug? Whoa! That's news! Though, which kind? Champion! Or (Heironymous) Bosch? (... well probably not the American made... "Champion" -- I think that brand's probably been outsourced to the workers who were once upon a time -> in the Red Brigade!) OK, now we need merely locate the steering wheel and the clutch and some other accessories besides those, and we can get this SC Jalopy - REALLY rock rolling! Well, grief & woe, what in dickens has this place come to? You, Skand0 M0nd0! Are
  14. Well, you know Snowstorm, good luck with this. You have missed a whole huge passel of SC cats, and I'll bet that as time goes on you'll see more and more of them re-arriving and re-opining. At least, you SHOULD -> given that this Global game promises to be - perhaps, the BEST of the series. In that there are so many more new and game-enhancing features that will make game-play that much more fun! We'll see who and what, I guess. However, I suspect a lot of folks like the anonymous aspect of ANY forum and prefer to preserve a certain air of... ummm, mystery. Then again, may be
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