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  1. Apologies everyone as admittedly I haven't been able to follow the forums here in the last little while but I have been fully active in all support tickets submitted via the Battlefront Helpdesk. To get my more immediate attention for any tech support issues please do submit a ticket via the Helpdesk and it will be responded to in a timely manner. For this particular issue, as Schrullenhaft highlighted above, the unfortunate problem is that the latest video card drivers (with this issue) have broken how they deal with the DirectX version that this game uses and currently the only solution we have is to roll back the driver. It is not ideal but if applicable it does work.
  2. Hi Paul, It doesn't sound like the correct download extension, I would try another file location as it should download as either an EXE, ZIp or similar.
  3. Hi Panzer1962, I think this has been resolved in the Helpdesk, but if not just let me know. Hubert
  4. Hi Michael, There is a Pause/Break key on the right half of the keyboard typically near the number pad and if this is pressed during the E-Mail replay the replay will pause. Hubert
  5. Hi Sugar, I'd try as wlape3 has suggested as it sounds like the game EXE might be corrupted more than the saved game file itself. Hubert
  6. Hi AttilaTheHungry, Welcome to the Strategic Command series Probably your best bet to get started is the 1939 Storm Over Europe Players Guide found in the Manuals folder of your SC WWI installation directory. For sea mines, unfortunately this is not possible. Hubert
  7. Hi Scott, If this problem has persisted for you, try running the Editor not in Full Screen mode to see if that helps. Hubert
  8. Hi Paul, I've added a response to this in the Helpdesk ticket you opened up. Hubert
  9. Hi dtx1, Those are treated as two separate games and need to be installed into two separate directores. I would recommend uninstalling again, cleaning out the directories and then reinstalling to two separate folders such as C:\Games\Strategic Command Global and C:\Games\Strategic Command Global Gold. Then apply your customized campaign to the Gold folder and it should work after that. Hubert
  10. Hi Andreas150, This is typically a type of log that is generated whenever the game crashes or encounters a critical error. Hubert
  11. Hi Gustophus, Sounds like it is having a hard time finding the support files... Windows 8/10 and even going back to Vista has created some stricter protocols for programs installed in the Program Files folder. What you could try is uninstalling and then reinstalling to a folder such as C:\Games\Strategic Command to see if that helps. You'll have to reapply the custom game as well. Hubert
  12. Hi BazE30, Please try launching the game and once in the MAIN MENU section, go to SETTINGS and turn off Full Screen. The game should work after that. Hubert
  13. Thanks for the feedback Chris and glad to hear you are enjoying the game
  14. Hi Hexatol, No official plans to port Strategic Command GC to the Mac, but I have heard of some success from players using Parallels on the Mac. Hope this helps, Hubert
  15. Hi Steel32, I just took a closer look on my end and the German infantry is correctly blocking the British naval passage... however, the game engine is allowing the British navy to pass through the tile that is just north west of that German unit, i.e. the coastal tile. This is a bug and I'll take a look into correcting it on our end, Hubert
  16. Yes good point... to be absolutely clear , the next game engine update after the yet to be released Strategic Command 3... unfortunately not for any existing games or works currently in progress. Hubert
  17. Hi Bob, Have you updated to the lastest patch for the game? Also, I would suggest running the game not in FULL SCREEN mode if you are using Windows 8 or later as Microsoft changed something there in the OS that has caused some issues with the full screen setting. To do this please go to the MAIN MENU and click on SETTINGS and then de-select the FULL SCREEN option. For patches please take a look here just below the Breakthrough patch section: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=266&Itemid=475 Hope this helps, Hubert
  18. Hi Bob, that does look very nice and Battlefront is now aware of this thread request. Keep in mind that every forum has different settings and policies but Battlefront tends to be quite proactive so we'll see Hubert
  19. For Hotseat and AI games you can save games manually at any time, otherwise all game modes have an autosave feature for the end of the turn, except for PBEM games where the turn is only saved at the end of the turn (manually) before you send your turn to your opponent.
  20. Unfortunately no, but I'm pretty sure the next engine update will be 3D
  21. Hi Bob, The F11/12 setup was just for the main screen but I can see how it would make sense to allow it throughout the game regardless of screen. For now you'll just have to use the Print Screen function to copy the current screen into a buffer and then paste it in MS Paint or similar (and then save it as a file). Hubert
  22. A 5 step zoom would be great but due to the design of the game engine, which uses 2D rendering, we have more limitations. Whereas a 3D game rendering engine would make multiple zoom levels trivial.
  23. Hi PantheraTigris, Thanks for your interest and yes, with the weather option turned on, the game will show snow, rain and sandstorms, as well as sea ice and mud and frozen terrain during the applicable seasons. Hope this helps Hubert
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