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  1. Moon, it's not the AV, I completely disabled my AV but the demo still wouldn't start. It will only start if I restart the computer.
  2. Well that's also an issue, as when the demo closes down, I don't get an EXIT screen, I just get a black screen, and have to Ctrl+alt+del to get out of it. I then have to reboot to get the demo to start up again.
  3. Hi, I played the tutorial mission on the demo, then exited from the game. About half an hour later I decided to play the game again, but when trying to connect to the game, it wouldn't start. I had the screen with the option to Buy or Play. I hit the Play button, and all that happened was that the same screen came back up minus the play option, in other words, only the Buy option was then available, and the game doesn't start.
  4. Hi, long time absentee here, player of all the original CM games and delighted to see the new edition, which looks fantastic! On watching the videos(which btw are absolutely great, well done and thanks), I noticed that when squads of Infantry are attacking they seem to group really close together, instead of spreading out a little more, especially when they have gone to ground and are returning fire. One grenade or mortar round could cause many more casualties than if they were spread out a little. Is there an option to select formations? Thanks.
  5. Hi, could anyone tell me where any new user-made Maps and Missions are located, or will be located if there aren't any made yet? Thanks.
  6. I have found some useful tips in the Tech Support Forum re these freezes, they seem to have cured my problem, so far!
  7. It's happening to me too, most annoying when you are near the end of a map and it freezes! :mad:
  8. but... thats an arctic terrain vehicle... developed especially for us scandinavians... what the f-ck is it doing in a desert setting? </font>
  9. No, it wasn't a building wall they were hugging, just a wall.
  10. The only problem I have had with hugging walls since the 1.05 patch is that sometimes one of the soldiers will crawl through the wall!
  11. This is the bug I was referring too in my earlier post, where a MMG is being fired and is actually being shown as halfway through the wall!
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