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My tank is way cooler than wine

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This is just to announce that Richie's model T-34/85, which I won under questionable circumstances during the ROW V tournament, arrived safely in Kiev Ukraine and is now on proud display on a book case next to a window overlooking the Ukrainian capital's main street, the Khreschatyk.

There is every chance that one week from now, on May 9, that model T-34/85 will get a good look at the real thing, as the Ukrainians typically dress a few dozen military school students in WW2 uniforms for a Victory Day march down the Khreschatyk, and in front of the students there is always a T-34/85 dragged off some pedestal.

Thanks Richie, your tank has traveled nearly around the world, but it got to where it needed fine and in one piece. The loot is really cool.

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Here she is a Tiger I from the 501st as served in North Africa

This is an Academy Early Tiger with much scratch built stuff and some metal etched accessories plus special tracks.

Finished with Humbrol enamels, Tamiya acrylics / enamels and the Tamiya desert weathering kit, also a graphite pencil ;)

First couple of photos are with my wifes mobile phone, the others are with a buddies digital camera...

I still need to cut, route and varnish the base... but we're getting close now...






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Mmmm, I wanna see how you clutch that T34/85 when it is far below freezing and you need some life energy? :D

Where else can you get these spiffy goodies and some vino to wash away the empty feeling of combat...?

RoW naturally.

Congrats again 'Duke and many thanks to Richie for spicing the Rumblings of War tourney prizes.

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And thanks to you, WineCape for putting up all that wine...

I must admit I had a few wines over the course of building the tanks, mostly Sauvignon Blancs and Rieslings with the occasional Cab Sav...

Ironically the whites were always well chilled... and much more so than the tanks tongue.gif

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It's coming...

A change in my work arrangements and winter here has meant the base has progressed slowly as all carpentry must happen outside...

I won't be routing the base from one solid piece of oak, it is all Australian oak but the base is assembled with prerouted sides, probably more fancy but about half the cost to airmail. Airmail cost nearly as much as the total cost for the T-34 last time with the solid base.

It's nearly done...

No changes to the tank itself, which is an excellent sign (bar the aerial, straight and true) and I must say it's been looking quite superb sitting on my scanner here and I've been enjoying it a little myself before it goes away... forever... :D

Nearly there!

You will have your Tiger soon!

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