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Bless me Father, for I have modded. It's the Bishop! (mod preview)


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Here's a first draft of an M10 of the 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion at Anzio:


Is this what you had in mind? smile.gif

Also, here's an update on the desert Sherman II from 1st Armoured Division:


I've started laying out the camouflage for the matching Sherman III (early), but no pictures yet.

I guess it's a good thing I retired from modding, or I wouldn't be getting any sleep. :D


[ February 02, 2004, 10:31 PM: Message edited by: Gordon ]

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If you keep this up then I'm afraid I have to scrounge in my cellar again for freight packaging and full bottles!


Charl Theron



Wine donations send to the following for their contributions to CM:


  • Staff @ Battlefront.com</font>
  • Fuerte for his PBEM HELPER</font>
  • Manx (He used to run the “sexiest CMBO modsite on the net”)</font>
  • Boots & Tracks (RoW tournament scenarios)</font>
  • Andrew Fox (modding art)</font>
  • Keith Miller @ Scenario Depot</font>
  • Gordon Molek for his CMMOS utility</font>

Sponsor of the following Combat Mission tournaments:


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You're welcome.


What a coincidence. :D I just finished off the last bottle of the batch you sent me. :rolleyes:


I'm glad that's what you're looking for. I'll see about getting them all finished up so that I can get back to my King Tiger.


Yup, there were quite a few US camouflage schemes used in Italy, it should be lot's of fun.


I've seen the white star on a blue circle used in Morocco, but I wasn't aware that the blue dot on a white star on a white circle was ever used in combat.


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:D did you paint me yellow too?

ill be waiting anxiously for the mods to arrive...

King tiger eh? there are no king tigers in CMAK! ;)

just kidding... i wont give up on CMBB yet... but there is one thing that is missing from CMBB that is in CMAK... VOICES!!! in CMBB you almost never heard voices... at least not in combat... and most of the other sounds got clipped too... but they seem to have fixed that now (thank god!... me being a sound-modder and all)

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Is it just me that thinks that the big white star the Yanks used on their M10's was basically saying AIM HERE! to the Germans? Why not make it a gigantic crosshairs just to make it bleedin' obvious. What were they thinking!

BTW, superb mods Gordon. Will look forward to downloading those when ready.


Jim R.

[ February 02, 2004, 01:58 AM: Message edited by: Kanonier Reichmann ]

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