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  1. Folks, Just so you know that I'm still working on this, and to let you provide feedback, here's a shot of the hull side of my King Tiger mod. Now, the first thing to note is not to worry that everything is too shiny and new looking. All the metal tools will get varying amounts of rust/dirt applied before I'm finished and the brightness of some of the metal parts will be toned down. This is just to make sure that everything is in the right place and the right size, etc., etc. So, at this pace, I should be done for Christmas. Gordon
  2. See the CMAK thread Long Overdue and a little rushed but NEW MODS NOW ON CMHQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For information on new FlaK track mods by Marco Bergman and myself that were created for CMAK/CMBB but have been back-ported to CMBO. Gordon
  3. Y'all may want to check out CMAK/CMBB/CMBO FlaK Halftracks mod for news on the upcoming Bergman-Molek Productions International mega mod. Gordon
  4. Y'all may want to check out CMAK/CMBB/CMBO FlaK Halftracks mod for news on the upcoming Bergman-Molek Productions International mega mod. Gordon
  5. (drip) (drip) (creeek) Jeez, what's that smell? Don't they ever clean this place? And there's a dead, bloated horse carcass in the corner, why don't they get rid of that. Oh, wait, that's just one of the Pengers, and he's still breathing so he's probably just in a drunken stupor. Oh, well, best get it over with and get the hell out of here. YK2, you in here? A couple members of the "friends of PawBroon" society were just wondering how he's doing. Thanks, Gordon Man, now I'll probably never get that off my shoe.
  6. Please see Your (CMMOS) ship has come in for all the details. Gordon
  7. Ok, you know the drill. I need a title for the CMMOS "Russian Uniforms" rule-set. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these little language lessons in the past. Gordon
  8. MrNoobie, That error usually occurs when there is a disconnect between the CMMOS rule (configuration files for the icon that CMMOS displays) and the CMMOS configuration files that define the different groups of BMPs. These sorts of "bugs" are usually found in CMMOS/mod testing, but sometimes slip through. Which versions of CMMOS, and Juju's small arms mod do you have? Also, if you can e-mail me (gordonemolek@poboxes.com) a copy of the file "CMMOSLog.txt" from your CMMOS install folder after you've encountered the error in CMMOS and then exited CMMOS, it will help me isolate the problem.
  9. Sorry, must have missed this the first time. It's in progress, but there's a lot to be done. Gordon
  10. I might be able to make it depending on the time and location. I live in the northwest suburbs. Gordon [ December 19, 2002, 02:39 PM: Message edited by: Gordon ]
  11. Thank you for the kind words. No need to send donations (yet). All I require for now is the eternal praise and admiration of my adoring public. Eventually, I'm sure a small-ish shrine will be necessary (no bigger than, say, the Taj Mahal) where my worshipers can leave their offerings and prayers, and where my disciples can gather. Gordon Papa always said that the way to get rich was to start a new religion.
  12. Colonel_Deadmarsh, I'm not sure what you mean by "I can't see any mod list when I start the program". You don't see a set of tabbed windows and icons? Which icons are you clicking on? Please e-mail me (gordonemolek@earthlink.net) a copy of the file "CMMOSLog.txt" from your CMMOS installation folder along with a brief description of the sequence of actions you took and I'll figure out what's wrong. Thanks, Gordon
  13. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by bebbetufs: To the makers of CMMOS: First I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for a great program. I think it works really well to do what it was supposed to do, manage complex mods with many options. <hr></blockquote> You're welcome. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr> I would like to suggest the implementation of some kind of .zip support in the next version (if you ever make one). That way you could easily install complete packs of mods that the user easily can modify by ad
  14. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Bertram: Didn't for me . I replaced the CMMOS 2.1 version with his one, but he has taken exception with the way the CMBO directory is registered. That means he won't run on my comp. Bertram [ 12-28-2001: Message edited by: Bertram ]<hr></blockquote> Bertram, Please e-mail a copy of the file CMMOSLog.txt from the CMMOS installation folder to "gordonemolek@earthlink.net" and we'll get you squared away. Gordon
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