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  1. We'll see how things go with the whole SF thing. WWII will be my first entry into the current CM engine, regardless.
  2. That's cool, man. Once I make my decision on which WWII theater I want to start with, if I love it, I'll probably buy all of the WWII stuff eventually. Then somewhere down the road maybe I'll finally give SF a real try.
  3. That was the impression I got with the modern war version that started off this new gen of CM games. I generally do not care for most modern wargames though. I like when my tanks, troops, and fighter planes have to get within visual range and use their own judgment rather than a computer guiding in a GPS oriented bomb.
  4. That's how it was in the CMBO days as well. If you didn't know what you were doing, you could walk your men right into ambushes, roll your tanks through criss-cross AT killzones, and so on (I recognize your name Michael, so I know you know). Thanks for all the responses, guys. I'm leaning towards the already established Normandy, but I will try out both demos next week on my school break to see. I'll probably end up buying Normandy first only because I like the late war equipment and formations, but I'll give both of them a fair amount of time before I pull my wallet out.
  5. So I haven't played CM since CMAK and I just got a brand new Mac this week. So tell me, should I start out in Italy, or backtrack to Normandy first?
  6. I liked this little battle-in-progress as well.
  7. Sweet. I smell a kick-ass Brumm/mid in the works! Heh heh heh.
  8. Just go to CMMODS like Philippe stated, and look up the mod authors that were suggested on the other thread. Pick which ones you like and start modding away! :cool:
  9. Just go to CMMODS like Philippe stated, and look up the mod authors that were suggested on the other thread. Pick which ones you like and start modding away! :cool:
  10. I fully agree. I, like others, have stated why I don't care for CMSF. Once that is done, there is nothing left to do but sit back and hope that future versions of CM are better than what we are currently being offered. There's no reason for most of the people who are upset with this game to keep going off, over, and over, and over. Unless you have something new to add, then state your case and move on.
  11. Thank you for entertaining me, boy. Be careful when you step through doors, or your over inflated head might get you stuck before your walker does. And now to commence ignoring this useless idiot… [ September 28, 2007, 03:02 PM: Message edited by: BeauCoupDinkyDau ]
  12. I need to pick up a CMAK manual. Still got my CMBO and CMBB. Does the CMAK version add any more info that makes it worth the purchase? Edit: Nevermind; I see that is not an option. [ September 28, 2007, 01:03 PM: Message edited by: BeauCoupDinkyDau ]
  13. If you are “mourning” for a game, then you are clearly in need of professional help. I don’t know of a single mourner in this entire forum, pro or anti CMSF. Look pal, you’re the one that brought up the **** with your father and then tied it into CM. I’m making no professional “analysis,” just offering some advice based on what I am observing (just like every other living human being does—it’s called counsel—it’s the way human beings attempt to help one another get a different perspective on matters). But if you’re gonna be pissed at anyone for bringing that topic up to begin with, then
  14. Sorry about your dad. Be happy that you had such a good role model to call your father. My dad was in Nam, and while I respect him for doing his part for his country, he is a piece of crap as a father and a human being in general. But, whatever. A lot of vets from many wars do not like to talk about their experiences. I’ve just learned to respect when a vet tells me, “I don’t want to talk about it.” I just think some of life’s experiences are meant only for the holder. From what you’re saying, in you father’s case, his war experiences belonged to him and him alone. I don’t know what th
  15. Shocked vehicles can no longer use their cup holders, and the in-tank movie is shown 30 mins after landing…wait, no—that’s aircraft. Okay, shocked vehicles instantly morph into level six Spartans with shoulder mounted sidewinder missiles, miniguns on their arms, and frickin laser beams attached to their heads…damnit—that’s not right either, that’s what happens to infantry. Wait, I got it. Shocked vehicles…
  16. Now I don’t give a flying turd about CMSF, nor the apparent direction BFC seems to be taking the franchise, but you mean to tell me you’re giving up an entire hobby and topic of study because you don’t like the new game? So then, do you believe that this “WWII hunger strike” is somehow going to spur these game makers into action? Are you attempting to become the Caesar Chavez of the wargaming community? I just don’t understand your motivations here. I’ll never stop my interest in science or history, no matter how bad Star Trek botches up one and BFC the other.
  17. My god. That op has about 1,422,619 more units than I would ever want to control in ANY tactical based game!
  18. Ouch. I didn't even know BFC had a boxed version on shelves?!!
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