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  1. so, i was trying to figure out how you would order your air strikes' launches and landings in a carrier game. at midway the japanese admiral delayed launching his strike because he had an incoming flight returning from a ground attack and he had to switch his next strikes' weapons from anti-ground to anti-ship. so his planes got caught on the deck in the american strike. so he ordered his launches/landings wrong. from the few examples i have looked at, some games just have the players roll a dice and whoever has the bigger number surprises the other guy and gets a chance to attack with the other guys planes on deck. is there even a way to make it an interesting choice instead of just a random guess? how do other wargames do it? how would you do it? some sort of event card? just make it random like in the other games? whoever launches first?
  2. screw all that. let's play "life." you start off a child, then get skills and money, then build an empire. eventually if you're good you can wage world war. but watch out for "america hax," they had depression and then they got huge fockin army!
  3. anyone with "moderator" under their name where it says "member" on yours. hunter and moon are the main ones responding, madmatt chipped in a few times. and they have answered a lot of questions so far!
  4. thanks dan, for helping me get the demo! anyway i've had some problems: i think my computer is too slow. 600mhz, 512mb ram win98se. in single player the ai always freezes up during a manuever. i have had only a few completed games (mostly where both planes of an element get wiped out in the first few turns). i don't think i have had a complete 6 turns yet. the oddest freezes are when the ai has one card left and is trying to decide on a manuever. it occurs on any aspect of the turn: altitude, leader, wingman, etc. can't get an online game unless i turn off zonealarm. this is even after i told zonealarm to let dif do whatever it wanted, connect to internet, be server, etc. error messages including stuff like "directx" "directplay" kept me from playing online so far. i tyhink it's the one mentioned already in other threads. when i get a new computer i'll try out the game again.
  5. from another thread Moon, just to be clear. one red isometric square is a 2km x 2km map, made up of four 1km x 1km? parabellum asked suppose in the east, a german tank tried to cross the river(and the red line) from the 1x1 square with the three grain fields to the southeast and attack the infantry unit with the two vertical yellow bars. would the map used be the east red 2kmx2km tile? here is his with a better image/explanation. </font>
  6. Moon, just to be clear. one red isometric square is a 2km x 2km map, made up of four 1km x 1km? parabellum asked, suppose in the east, a german tank tried to cross the river(and the red line) from the 1x1 square with the three grain fields to the southeast and attack the infantry unit with the two vertical yellow bars. would the map used in cmbb be the eastmost red 2kmx2km tile? here is his post with a better image/explanation. [ October 18, 2005, 09:55 PM: Message edited by: russellmz ]
  7. <big><big><font color="green">Unofficial CMC FAQ aka cripes don't i already have enough to do?</font></big></big> Feature List Official FAQ CMC Overview Hunter = Bruce Poon, CMC programmer Moon = President of BFC Only 1 player can play a CMBB right. So when the ME's are shifted from two ME commanders are in a single CMBB one guy takes over. Correct?{-} IIRC, the most senior commander involved gets the command duty. -Hunter Would they really used the 2x2km maps (from the 2x2 tile grid)?{-} ...tactical CMBB battles are fought according to the displayed grid, I think. -Sergei I do too. -Hunter Just to clarify: You need to indeed create the 2x2 maps... -Moon From the screenshots, it looks like rivers run along tile edges. As I understand it, CMBB combat will occur within each tile. So how do we attack across rivers? {-} Rivers don't run along tile edges. Either you looked wrong... or you looked wrong -Moon If I have a unit in one tile attacking another unit in another tile, which tiles get used in making the CMBB map?{-} To be continued... Will units that move around alot on the operational map have any fatigue assigned to them?{-} Yes. -Hunter Will units that are fatigued in the battles keep it or lose it after a time of no contact on the operational map?{-} Keep it and need to rest operationally to recover it. -Hunter Can units run out of fuel in the operational phase?{-} Yes. Units that lose all their fuel take it quite badly. -Hunter Along with ammo dumps and field hospitals, German field bakeries and mobile butchers were a highly important and visible part of every unit's backfield. Is there going to be an allowance for this kind of thing in CMC? {-} I havent said much about supply to date, because we are not sure how much we are going to get in to the release version. Certainly supply depletion will be in. We have designs for a number of things, but they may have to wait for a patch. I will post something more when we are a little further along with it. I'm not ruling out mobile field bakeries -Hunter How do things look in CMC?{-} Roads always go through the centre of quadrants edges (that is the 1/4 and 3/4 point on a 2k tile edge). Rivers run along the edges of quadrants (so can be on the edge of a tile or in the middle, and will exit at an edge or 1/2 way point on the tile edge). Each quadrant is given a designation like Pine Forest, Woods, Village, Farmland, Urban, Rough, Grassland, etc). The boundaries dont have to be clear though, since the CMC representation may only be approximate. Villages will be in the middle of a quadrant typically. It is hard to convince the CMBB auto map generator to do this. Height increments are in 50m. Hmmm, I think we assume the 'middle' height contour (2.5m) for all battles. Notice how roads and rail fit together. Rail is to the East and South of roads. Road Bridges are central to quadrants, Rail Bridges are a little to the South or East. So a cmbb battle ends. What are the possible placement outcomes for the units that were in the CMC 'square'?{-} A CMC "square" (2km x 2kmx) actually consists of four "quadrants" (1km x 1km). Each quadrant has its own flag on the CMBB map. So you can own "partial squares" at the end of a cmbb battle. -Moon Do the campaigns have to be hand made by the editor only or can they be generated by some sort of quick battle generator for campaign{-} The campaigns have to be hand made. Personally, I do not think that this will mean a shortage of campaigns to choose from after release [smile] -Moon Are the Tactical maps 'premade' or created on the fly? Will there be bridges and strategic choke points on the Operational Map?{-} They have to be pre-made by the campaign designer and are NOT generated on the fly. Therefore yes - there are bridges and strategic choke points, as built in by the campaign designer. -Moon How many victory flags in each 2x2 tile square?{-} Each tile (cmbb map) has 4 victory flags on it, bang in the middle of the 4 quadrants. Hold the flag, hold the quadrant. -Hunter Can you set one 2kmx2km map tile heights to for example, 160m, 162.5m, 165m and another tile to 175m, 177.5m, 180 m?{-} Completely OK and expected that you would do this -Hunter What happens if my battalion is up against a single platoon, and my opponent hides his platoon in the corner of the map and I never manage to engage him? This trick/problem has appeared in several 'operational map to tactical battle' games I've played.{-} In CMC, nobody has to retreat off a map, because you're not fighting for territories. What happens is that at the end of a CMBB battle, both units remain next to each other on the CMC map. And the little guys won't prevent the big guys from moving on, either. -Moon What's the max size of the operational maps? And is there any way to include CMBB battle maps bigger than 2x2 km?{-} Yes, I don't think we have built an actual limit in to the editor, but practically speaking, probably about 40km square, or 1600 square kilometres. Of course, that is 400 CMBB maps to make, so go knock yourself out [Razz] -Hunter In configuring CMC will it possible to control the scope of battles which the player will see? If so, how would such an ability interface with the size of the maps such that they appropriate for the associated size of the forces?{-} If I understood Martin's response in another thread correctly, then it will depend on the size of the maneuver elements on the operational map. If your MEs are battalions, expect large battles. If your MEs consist of platoons or companies, expect much smaller units. -ParaBellum I think it all depends on what the operational player does. He creates independent units (maneuver elements ME) for his needs. If you prefer to play tactically with small units, and you play the operational part yourself, i guess you can do so... But most oponents (and i guess the AI, too) will try to follow Guderians rule, to concentrate units in time and space, which will probably make scattered small units doomed on the CMBB battlefield, when being attacked by far stronger forces. -Steiner14 Exactly right! Of course you could still "stack" many small MEs into one battle if you want, but in general the campaign designer will be able to determine the rough size and scope of the campaign (and hence individual battles) by how he assigns the MEs. You could create a campaign with platoons as MEs, e.g. depicting some deep recon action with generally small battles. You could also try to depict some heavy breakthrough campaigns with battalions as MEs and hence large CMBB battles (at least until the MEs are whittled down [smile] ) BTW, you can also mix and match MEs... the OOB editor allows you to piece together OOBs as you like using all available CMBB units (and also adjust various unit stats directly, like ammo, fatigue etc.) So when I say "platoon" it's not the same as a homogenous platoon of tanks of all the same type... -Moon Since CMC is managing the game will you as a player have your command level change as it was in Squad Leader? Example: You and other players assign a command unit, and as the results of battles are calculated and ground is gained or lost based on the balance of the two sides the command rating should change (if a platoon stops a battalion the platoon commander will raise his command level).{-} ...CMC is using a concept called "Roles". The campaign designer creates various Roles for a campaign and determines if they are played by a human player or by the AI. CMC is multi-player capable, where one human could be the overall commander, and several other AI controlled and human controlled sub-commanders would be battalion, company or platoon commanders. If there is only one human player, then he is able to "jump" from one command level to another and play the various roles individually. -Moon How does stacking work?{-} You can have several 'Maneuvre Elements' (groups of units) in a single battle. So stacking is allowed. -Hunter How does artillery work which is not represented "on board" within CMBB--ie, how can my Soviet recon platoon attack that nebelwerfer battery?{-} Artillery or other units which have no on board representation don't get to be played with. Nebelwerfers that get attacked might be represented only by their transport, so best to avoid getting attacked. -Hunter How are we going to remedy this: "Review the transport info of your units as well as their transport type (i.e. horse-driven , motorized, bicycle, foot etc...), load"...with the lack of horses [Wink]{-} Horses, bicycles and motorcycles do not appear in the CMBB battles, but are still simulated as a means of transport in CMC itself. So you could have a recon platoon on motorcycles able to zoom across km after km of the strategic map, and once it comes into a battle, it would be represented by the appropriate type of infantry units in CMBB.-Moon Calvary Units?{-} just like in CMBB, they use horses to move around the battlefield but dismount to fight like regular infantry -Denwad Correct. -Hunter You ferry around troops, but does it revert to what we see in CMBB right now when two enemy units meet?{-} ...you open up CMC and see an isometric strategic map. Looks a bit like the upcoming Strategic Command 2, really. Units are usually bigger formation like Companies or Battalions, and you move them around a map consisting of 2km by 2km "tiles" (which, for game purposes like LOS, command etc. are actually broken down into 1km by 1km quadrants). Gameplay is "We Go" using 60 *MINUTE* turns. When enemy units "meet", a CMBB battle is generated automatically. All the correct units (strength, morale etc.) are deployed automatically on a large 2km by 2km CMBB map in the correct positions. You play out the CMBB battle as usual, and the results are imported back into CMC... Make no mistake... even with CMC, large campaigns can take a very long time to play out. That's why anything about Divisional level is probably out of question to simulate... but then, *somebody* made To The Volga!, too... [smile] -Moon Am I right in that CMC does not care how many players are on either side [Confused]{-} Basically you should be able to do: No players (AI vs AI) 1 Player (vs AI) 2 Players (vs each other) N Players (Any number on each side, including some AIs) -Hunter "The ability to send messages in between commanders, including the delay of those messages based on communication mechanisms used." Does this delay apply to Human maneuver element players who want to send a message to the overall commander on their side? {-} Yes. -Hunter The whole command delay system is indeed pretty refined in CMC. You have various means of communication assigned to units: phone, vehicle, motorcyle, halftrack, ski, rider and runner. Effecivity depends also on if you're moving or not (especially for radio). So if HQ sends you an order via motorcycle, you might get it fairly quickly. If you want to report a spotted enemy but only have a runner, that will take a "bit" longer. All of this applies to human and AI controlled units alike. -Moon Where/How to Buy?{-} Same way as in the past 5 years [smile] Only available from this website with credit card and via mail-order... -Moon Can I expect a CMBB/CMC bundle?{-} Yes, we're planning to release a CMBB/CMC bundle after CMC is released. -Moon A BOLT-ON product may just be frought with problems. Any ideas on the symbiosis?{-} Yup, you get a whole new CMBB.exe with CMC that overwrites the old one. It's not bolt-on, and therefore the symbiosis works without problems. That's why we had Charles do this, and not a third party. I'm wondering, if campaigns will allow for operational reinforcements appearing in the area at a certain time? (predefined by the campaing-designer){-} Yup, that is possible. When setting up forces in the OOB Editor, you can specify if the unis start on map already (Turn #0) or during which turn they enter and where. I don't think that there are restrictions on where to place them, but Bruce might correct me if I'm wrong. There might be other options to place reinforcements, too, than just turn # that I don't know of at the moment. -Moon Is there any change in how reinforcements will work and show up on the map?{-} No. Reinforcements can show up at later times in a battle. When a CMBB battle is started the units will be deployed in the manner they were ordered in CMC? Or will there be a "free to place units" option at the start of each CMBB battle?{-} Units appear on the CMBB map in setup zones that correspond to their placement on thre CMC map. -Moon Ambushing: Also from the screenies there was the "be seen" mode. Will there be a "hide" order to greatly reduce the "be seen" distance.{-} You can also hide/dig in. -Moon Will there be a time when a CMBB is started and one opponent has no idea why it started because he's about to be ambushed? A convoy of vehicles crusing down the highway and in the woods a band of partisians with ATRs open up.{-} CMC indicates which battles are about to be played, so when a CMBB battle starts, you'd know that you have been ambushed already. -Moon So if a unit in march mode is suddenly dumped into a tactical mode, they'd obviously know that they're about to be ambushed. Clearly, they'd deploy and quite likely make a sweep of suspected ambush locations, thus defeating the surprise element almost completely, right?{-} Not really. The surprise element remains because if you really ran into an enemy without expecting any, you won't know what you're going to fight in the CMBB battle. Since all maps are 2km by 2km, it will be hardly possible to sweep all suspected ambush locations. Especially because the enemy could be practically right on top of you (i.e. in your quadrant) when you trigger a battle. And in all the surrounding quadrants, too. So once you trigger a CMBB battle, obviously you will already know that there is a battle. But you might still be in for a lot of surprises [smile] -Moon Breakdowns/ repair of vehicles. Will driving your company of T34s ykm result in x% of them breaking down?{-} We have a design for breakdown and bogging, but we do not plan to have it in the first release. When we do include it, we will probably need an option to turn it off, since it will annoy the hell out of some people. As Sergei has suggested, getting the MTBF figures comparable is very hard. The current design relies on data we already have in CMBB, such as ground pressure vs ground type, etc -Hunter At night, will there be possibility of infiltration attacks/tactics? {-} Infiltration - no, we dont have that. -Hunter How big will it be? Printed or PDF only?{-} Working on it now. Pretty big. Not sure about the media. -Hunter Exiting a CMBB Map: Can you exit the CMBB map and reappear on the adjecent CMC map hex?{-} Not sure about exiting maps, but I assume that the answer is yes. -Moon If you give your unit a travel order and it stumbles upon enemy, how will this be reflected in the battle? Would the units be deployed in a column like formation?{-} Correct -Hunter Why CMBB but not CMAK? What about CMSF?{-} Or it's because CMBB is out a lot longer than CMAK, meaning that development on CMC started before CMAK was finished?-Mies If CMC is a success, adapting it to work with CMAK would be fairly easy. CMC won't work with CMSF. -Moon Will CMC simply use COMPUTER PLACEMENT FREE to set up units that is built into the CMBB engine or will it go beyond that and generate better quality battles than are normally found when one plays quick battles with free computer placement?{-} Battles are generated with your units in setup zones in those areas of the map in which they are located on the big operational map. So if you enter a "tile" from the south, you will be able to setup your units in that area, while a defending player will be able to setup where his forces are located. CMC is pretty smart in figuring out where your units and the enemy units should be. -Moon The setup placement of individual AI units in the CMBB for an attack or defense will be determined by the CMC AI component and not CMBB's COMPUTER FREE TO PLACE units?{-} CMC determines where the setup zones will be, and within those, CMBB's OpAI will determine the actual unit placement (except when you're playing against a human, in which case he'll obviously be responsible for the final unit placement). -Moon If the default or base tac map size is 2X2kms, will that mean long crunch times between turns? {-} Crunch times depend on the amount of units more than the size of the map. So if you stick to the smaller campaigns (e.g. 100 sqkm, or 10x10km), then you should be totally fine. -Moon Could it be a commercially viable idea to patch CMBB; adding dust from CMAK and addressing any outstanding bug issues that have been mentioned in other threads?{-} Sergei is correct. While it's possible that some super-serious bug gets a fix (and super-serious means that it has to affect CMC specifically), it is very unlikely. To quote Charles: "0.0001% chance in hell" [smile] -Moon Can units be splitted and merged during a battle?{-} No splitting. The unit size depends on the campaign author. The concept that CMC uses is called "Maneuver Element". You could make a whole battalion into one ME. Or you could do the same with a platoon. I am fairly sure that you can use single vehicles as ME's, too, but it might not be very practical. I am guessing that most of the time you'll be playing with Companies and Battalions on the big operational map as your main meneuver elements. -Moon What's the maximum maneouvre elementals size for CMC Moon, I'm thinking of at least interms of a regimental sized combined arms kampf/battle-group?{-} I guess you could turn a whole regiment into one ME, but it might be stretching it due to the "no-splitting" resitriction... plus it would only be able to occupy one 2km by 2km tile at any time. Perhaps a little unrealistic and stiff. I am guessing that Companies up to Battalions are good MEs, perhaps Platoons (like a Recon platoon) for smaller campaigns... The nice thing is that after you create an OOB, it's only a matter of left-clicking a little check box to turn sub-units into MEs and back. So once you have the OOB in place for, say, a whole regiment, you can then break it up into smaller ME's as you desire for your campaign. You could create a few small recon elements or armor and bigger formations (like infantry battalions) where you'd want your main effort for example... -Moon MAC version?{-} The entire game is written in Python and wXwindows, using products which are intended to run multi-platform. It SHOULD be really easy to port it to a Macintosh, and make it run. -Hunter We just don't want to promise now what we can't deliver in case we'd run into any issues later on, so until we can test it properly on a Mac platform, the quote you used as the title for this thread* stands. -Moon *CMC will run on MS systems and a Mac version is being considered for the future Can a campaign using Finns be done?{-} The initial release only offers Russian and German units. Additional nations might be made available as an add-on (cha-ching) or for free in a patch. -Madmatt Could you explain the connection between the maps in CMC and the maps in CMBB?{-} Create a set of 2x2km maps for CMBB and then draw an approximation of those features in CMC Let's say I wanted to make small campaign with one battalion advancing 10km over just a 4km front. I have to create TEN 2x2 maps?{-} Yes, that's what I thought at first. Then I set about making a few myself, and found it surprisingly quick by using a bunch of the tools that are available out there from fans... and a bit of random generation that's built into CMBB's map editor itself, too. But yes, making a full blown campaign will not be a speedy proces for sure. Which isn't really going to be a problem, because playing one isn't, either. CMC is not a "Quick Campaign Generator", nor does it speed up the time that it takes to fight, say, a few dozen individual CMBB battles (of course you can auto-resolve some of those, but then where is the fun in that [smile] ) -Moon Can you give any hint on a release date [Confused] Any time {2006}? First half or second half?{-} Definitely first half. -Moon Can I play a campaign PBEM?{-} Yes. -Hunter How does the game handle units which are in close contact for extended periods of time? For example, company A attacks company B and is stuck. What happens at the end of the tactical phase? Is Company A magically whisked back out of the 2x2 tactical map? Or, can the program account for holding a partial advance and remaining in contact? That is, can enemy units share an operational 2x2 square for any period of time?{-} Yes, there will be 4 flags on the 2kx2k map, and it is possible for either side to hold any number of them, thus staying in possession of part of the map. -Hunter If troops are in short of food supply or water at the operational level before a battle. Will they have the status: exhausted "no recover" when I play out the battle in CMBB?{-} There is no 'no recover' option, so they will start exhausted but can recover during the battle if they rest for long enough. After the battle, they will be at least as tired as they started out as, probably more. -Hunter If you have "surrounded" an ME in a tile, by having Enemy MEs on 2,3 or 4 of the target tile sides, will it be possible to execute attacks simultaneously into that tile?{-} Yes, that will be possible. -Hunter How will weather be handled during the course of a campaign? Will it just vary from day to day randomly, or will there be some sort of weather system in place?{-} The campaign designer can fix the weather so that it doesn't change, or can define weather for each turn (this option is called "historical"). The player can opt to play using the pre-defined or random weather when he starts the campaign. PS. When you check the CMC game webpage you will see towards the bottom how terrain can change through the various ground conditions based on weather. -Moon I think the weather changes will be credible, even on random, as it still tends to follow the historical patterns to some extent. Sometimes a small change in weather can be the difference between having a critical change in ground condition, or not. -Hunter No splitting means that if the author of a campaign deems the ME to be company size, then I am stuck using the whole company throughout the campaign. I couldn't leave one platoon behind after a battle, and continue attacking with other two?{-} That's correct. -Hunter My understanding is that Air Support and some supply related issues may not/will not be included in the first release but will be patched-in later?{-} Yes, I expect campaigns will need to be rebalanced if features are added, which are bound to affect the play balance and overall conduct of the campaign. It will also open up the opportunity to make more campaigns that particularly play upon the new features. This would be true whether we are talking about air support, bridge engineering or mobile field bakeries. -Hunter How is CMBB game length dealt with? Standard length based on a CMC turn?{-} 60 minutes is the standard turn, but you can make them longer in the editor, in 1 hr increments. For example, night turns can be made as 6 hours or so, since probably no-one will be doing anything (of if they are, they will often be speed penalties and so on). -Hunter How detailed is the casualty tracking if you have no replacements? Does it eliminate squads that are near empty, or does it actually track every dude? {-} We track every dude. -Hunter Will railroad artillery (huge gun) for example 80cm Dora even self-propelled siege mortar 60cm Karl be in the game?{-} If they aren't in CMBB, they aren't in CMC. So, no, sorry, no Dora or Karl. -Hunter Is it true that if it has an on-board representation in CMBB then it also does in CMC.{-} Correct -Hunter Is it true the fact that it has an on-board representation does not exclude it from being used as off map arty in CMC?{-} Correct -Hunter Is it true arty that is off map only in CMBB will not have an on map rep in CMC battles (transport units only) but may/will on the campaign map?{-} Correct -Hunter How will artillery be handled? Lastly (for now), FOs come on the tactical map representing fixed battery sizes (2,4 and 6 usually) how would CMC deal with depleted artillery units? If there is 1 gun left but the minimum size FO for that type is 4, will its ammo count be reduced to 1/4 or or is some special trickery involved?{-} Artillery units in support of other units lend them FOs for battles they are involved in. For depleted units, ammo is reduced. -Hunter How does Leadership, Organisation, and Aggression work? What does "Despicable" mean?{-} Leadership - Mainly affects the units in battle, and their readiness and morale. Organisation - Represents the leader and staff work, and the number of typewriters available [Razz] Basically impacts the operational level game, and the kind of delays that are incurred before orders are transmitted or acted upon. Aggression - Affects an AI characters propensity to attack / defend etc. For player roles, I dont think it does anything IIRC. -Hunter Despicable - "It is not a judgement of morality, only esteem." -Hunter Any idea at this point how the AI prioritizes where to move or when to attack/defend? {-} The AI takes into account the operational situation, who is likely to win with the current flags held situation, the commander aggressiveness, plus local situations, in determining whether to attack or not. -Hunter In the operational map, are the units movement plotted? It’s a we go system? Units coming at the battle area a bit later will join the engaging units as reinforces?{-} Yes, yes, yes. -Hunter How would air units be structured and how would the player utilize them and destroy them other then relying on AA on the CMBB map? {-} The short answer is that we have a design for air support but don't expect to get it into the first release of the game. I do hope to put it in later. I know the game supports PBEM and Hotseat, does the game support TCP/IP?{-} Indeed CMC turns are conducted PBEM, not TCP/IP. Each turn requires significant thought, and if there are battles, several hours of gaming to play them out. The Multiplayer host system uses EM to manage the incoming and outgoing files. For battles that emerge from the campaign, they can be played PBEM, or TCP/IP. As discussed, some people want to play IP so that they can speed the whole thing up. -Hunter [ October 20, 2005, 08:07 PM: Message edited by: russellmz ]
  8. i believe the correct expression is, "awww poon."
  9. nice. i always wanted to play the incompetent division commander being haranged/threatened with firing squad by his superior.
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