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ROW III - The Boots & Tracks CMBB Tourney (Part 3)

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For those that do not know what is going on go Here.

Originally posted by Treeburst155:

This is the new thread for the tournament. As is now customary, and for players' convenience, the first post to the thread contains the tourney manual. If you have a question, the answer is probably here.

Treeburst155 out.


Once I have 72 players signed up, I will divide them in a random manner (out of a hat) into three separate tourneys of 24 players each. I will then divide each tourney into 4 sections of 6 players each. This will also be done in a random manner.

Your section is where the "regular season" action is. You will play one game against each of the people in your section. You will also play each scenario one time. This means you will play five games in the "regular season". The sides you play, and your attack/defend duties could very well come out lopsided. You may play the Germans four times, or you may find yourself defending four times. The only guarantee regarding your matches is that you will play each scenario once, and each member of your section once.

The scenarios will be provided by the "Boots & Tracks" design team headed up by Scott Boston. They will be historical/semi-historical scenarios for the most part, and never before seen by the community.

The scenarios may or may not be balanced. Don't count on a fair fight! The scoring system will determine balance. It is possible to "lose" the battle, and still win if you perform better than the standard deviation from the median established for that side of the scenario. I will explain how this works later.

You do not need to understand the nitty-gritty of the scoring system. You need only be aware of the following:

1) Points for contested VL's will be split down the middle. This means final game scores will always total to 100. There is a very good reason for this I'll not get into now. If you think "gamey" you can probably figure it out.

2) Voluntary surrender is ALWAYS bad. Your opponent gets too many points for all the people he captures. You should always withdraw your people from a hopeless situation. This way you deprive your opponent of capture points. The game will auto-surrender you once your global morale drops to a certain point. Every unit that you successfully withdraw off the map will lower this global morale. Try to have all your people step off the map together once you are near the auto-surrender point. This prevents capture of units who would have made it off, but didn't, due to the auto-surrender.

If you score very poorly in relation to the standard deviation from the median for a scenario you will suffer a penalty (your score will be made even worse). This is to discourage surrender and careless play just to get the game over with. If your score is that low compared to others', we assume you surrendered or got purposely stupid. WITHDRAW YOUR TROOPS IF POSSIBLE when faced with a bad situation!!

I'm telling you all this because it is quite possible you will find yourself in a very bad situation due to deliberate scenario imbalance. Do not give up!! Withdraw!! The median score for your side of that scenario may only be 20 points. IOW you can "lose" and still win if you get your people to safety so they can fight again another day.

3) Your goal with each scenario is not so much to beat your opponent (could be impossible), but to get the highest score of the 36 people (three tourneys) who play that side of the particular scenario. Again, winning the game (in CM terms) may be virtually impossible due to imbalance. You never know what hand you may be dealt.


Each player will receive the schedule for his section only. Where your name is on the LEFT you will play the Allied side for that scenario. Along with the schedule of games you will receive a contact list with all the email addresses of your five opponents. When you receive these, the tourney is officially underway.

After this, over the course of the next several days, you will receive an email for each of the five scenarios. For games where you are the Allies you will find two briefing files attached, a general briefing and your Allied briefing. This email will also contain your password for that scenario. Your German opponent will start the game. To open the first file from him you will need to use the password I provide you. This will put you in the Allied setup phase.

If you are playing the German side you will also receive a secured saved game file in addition to the two briefings and password. By 'secured' I mean that the briefings have been stripped out, the game begun, and the passwords entered. This is the file you will use to start the PBEM game. It will be a .cme file, not a .txt file. Start the game just as you would any other new PBEM game. The only difference is that you will have to enter the password I provide you. You will find yourself in the Axis setup phase.


You will have 100 days to complete your games, starting on the day I send out the last file. This deadline will be strictly enforced!

The LOSER reports game results. If you end up being on the weak side of a few unbalanced scenarios you will find yourself having to report most of your games. This is, as they say, tough luck. smile.gif

Game Report email needs to have the subject, "Game Report". The body of the email must contain the following information:

Tourney Number (1-3), Scenario Title, Your username on this forum, the side you played, your score, your opponent's username and his score. The body of the email should then look like this if you are Fred:

Tourney 1, The Ambush, Fred (Axis) 37, Joe 43

Reporting games in this manner will save me a great deal of time. With 72 people I NEED to have games reported this way. Do not send me final game files. Keep these in a safe place in case of disputes.


No discussion of scenarios is allowed on the forum until ALL players in all three tourneys have completed a scenario. I will let you know when it is alright to talk about a scenario. It won't happen until near the end of the tourney.

No game results are to be revealed on the forum. You won't know who beat who until all is revealed at the end. Think before you post, and remember, no game scores, no blow by blow descriptions of the last movie, no general discussion about the scenarios, etc..


Your game scores will be recorded on an input file for the Nabla Scoring Program, created by Jarmo Hurri (Nabla). The Nabla program will crunch the scores and spit out your Nabla Score, also called your "Tourney Score", for each scenario. Below is what the program does:

1) It first looks for scores that do not add up to 100 due to contested/unoccupied VLs, and splits the difference between the players equally. For example, a final score of 70-20 would be converted to 75-25. Scores will always add up to 100 after this adjustment. There is a VERY good reason for doing this involving agreements between players designed to maximize their scores. Perhaps you can figure it out?

2) The median score for each side of all the scenarios is determined.

3) The difference between a player's score and the median score for the side he played will be determined for all scenarios.

4) The standard deviations from the median scores are determined for all scenarios. This value will always be the same for both sides of a given scenario due to #1 above.

5) The difference from the median will then be divided by the standard deviation resulting in the "normalized difference from the median".

6) The normalized difference from the median is then assigned a Nabla score for the scenario. This is done with a formula created by Nabla that is at work inside the scoring program.

7) The average of all a player's Nabla scores (one for each scenario) is then determined, resulting in the player's final tourney score. The high score in each section is the winner of the section.

Nabla is currently working on an excellent manual for his scoring system (in pdf format) that gets into the principles behind the system and the math involved. It will also contain a section for tourney managers explaining how to organize and run competitions with the system. The work is about 80% complete at this time.


Bonus points will be added to your final Tourney Score if you submit AARs. Each full credit AAR will be worth 4% of the highest player's tourney score (before adding his AARs). If you write five full credit AARs you will receive additional tourney points equal to 20% of the highest player's tourney score.

AARs will receive either full credit or half credit. You must write more than just a few short paragraphs for full credit. I will let you know if an AAR is too short soon after you send it to me. You don't have to write a book either. Just give us a fairly good description of how the game played out. You could choose to write a piece on a scenario that is more of a scenario review than an AAR if you want. The main thing we're looking for is constructive feedback.

You are not required to write AARs. You just get a few extra points if you do. This could put you ahead if you're in a tight race in your section.

The primary purpose of the AARs is to provide the scenario designers with feedback on their work. If you've ever designed a scenario for the community, you know how rare it is to get this feedback. Writing AARs is one way to express your thanks to the designers. Even negative feedback is welcome as long as it's constructive and not mean spirited.

Another thing AARs do is help people learn to improve their tactics. Every scenario is played 36 times in a tourney such as this. There are 36 other people who had to deal with the same tactical situations you did. It can be very instructive to learn how others handled things, especially if you did worse than most. (BTW, all the AARs will be sent to you upon request once you have completed your games.)

Lastly, by writing an AAR (or review) you are doing the community a small favor. This is because the designer can tweak the scenario based on feedback before releasing it to the community. Having a scenario played 36 times by 72 different people is a great test of a scenario. I think it's safe to say that very few, if any, scenarios get that degree of testing before they are put out to the public.

Those of us who enjoy these tournaments need new scenarios (security). In return for these scenarios the designers should get the feedback they like.


Submitting AARs

1)AARs should never be sent in with game results. Send them in a separate email.

2)AARs can be .txt, .doc, or .pdf files. Do not write them in the body of an email.

3)AARs should not be more than 4 MB UNcompressed. Screenshots can cause you to go over this limit easily. I would recommend the .pdf format if you want to include several screenshots.

4)In the subject line of emails containing attached AARs, write your username and the scenario name. For example: Madmatt, The Ambush


Everybody makes it to the playoffs if they want! However, only the four

section winners from each tourney of 24 will be eligible for the prizes.

The section winners of each tourney will do battle among themselves in a

3 game round robin using new Boots & Tracks scenarios. This means that,

in the end, there will be one winner for each of the 24-player tourneys.

All non-section winners who want to play the Finals scenarios will be

separated into groups of 4 for the same 3 game round robin. The sections

will be determined at random.

These non-prize eligible sections are still important to the tourney.

Their scores will be used to give us an accurate median with which to

score the prize eligible players. Players in these sections can consider

the Finals to be a mini-tourney. Their scores will be crunched and

the section winners announced.

Bonus points will be awarded to the prize eligible finalists for AARs

as described above.


Charl Theron (WineCape), of South Africa, will send each of the three

tourney champs six different bottles of fine South African wine,

shipping paid by him.

NOTE: Since the 9/11 nightmare, laws concerning the importing of

wine have been tightened, especially in the US. For example, in

Arkansas, you cannot receive wine from abroad unless you are an official

importer. So far, only one prize has been undeliverable. That

involved a shipment to Brazil that occurred BEFORE 9/11.

Still, it is quite possible that your state (or country) will not

let you receive the wines. If this is the case, your prize can be

shipped to a friend or relative somewhere else where the laws are

not so strict. WineCape is familiar with the import laws and can

help you find a place if there is a problem. That is the best

we can do.


Incomplete games are the one thing the Nabla Scoring System does not tolerate well. However, considering the new improvements to the scoring system (Standard Deviation), and the sheer size of the tourney, this problem is alleviated some with regard to the tourney as a whole. Below is how MIAs and withdrawals will be handled:

For the first 30 days of the tournament, replacements will be recruited who will take over the games in progress, just as we've done in the past.

After 30 days, no replacements. This will result in unfinished games at the end. These games will be scored by me, based on correspondence with the players involved, and possibly game files. If you have an incomplete game at the tourney deadline for ANY reason, you can count on one of three outcomes:

1) You win at the level of the standard deviation from the median

2) You are assigned the median score

3) You lose at the level of the standard deviation from the median

If your opponent withdraws from the tourney, or is determined to be the cause of the game not getting finished on time, you get #1 above for that game.

If I cannot determine who caused a game to go unfinished (both players?), the game will be scored at the median (#2).

If you withdraw, or have caused a game to go unfinished (slow turnaround) you will get #3 above.

If #2 or #3 is applied to even ONE of your games for ANY reason, you are ineligible to win your section! If you're getting a slow turn rate from an opponent, you need to keep me informed (weekly notes on progress). This way, if the game goes unfinished, I have a history to go by which will likely keep me from assigning the #2 outcome above in questionable situations. I will also email you at the end requesting "your side of the story".

The 100 day deadline for game completion will be strictly enforced!! This is because the tourney is big enough that I can get accurate medians even if 1/3 of the games go incomplete.

Do your section a favor. Finish your games. If you are losing badly, keep in mind that your opponent is winning and probably enjoying himself immensely. Let him have his fun, and do your best anyway. Dropping out of sight when you are losing is desertion under fire!

[ January 27, 2003, 11:25 PM: Message edited by: Sgt CDAT ]

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Originally posted by Nolloff:


my story is basically the same as Jaws´.

Some have mentioned that they know their opponents and that they have proven to be honorable and trustworthy in previous tourneys.

Unfortunately I´m a newbie, I don´t have much of a history to prove I´m a honorable player. So far I´ve only completed three PBEMs outside of ROW III (against ParaBellum, Grog Dorosh and Kanonier Reichmann).

I have informed Treeburst155 and my opponent immediately AFTER the official cancellation for the same reasons as Jaws. I should have stepped forward earlier but there were some (not related to cheating) reasons for me not to do so. A considerable amount of these reasons has to do with the fact that although I´ve been watching the forums for a lenghty amount of time before I registered I´m still new to the community. As it turns out not steppoing up earlier was a mistake.

I´ll be withdrawing from the official tourney as well. I´m a bit worried because I believe I´m doing a way better job in the scenario in question then what my overall performance might look like in the end. So this is probably smelling a bit fishy to people who don´t know me and can´t judge if I´m trustworthy or not.

My opponent has agreed to carry on in the game in question. I´d be grateful if I was allowed to finish my games and submit AARs in which I´ve invested many days of work already.

I hope my ROW and PBEM partners will still be willing to accept me as a trustworthy player.


I am the opponent that he is talking about and I have no problem with what happen. Right now I am getting my butt kick, but call me Crazy :rolleyes: , I think I can still pull it out. The next turn will make or break me! Lets Fight On! smile.gif
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Does that mean that we should send game results that were previously sent to Treeburst to you?

Yes please. I'm still not sure how all this will shake out, so just to be safe I'd suggest you resend everything to me. This goes for everyone. To date all I've received are 2 AARs from Holien (the Beast and Hosszupalyi).

Even if everything returns to normal it doesn't hurt to have everything in back-up storage.

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Thanks for stepping in and keeping things going! We all appreciate it... :D

Meanwhile, I trust you endorse the view that no players should drop out and that we should keep playing Rune's "Rear Guard Action"? In any case, Spanish Bombs is my opponent in that battle and I have no intention of letting him off the hook!

Also, I think it would be absurd for Rune to resign from B & T! Please stay. Please, pleeeease.... :D

[ January 27, 2003, 03:00 PM: Message edited by: CombinedArms ]

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Amazing what happens around here during a global worm attack and problems getting online! I have a question for, I guess, Winecape and Kingfish, since Treeburst155 is temporarily? not with RoW III. The question is this. Given that RoW III has been going for around two weeks already, and given that I do not even have a setup completed (lugubrious explanation repeatedly given), is it reasonable to suppose that if I got the new computer and started the tourney say the the middle of next week (latest prediction), that I could complete all five games by April 20th, possibly using some TCP/IP play? If not, then it behooves me to resign right now, so as not to hinder the already rattled proceedings and to allow someone else to step in and fight the not begun battles upon a clean map.

Please consult among yourselves and let me know by leaving me a message here as to your decision. My regular E-mail has been on seismic strike and hasn't been usable for days. The 7.8 in Mexico and today's 6+ in Turkey failed to clear the problem.


John Kettler

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Originally posted by John Kettler:

is it reasonable to suppose that if I got the new computer and started the tourney say the the middle of next week (latest prediction), that I could complete all five games by April 20th, possibly using some TCP/IP play?

I would say yes it is. At this point I am about a week away from completing all but one game and would be done with it if not for real life issues on the other side. And that is without using TCP/IP.

[ January 27, 2003, 11:19 PM: Message edited by: Sgt CDAT ]

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Originally posted by John Kettler:

Please consult among yourselves and let me know by leaving me a message here as to your decision. My regular E-mail has been on seismic strike and hasn't been usable for days. The 7.8 in Mexico and today's 6+ in Turkey failed to clear the problem.


John Kettler

John, I hope this new computer of yours has a seismic suppressor chip built in otherwise there may be no improvement. ;)

BTW, where are those darn ROW II AAR's I keep hassling you about? We want closure on this.


Jim R.

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Still plenty of time to finish, and you are well known for getting turns out quickly. Just hang in there and keep us posted.


The answer is 'yes', the overflow will happen. However, I ask that you bear with me for a bit. I am litterally diving into this headfirst. The regular tourney was already on cruise control when all this happened, but yours needs to start from a dead stop. I have the keys in the ignition, I just need to find out how to put in into gear.

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Originally posted by Kingfish:


The answer is 'yes', the overflow will happen. However, I ask that you bear with me for a bit. I am litterally diving into this headfirst. The regular tourney was already on cruise control when all this happened, but yours needs to start from a dead stop. I have the keys in the ignition, I just need to find out how to put in into gear.

Thanks Kingfish, take your time.

[editef for mistaking John and Kingfish ;) ]

[ January 28, 2003, 11:46 AM: Message edited by: Lindan ]

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Originally posted by Sgt CDAT:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> Game update for the 1st week.

King of Debrecen vs Wellsonian is completed

Rear Guard Action vs Nolloff is on turn 12

The Beast vs Ron A is on turn 11

Hosszupalyi vs Seahawk is on turn 10

The Christmas Battle vs Cyrano is on turn 9

Game update for the 2nd week.

Rear Guard Action vs Nolloff is on turn 23

The Beast vs Ron A is on turn 13

Hosszupalyi vs Seahawk is on turn 17

The Christmas Battle vs Cyrano is on turn 17

The Beast is bogged down due to work issues for Ron the rest of the games moving along well. </font>

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Hi Knaust, you sly old dog...

I am sure you are still a tough old boot and I am looking forward to our game.


It will have to wait until I do the set up for the Cpl.

Cpl I had a look at it last night and it is causing me problems.


I am waiting on replies from T and KR who have been sent their turns several days ago. Guys let me know if you did not get my replies?

Cpl, I shall have a look at Rear Guard again tonight and see if I can crack the puzzle, it is a damn good position to be put into and will show the mice from the men. (All of course depending on your opponent.)

So KR / T did you get my turns or is Real Life delaying your responses?


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Originally posted by Frenchy:

Games progressing well - let me just say I ain't doin' so well...no matter what side I am playing!

I may suck at tactics but enjoy playing!

So Treeburst overestimated your MadCMSkillz too?

Speaking of which -- HEY TB! GET YOUR BUTT BACK IN HERE!


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Sorry KR,

I am used to two turns a day and when I don't get that from an opponent I start to wonder if they are as committed as me....

Mentally that is smile.gif

I forget there are normal people out there who have lives...

I guess I am going to have to start playing the Cpl as he is as mental as me.



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Hey, be nice Holien.

Quick update:

Bertrum has a thorn in his side, turn 18 or so

KR is lost in the fog turn 12 or so

T has stopped to open pressies and I have not heard from him in while, turn 14

And Holien, well what can I say. I am yet to hear anything from him. (other than smart comments that is) Turn 0. Well not even that as I STILL DON'T HAVE A SETUP!!!!!!! :D:D:D

Cpl Carrot

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