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  1. i would like to thank Alsatian for a very good game, and for some good conversation inbetween turns. if you would like a go in CMBB you are on my list of excellent people to pbem with.
  2. thanks guys, recieved my opponent, awaiting setup files. good luck everyone!
  3. In a current game this is what i tried to do. german defense, only had 100pts to spend on armor. i took a crack hetzer, and assumed he would come at me with 2 76 shermans. given that the map was going to be relatively open i gambled i could win the duel at that range. 2v1 with them being regulars. once the armor was gone i intended to use the hetzers limited HE to sure up which ever flank he hit the hardest, in combination with a good 81mm spotter. given that the terrain was rather poor for defense i figured this was my best bet. in fact i still think it was. unfortunately i got o
  4. i would say that on most qb maps, with human picked troops the attacker has the advantage. i'm not all that great at either, but generally speaking i find attacking easier since i have more points to work with, and generally have the initiative.
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