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  1. Firefly!! My little mrs figured it out. She's the brains and the beauty of this thing we call love. </font>
  2. Firefly!! My little mrs figured it out. She's the brains and the beauty of this thing we call love. </font>
  3. Igor's hump in Young Frankenstein? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) </font>
  4. You do realize that this person is hoping to scam you, yes? A CERTIFIED company business check? That's like saying he'll have his mommy write a note that he's good for the money. Not no, but HELL no. If he can't get a certified check from a BANK that has nothing to do with some "company business check" (and if he could, he could just pay you cash) then I'd tell him to go take a flying ...well, you get the idea. That communication sounds as bad as the Nigerian scams and internet lottery crap.
  5. Yeah. If that weren't enough all by itself, I in my own case have to wash all the soot and smoke off of mine. :mad: :mad: :mad: Michael </font>
  6. Truly? Does someone (or someones) here need a dainty high heel applied to their forehead? I might be able to accommodate that.
  7. Ever in my incessant wanderings do I know that, when the mood strikes me to return to this den if iniquity, the MBT, unlike all else in this cold, harsh world, remains. It is the fetid, three-week-old bloated-in-the-parching-sun-amidst-one-of-our-worst-drought-ever type remains, but remains it does. Does it reek? Oh yes, but it's a familiar stench. Nice to see y'all haven't changed a bit. We, though, yes WE have. WE are moving up a state in about a month. What joy packing up 30 plus years of accumulated...stuff...only to have to UNPACK it again in a few weeks. whee But it will be nice living amongst the mountainous regions and lakes again, so there's that. And no mortgage will be nice, too. Working for one's self will have its advantages to be sure as well. And you lot? You stew in your own juices of hate and vitriol and jolly sing-songs. I weep for you. No. I really don't. I miss you horrible little men and the few Ladies who grace you with their presence. Not presents - unfortunately for you lot. No. No presents. Just lumps of coal in YOUR stockings, yes indeedy.
  8. Dear Elvis - If there is supposed to be a picture showing in your first post, then the answer is no. Not even a messed up linky.
  9. OH wondermous! My Queen has herself a new footstool! Shall I fluff him up with this wifflebat for you, M'Lady? In all seriousness, I wish the newly betrothed all manner of happiness. mensch I don't know very well, but I have a fondness for dear Emma and so feel that, if she deems him worthy, he must be alright. As to hookups via the internet, may this prove to be another union not unlike my own. Hiram and I met on a gaming forum not terribly different from this one. Except the background was brown. And it was DnD type based. And the forums were different. But I digress... Congratulations and Happiest of unions to the Murdrys! *smilies omitted out of respect to the occasion*
  10. Why, if that isn't the nicest thing anyone has said to me in here. <small>(not a chance in hell, my dear)</small>
  11. I guess you didn't get the memo two computers ago that our game (and any I was playing back then) have long been lost in the ether.
  12. And you're looking for it in HERE?? Man! You sure are lost. You shoulda taken that left toin at Albuquerque.
  13. IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!! The popcorn is here! And you lot haven't changed one whit. Should this make me sad or comforted? The jury is still out on that. Edited to note that you all haven't changed one wit, either. But then, you've all been sharing just the one wit for so long that I don't think there are any in reserve anymore. [ January 19, 2007, 01:01 PM: Message edited by: Moraine Sedai ]
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