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Originally posted by russellmz:


Amen; I don't mind the odd four letter word in a post; we've all been guilty of it. But can we all please dispense with the off colour subject headings? Surely we're above that.
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Originally posted by Lordfluffers:

Please... Please :D:D

Any info on expected release month?? Still 1st quarter?? Any more pictures, any more details? Anything?? I know I'm reduced to begging but (sob) please give me a bone! :confused:

C'mon did you really think this would affect them :rolleyes: I really doubt any amount of bitching on our part is going to force them into complying with our sneak peek demands.
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Be a man, for the gods' sake, and stop that unseemly whinging.

Frankly, you lot have it stone easy. Think about the real heroes:

The lads who didn't have CMBO, but only the Gold Demo, while they Waited For the Game.

And the Greater Heroes, the lads who only had two scenarios to play in the Beta Demo, while they Waited For the Game.

And how about all those truly Heroic Stalwarts who only had posting here on the forum, while Waiting For the Game.

Bah! When I see you young people, who have a great tactical game to play, and amuse you, and challenge you, while Waiting For the Game, and all you can do is whine and beg for scraps...well, I'm sickened, that's all I can say.

Get down on your knees before the Torch of the Unknown CM Player and beg forgivenance, you lot.

[ February 20, 2002, 02:07 AM: Message edited by: Seanachai ]

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Thanks Seanachai,

I always wanted to be a "Greater Hero"...

BTW... an interesting time were the weeks that passed while I waited for delivery after the game was out. after checking back, oh wonder! my order got lost... :D . And another 3 weeks to wait for it to arrive in Germany. All the while reading people's posts about the GREAT GAME GREAT SCENARIOS GREAT TANKS GREAT WHATEVER...

sometimes I wonder that I'm still alive.. :rolleyes:

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How much work can it be? More like designing a scenario that contains interesting and never before shown features, looks good, and then playing a couple of turns (perhaps even multiple times if things don't go as planned), all the while constantly looking for opportunities for taking screen shots, writing some text explaining what can be seen in the screen shots, and perhaps additional info about the game design process that can't be shown in screen shots...

This isn't done in anywhere near 5 minutes.

Dschugaschwili (Greater Hero ;) )

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Young fools!!! Release junkies!!! Fast food fanatics!!! Why all this capering about and whining about bones???

Next we will be hearing "Daddy, are we there yet?" and "How many more miles?"

Play! Play as if your life depends on it, for you do not see the gift that is before you! Ground yourself. Immerse yourself in the game and models that are CMBO. Play until you can defeat some of the best CM players. Eschew (that means 'stay away from') gamey tactics and unit selections. When you can win with the worst unit selection that the AI can choose for you, you will have learned.

When you have lost yourself to the current CMBO, then you will be ready to receive CMBB.


Heroic Stalwart (pre-ordered even before there were Alpha AAR's available)

[ February 20, 2002, 09:30 AM: Message edited by: Herr Oberst ]

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