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  1. I still play the AI more than some, but it's definitely secondary to PBEM play for me. I've played TCP a few times, but organizing it with the other player and blocking out uninterrupted time is close to impossible for me. So I think losing PBEM would be very bad news, from my perspective. Clearly, the issue is file size. And I understand that BFC doesn't want to hobble the game by limiting turns to a manageable file size. But I sure hope there's way to make this work without losing PBEM. [ February 27, 2005, 02:20 PM: Message edited by: CombinedArms ]
  2. Consider it done, along with "South of Sword". I'll start working on it tonight. </font>
  3. Lots of good suggestions from Kingfish. I am hoping he will someday remake WBW's "The Wrong Hill" from CMBO--a personal favorite of mine and by any measure a hell of a tank battle.
  4. I almost always target rockets on the first turn in prepared bombardment mode on the theory that: 1) They're so inaccurate that knowing where the enemy actually is won't help much, so there is not much to gain by waiting till I probe enemy positions. 2) I want to shoot them off before my own men get very close. 3) In that case, LOS really doesn't matter because prep bombardments are always accurate. 4) If I want to delay the shoot a little, I can always add minutes to the firing time of the prep bombardment. The only time when you might want to get LOS to speed up the shoot is when a ro
  5. To comment on a few points in turn, answering Dook first: 1) No, I believe the timer in CMBB and CMAK is "what you see is what you get". The time for a blind strike in the latter two games is longer than an observed strike and ticks off accurately. 2) One way to get that flexibility Dook speaks of is to start an FO out away from observation, then walk him toward the desired observation point. This seems to open some interesting possibilities for experimentation. 3) Yes, Redwolf, this is an unrealistic system but it's what we have to live with till CM2X and understanding how it works helps o
  6. I decided to test Wicky's suggestion and it works! To keep it simple, I used a US 81mm FO, placed him on one side of a bank of large buildings, and had him spot to a point on the far side of the buildings, out of LOS. The spotting time was four minutes with a black line to the target. Then he simply walked through the building on turn two, at some point acquiring LOS to the target. The spotting time wasn't shorted at all due to the fact that he had direct LOS, but on the other hand, the spotting round ticked off his ammo count at precisely 30 seconds from firing time and the mission was rig
  7. John K, I think all would agree that the way it works is problematic--certainly not the ideal situation by any means from the standpoint of realism. I'm not sure, however, that the player has to look frantically for the spotting round. As TB says, the only important question from a play standpoint is whether the round is fired at all. If you have 81mm that starts firing with no spotting round being deducted, before firing for effect starts, from the numerical count--then cancel the mission and start again with a blue line. For 105, it should shoot two rounds (but the first one is what ma
  8. I remember TB155 writing up this research shortly after CMAK came out (the demo with all the PzIIIs vs Grants had lots of problems with dustclouds blocking arty observation, as I recall.) It's helped me ever since. But I never knew the wrinkle about the 60 and 30 second spotting round times. Thanks for sharing. (Other Means should know that TB did very extensive research on this at that time. I would trust his conclusions.) BTW, the info about the "Target Wide" creating a circular rather than eliptical pattern is news to me--that could come in handy in certain tactical situations. TB,
  9. What makes this concept interesting, IMHO, is flipping it around, since, as many have noted, the eventual Allied invasion of Normandy in many ways mirrored this proposed invasion of Cornwall. I agree with the majority that the Germans couldn't do it because: 1. they lacked air superiority and their main fighter, the ME-109, lacked the range to reach Cornwall. 2. The RN would have chopped their seaborn transport into little bits. 3. Any troops surviving the sealift to Cornwall would then have to fight their way out of some very difficult country. (I'm a US native but have visited Cornwall an
  10. Wet Triangle is quite a name. Almost as good as Squeezing the Melons. Put 'em together and what have you got? Sorry, I just remembered that this is a family forum.
  11. A platoon of infantry in halftracks can sometimes be effective in applying the coup de grace to an enemy position that is almost but not quite overwhelmed. At the point when decide to send them in--they've been comfortably resting out the battle behind cover to this point-- you're sure you've taken out all the AT assets within line of sight and your footsoldiers have fought the defenders to the point of collapse--but maybe your men are starting to stagger a bit, too, and their ammo is getting low. If, at this point, you rush in your reserve platoon in half tracks, landing them in cover
  12. Tigrii, Like Redwolf, I'm puzzled by your claim that it's "unikely" for the defender to have "a shielded lateral movement area behind your MLR." I pretty much always have such an area (or areas) and construct my MLR in such a way to be sure I have it. Sometimes it comes from trees, sometimes hills, sometimes buildings (or often a combination of the three) but one test of the positioning of an MLR is that it provide for that shielded lateral movement in the rear area, along with covered lines along which reinforcements can move forward and attacked units can retreat. Covered lines of
  13. I used to play a board game called Diplomacy which as I recall was mostly about manipulating and betraying your opponents (and former real-life friends), building to a position of overwhelming power where you could miliarily whomp them. Not much compassion there, either.... BTW, JC_Hare, I got into the first tourney off the reserve list and have since played in them all, so the reserve list is not a bad place to be.
  14. Thanks, John, I have received responses from all the other players in the section. Good to know that Andrew will be with us soon.
  15. I think if you add to the thread title (or indicate in a new thread) that you're looking for a few players to be reserves, you will get them in no time. Lots of people may be assuming that the tourney is already closed by now and they're not going to wade to page nine in order to find out there are still a few openings. But...let people know and they will come.
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