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  1. Well, I'm not dead. But real life issues and a general lack of interest in modern warfare keep me in lurker mode most of the time. Funny how different views can lead to similar feelings. I usually don't have such an optimistic view of the situation, and I don't think about what the designer may have planned. I think the main reason that reloading feels wrong for me in CM is that there are no inherent boni for the AI player. I know that the opposing force has the same capabilities against me than it would have in my own hands. Thinking about it, I think that's a large part of what I called
  2. To put it bluntly: as long as there is a save function that the player can use at will, there will be people who replay a mission that didn't go as planned. Or a turn that ended badly. Of course, there are a couple of ways to fight this behaviour: 1. Remove the save function. Well, not entirely. You'd have to use a system like in Nethack where the game automatically saves the current game on exit and removes the savegame after loading. (Yes, this can be worked around by the player, but that can be made more difficult than the average user is willing to accept.) This will certainly greatly
  3. Will there be an updated demo someday? Unfortunately, I don't have any time to try any new games right now, so it will be some time before I can test CMSF, and I'd like to know if there will be another demo with bugfixes and improvements somewhere down the road. Dschugaschwili
  4. B. I want to know if the game runs properly on my computer before I pay.
  5. A simpler explanation of friendly fire possibilities in CMx1: 1. Explosions hurt everyone, friend and foe, day and night. It doesn't matter where it came from, nor whether it's a hand-grenade, mortar/tank/arty shell, bomb/rocket from a plane or whatever else. 2. Small arms fire affects friendly troops only at night. It doesn't matter whether the fire is directed at a specific unit nor whether we're talking about the targeted unit or a unit within the area of effect (which exists for aimed fire, too). Dschugaschwili
  6. A few reasons for taking WWII as the setting for a game: </font> The equipment of the time is well understood, with most of it existing in (theoretically) working condition</font>Most of today's weapon categories are already present, all of them seem useful, none overpowered</font>no guaranteed-kill weapons</font>combined arms tactics are essential</font>Different nations have different equipment with a noticable difference, but no one has any huge technological advantage</font>WWII is close enough to the present to still have a few survivors around who c
  7. And most CM players who would have the technical knowledge to hack the game are not interested in cheating. I don't know about anyone else, but to me even reloading a save-game from a battle against the AI after a turn that went badly just seems wrong. Dschugaschwili
  8. Not all of them are posting like crazy... Dschugaschwili
  9. I'd really like to take a scenario without plans (say, a QB), have two players each make a plan for one side, and have the engine play the game AI vs AI. After some number-crunching and watching the game we'll see who won. Not that I expect this to make it into the game, but it's a nice daydream. Dschugaschwili
  10. I guess after this statement coming out of lurker mode is justified. Thanks, Steve! Dschugaschwili
  11. I think it's about 5m behind the vehicle. So it should be possible to reverse a truck very close to a patch of woods and unload the gun in them. I think I tested it some time ago, but I'm not 100% sure.
  12. A unit can only embark on vehicles with a transport class higher or equal to the unit's transport class. So a jeep with transport class 4 cannot tow an AT gun with transport class 7, for example. Dschugaschwili
  13. Steve: You're right, the system can be made safe, but not totally secure. A few general thoughts about gameplay systems like PBEM for a game with simultaneous resolution like CM: First, there are a couple of constraints that must be fulfilled for such a system to be able to work: a. To calculate the events for turn X, we need the calculated result for turn X-1. b. To calculate the events for turn X, we need all players' orders for turn X. c. To watch the events of turn X, we need to have calculated these. d. Each player wants to issue orders for turn X+1 only after having watched the
  14. This also means that a single crash at the wrong time can potentially ruin an entire PBEM game. And showing a turn from a previous match to a friend who has never heard of CM before to show him how the game works may not be possible anymore either. Dschugaschwili
  15. Ok, guys, this isn't going anywhere anymore. The problem is that it's not even possible anymore to ask if PBEM will be in without getting somebody to demand that PBEM absolutely has to be in the game and if not, several bad things will happen. Actually, it's not even possible to ask if there's any new information on the topic without getting someone started. Apparently - and we just have to believe Steve on this one - Battlefront cannot promise that PBEM will definitely be in because there may be unforseen technical difficulties ahead. If this answer isn't good enough for you, go ahead and
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