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Member #12345 is coming...

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Possibly the coolest member number will be upon us soon (Never mind that there was no fanfare for #'s 123 & 1234...) and just like we made #8000 and #10000 feel welcome I think we should do something special for the arrival of #12345.

JasonC doesn't post much anymore, so a reading of his posts (A perennial favorite) is out, and a reading of all of Mike Dorosh's posts would take until #23456 gets here...

We could always welcome #12345 to a relaxing evening in a political flamewar in the General Forum or a nice dip in the pool


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Originally posted by Yeknodathon:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Moraine Sedai:

He's coming? I don't even hear him breathing hard...

*exits quickly, giggling wildly*

[and at a slow slow canter, something grey and heavy looms into view] </font>
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We got Bulletin Board Grogs at 6 o clock..dispatch all available forces to eliminate these sad! sad! lifeforms.

Begins to fink: Hmmm...That said if you register enough new nicks MG it would be you that would be #12345 and **that** would afford you the opportunity to pretend that all the generated interest in you may be, down to the fact that people **may** want to be your friend....they may even.....[pauses for effect and looks glassy eyed into infinity]..LIKE YOU!!...imagine that MG real friends to call your own.....no more talking to the only friend you have Wilbur - the Willow Tree at the bottom of the garden)end of finks

Sigh!!! Sniff!! Sniff!!


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