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Instant Action Report

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I was going to ask for the same thing, however, after pondering an instant AAR, I figured that such data would give you insight to the opposition's force size. That would eliminate some of the Fog-of-war that adds to the realism of this game. Maybe a quick body count, but you couldn't be provided with the status enemys remaining forces numbers.

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DingoBreath's right. It would cause problems with FOW. For example: after your prep bombardement of likely enemy positions you could easily check how many casualties you just inflicted, thus getting far too much info about the enemy forces.

Or exploit it even more: drop some heavy stuff on likely enemy positions, check for casualties. No casualties, target next location....

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The instant action report could at least give you a quick rundown of your own force losses per platoon, morale level, ammo levels, known kills etc. As a matter of fact, I would like a more detailed AAR report showing this information rather than going into each unit indivually after the battle. The more information to browse over after a battle the better!

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Originally posted by Tweety:

Just save the game and surrender/ceasefire, then load and continue. Wouldn't that be pretty much the same?

But I agree, it's better to remain in the dark until the end on how well you are doing.

If you can read the victory percentage fields and there are "unknown" flags, you can guestimate the losses of the enemy.

Just calculate the worth of the unknown flags in percent (those percent missing to 100 percent). Now calculate the value of the flags you hold (or think you hold) in percent. What is left on your account is either the percentage of his force lost by the enemy, or its value in victory points in the AAR. (Where the latter is a guestimate for the former...)

Have to test this further. How reinforcements affect it, and if you can use it to determine if somebody got reinforcements. If I really get this much info...it would be a gamey exploit. BFC fix it or somfink!



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